Friday, January 10, 2014

Call me Sqautchi

Austin faces the sobering truth

" It's true I really am Big Foot"

Happy Austin Friday


prairiegirl said...

I don't know but we might have to have a Safety Moment today for Jake about the danger of playing with fire and subsequent risk of getting burnt.......

;) said...

so cryptic

prairiegirl said...

Ryan Jones (@DJRyanJones)
1/11/14, 5:25

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal rented out our after hours location tonight from under us, and then @DesignerMoz stepped in poo. #LAProblems

Ryan Jones

Los Angeles based DJ / Producer

Long Beach, CA

Has it been alot of NYC to-do about nothing?

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Trains, planes & automobiles. Jake reading books in NYC restaurants and on trains. The "break-up" story strategically released this past week. Jake placed at a Broadway play last night:

Broadway Spotted (@BroadwaySpotted)
1/10/14, 21:41

Spotted by @cdm7rn Jake Gyllenhaal was at Fun Home tonight.

Then there was the Just Jared post published yesterday, placing both Jake on a subway platform in full SWAT team gear and Maggie walking Ramona to school in New York City:

Jake Gyllenhaal Steps Out blah blah blah

And this one lone tweet from a West Hollywood DJ seems to be a bit contradicting.

so many questions said...

I guess I would ask the question what is Maggie doing in LA with Jake? Where's Peter? She hardly is ever seen with her husband anymore because they are often working in different parts of the world.

Funny how the tweeter is obviously gay. Wonder what kind of venue Jake secured? Bet Austin wasn't too far away. :-)

prairiegirl said...

One look at the DJ's twitter account and it's unlikely that Maggie was the half of the Gyllenhaal Duo who came up with the venue referral, isn't it? LOL!

Methodical Muser said...

I wonder how long it will take before @DJRyanJones uploads a casual, overexposed selfie, with a baboon by his side, wearing camouflage and tweeting, "Here I am with Jake Gyllenhaal"!

prairiegirl said...

That's awesome. I have no words.

Touche, M & M!

: )

so many questions said...

That was big mistake to plaster the internet and use Just Jared to firmly plant Jake and Maggie in NY, when they are actually on the west coast in LA. If, some of you are right and there is another Baby Tile birthday this week that would explain the going big again.

The huge media distraction provided by the "break up" with the beard and the Gyllen-no-balls siblings photographed and tweeted about in the Big Apple all week means they didn't want anyone to think Jake was in LA after he left Toronto on Sunday. Which is all kinds of odd because The Golden Globes is set for Sunday. It would not have been so ridiculous to have them wanting to mingle with their colleagues. This tells me, Jake was with Austin and HIS family. If Maggie was there too, that lends even more support to the idea that one of Jake's kids had a birthday celebration this week.

destiny said...

Well that is certainly an interesting show for Jake to attend or to choose to put Jake at. It's a musical based on Alison Bechdel's graphic novel about her father, who she found out was gay after he committed suicide. And for those of you who don't know who Alison is, she's a lesbian cartoonist best known for her series Dykes to Watch Out For.

The show is a huge hit, and I'd wanted to see it but couldn't get tickets for, and it closes tomorrow. Usually it's easy to get tickets to shows in January, but not this one.

NY said...

Jillian Vandall ‏@JillVandall

My friend spots Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway- He's got great taste in books! @riverheadbooks @penguinusa

Riverhead Books ‏@riverheadbooks 22h

.@KeefaNumber8 @JillVandall He's reading the fantastic Junot Diaz book, THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER: …

prairiegirl said...

Well that is certainly an interesting show for Jake to attend or to choose to put Jake at.

That is interesting, Destiny. I don't know if PR necessarily minds so much Jake being "seen" at a play with this particular theme. Just like PR doesn't mind anymore shipping Jake on various bromances nor did they mind setting him up with the Tonys Hottie guy and creating a big to-do over that.

If Jake were to be seen at this play, perhaps it would just lend some "credence" to the possibility of him really being there and people like some of us OMGers leaning towards buying it.

But sorry, I don't buy it at all. There was no plethura of tweets of people seeing Jake at this play.

The tweet by the DJ Ryan looks all kinds of legit for several reasons.

prairiegirl said...

Management can plant all the NY tweets they want. I find it interesting that it took the paid visitor all morning to come over here and try to argue after being silent since the posting of that tweet.

Instead, he's carrying on a one-man show dialogue and Q & A over Jake's shoes and clothing, ignoring the LA tweet and not even giving a big LOL! and ridiculing OMG for it.

