Friday, November 30, 2012

Tall Glass of Something

Jake's been a busy guy in England

He chatted with Grimmy on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

And he went and sat down to chat and cracked up with Graham Norton

But it's Austin Friday - so why all the Jake stuff

Jake happy happy demeanor might not be just his hiatus of the play or being in London,  but that he's not there just by himself.  He is truly a happy chappy which lends to believe that he has those he loves with him, including that Tall Texan that makes him smile.

Speaking of that Tall Texan.

Jake was asked what drink he would be on the live chat with MSN UK and what did he say?

 "A Ribena. Next to a tall glass of water..."

Now Ribena is sweeten black current juice - that still is a little tart

And a tall glass of water? 

Jake who ever do you mean that you'd be next to?
A little bit tart?

Now how's that for your Austin Friday?


london tb said...

Two gay interviewers.

I'm watching Graham Norton now (recorded). Jake is lovely, even the beard looks nice :)

Seaweed said...

Enjoying the interview video's and taking in the joy that is Austin Fridays. Jake is so engaging with the 'boys' isn't he...

Loved Joan Rivers sassy comments on her 5 O'clock shadow and the Kardashians, and then Jakes reaction... but that woman looks more frankenstein every time I see her, poor dear. What ever happened to growing old gracefully, like Betty White.

Now that it's December 1st I no longer curse seeing Christmas lights outside, but still get uneasy seeing trees up already in some homes, lights a blazin! Still don't understand why people rush the season on and dump it all out on Boxing Day.

Just sayin. Have a good weekend everyone!

Seaweed said...

Hey London TB... nice to see you!

london tb said...

Hi Seaweed! Have to agree with you about Christmas.

Special K said...

Hi London Hi Seaweed

My mom would balk about the trees up so early too. It seemed that growing up for her, Santa brought the tree fully trimmed and all the presents Christmas Eve.

Here in New England most people keep their trees up to Epiphany/Little Christmas.

I've got a couple more weeks before I pull out the ornaments.

Special K said...

Yup London two gay interviewers and Jake is his ever charming self and enjoying it all.

Jersey Tom said...

In the first pic the last guy in the back of the line looks like Austin:-)

destiny said...

I agree about Christmas too; I like to put things up about a week before, and then leave it up through New Year's Day.

Haven't had a chance to watch the interviews yet, probably won't get to them for a couple of days.