It was the pink elephant in the room, in other words. And only until the door was cracked an inch over here, did he decide to come over and try to float the NYC nonsense.

Tells me all I need to know about the legitimacy of what we saw.

Methodical Muser said...

The tweet from the West Hollywood DJ has several elements that ring true. The 3:25 a.m. wee hour, the mentioning of Maggie's name as well and the added #LA problems. Lots of specifics. Plus, there was another tweet from Friday as well:

Alexa Hill☻ ‏@1kayteh

Almost 100% positive I passed by jake gyllenhaal...

6:45 PM - 9 Jan 14

♡ Marina ♡ ‏@mariberrie 9 Jan
@1kayteh where???

Alexa Hill☻ ‏@1kayteh 9 Jan
@mariberrie in the hotel I'm staying at in la

♡ Marina ♡ ‏@mariberrie 9 Jan
@1kayteh AHH lucky!

Maddie Flajnik ‏@MaddieFlajnik 9 Jan
“@1kayteh: Almost 100% positive I passed by jake gyllenhaal...” So lucky ��

prairiegirl said...

Looks like Mgmt's been trying to cover up. A feeble effort, but an effort, lol.

SOHOstrut ‏@sohostrut 41m

Just saw jake gyllenhaal walking on spring street walking west wearing camo--not so incognito :)
2:33 PM - 11 Jan 14 · Details

Louise ‏@wheezeface 1h
Frances and I are still starving in our cab but we just saw Jake Gyllenhaal looking super hot homeless/mountain man so everything's okay.
11:55 AM - 11 Jan 14 · Details

Congrats Joseph! ‏@PaulWStefanS 15m
My friend saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the train and didn't even say hi she just took a stalker photo of him. I did not teach her well
1:07 PM - 11 Jan 14 · Details

Good Looking ‏@wegoodlooking
DAY 3 #NYFW SS14 – OUTSIDE PIER 94: @mgyllenhaal Maggie Gyllenhaal
1:55 AM - 11 Jan 14

smh. Funny because Maggie's Twitter search has been dead as far as spottings are concerned.

Dead as in "Austin Nichol's Twitter search dead". Talk about someone else who went back underground.

EKG back to its regular, steady beat.

Methodical Muser said...

Also if you go to Maggie’s twitter account today the tweet below was posted@1:55 AM:

Maggie Gyllenhaal at Fashion Week 2014 Outside Pier 94

This tweet from might be believable if the pic used wasn’t from the Vera Wang show at Fashion Week on September 10, 2013.

Maggie Gyllenhaal at Fashion Week in 2013
#Same outfit #Same companion

To be fair, WME isn't exactly lying because a savvy fashion person would know that the New York Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Fashion Show won’t be until February 6-13. But, to the casual observer, it looks like Maggie is in NY today. #SeeHowThatWorks

Methodical Muser said...

Excerpt from "Out There" with Stephen Fry

Methodical Muser said...

An informative blog on LGBT news:

Gay Writes

Special K said...

Thanks for the clip from Stephen Fry

It is really interesting to see how the guy who is now out is still questioning how he should sit and act. It show how years in the closet can make you second guess everything you do.

I makes me think that Jake second guesses himself and doesn't allow his instinct to take over for the performance for some of his past roles.

Methodical Muser said...

That's what came to my mind when I first viewed the clip as well, Special. Being overly self conscious is not what I would call conducive to achieving a coherent performance.

After experiencing that interview in Toronto on Sunday with Denis Villeneuve and Jake, it became pretty apparent, a-gain, that Jake frequently doesn't know what he wants to do with a performance. In fact, I wouldn't doubt that he's often wondering if an arm movement looks too feminine or is his voice modulated appropriately. The people who represent him, as well as his own flesh and blood, have contributed greatly to this constant unease that percolates off of him in interviews as well as on the big screen.

prairiegirl said...

It's not just in his acting either. The years that Jake has spent now carefully wording sentences, speaking in non-gender specific terms, sitting in restaurants with his back to the walls, no doubt looking over his shoulder all the time, traveling separately from his family, standing like he was on that latest train platform's like it could take months of deprogramming to undo all of that stuff when the day does come he and Austin emerge from their ocean floor closet.

Methodical Muser said...

It also helps to explain how a guy of 33, looks ten years older than what he is. Along with the moody displays that have been captured by fans as well as the camera lens.

prairiegirl said...

That blog is great. She's put a lot of work and effort into it, keeping an eye out for stories. Great job.