Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nearing Nepal

So here is Josh and crew in Katmandu


But where's Jake?

Still riding the rails?

There an interesting comment made on Just Jared today about Everest

Everest began production in Nepal, not Italy. They have a 2 weeks filming permission.
Currently they’re shooting scenes (involving Brolin) for Rob Hall’s expedition. Next week they’ll shoot scenes for Scott Fisher’s (Jake’s character) expedition. Then they’ll go to Northern Italy and UK.

The story is about two expeditions getting caught by the storm as they ascended.  It could be they were shoot  parts of the movie in teams for the beginning of the climb. Does that mean that Jake is swapping East Coast chills for high altitude thrills and on his way to Nepal?

He will need a few days to the altitude.  Even just walking around can wind you, and while movie goers like scenes that have actors panting for breath about scaling big things that means something totally different in this case.


Italia said...

None of the articles I've read mention the Brolin crew doing any climbing in Nepal. All the action there seems to centered in the lowlands. It seems Jake will be joining the crew once they get to Merano with the Tirols doubling as Everest.

prairiegirl said...

I thought I read something about filming going on but I'll double check, Italia. Maybe I misread something. Appreciate your information!

Okay, this is too funny to wait. You know when you see excessive personal information given after the fact, that frequently its purpose is to cover some little blip that happened. lol.


And that's what we have going on today. BWAH!!! This is funny.

prairiegirl said...

Good ol' US Weekly, they're so reliable on speed dial.

From US Weekly,

Let us make this perfectly clear!

Meanwhile, over at the restaurant Table One near the SoulCycle pop-up, Maggie Gyllenhaal was spotted declining an invitation for a free spinning class. The reason? She said SoulCycle is her brother Jake Gyllenhaal's thing, not hers, an eyewitness told Us. (The actor is a SoulCycle regular; he even met ex-girlfriend Emily DiDonato at a class in 2012.)
Gyllenhaal was also overheard talking with a couple of pals about wanting to stay in New York, where she lives with husband Peter Sarsgaard and their two kids. Jake is a New Yorker, too, and was actually in Brooklyn making dinner for his nieces while his sister was at Sundance.

Where was he? NYC. What was he doing? Cooking dinner!!! When was this? While Sundance was going on.

LOLLLLL. Boy, that is one hot piece of "overheard" gossip, isn't it. Hmm, so was there a rumor going around that the Gyllengaards were thinking of moving? Boy, that would be pretty inconsiderate anyway, wouldn't it? Because her brother just packed up all his boxes and took the U-Haal cross country so he could settle in Brooklyn/Park Slop/SoHo/Greenwich Village/Manhattan because he wanted to be so close to them.

smh. Thank you, WME for confirming that Jake was indeed at Sundance with his hubby. That was the final nail in the picture frame of that scenario.

Cooking dinner for his nieces while he waited out his time going to film Everest. That's awesome.

prairiegirl said...

LOLLL! I just saw my type-o. I typed Park Slop instead of Park Slope. That was totally unintentional but I'm not redoing my comment because I had so many HTML's in there.

Yesterday, I went back to the lunch room to get a plate for my tuna. And the coffee machine had leaked alllllll over the counter. I mean, a real mess! And then I discovered it was leaking under the sink. Things were soaked, it was a disaster.

Have you ever wandered into a mishap like that? Haven't you ever been lucky enough to come to the copier machine and someone just left it all jammed up? lol. And so then you're the one stuck with trying to fix it.

No one knows who or what happened to the coffee machine. It's just one of those "mysteries".

Okay, lunch is over!! I'm off.

destiny said...

And how do they know Jake was cooking in Brooklyn? ;-)

the real m said...

Cooking in Brooklyn yet seen eating out in so many places in NYC. Jake is moving from place to place non stop.

Methodical Muser said...

That's a great find, PG. A classic illustration of a PR generated, spoon fed moment. Jake couldn't be at Sundance because he was playing substitute mama to Maggie's kids. Yeah, he was cookin' alright, but with Austie. And, his talents had nothing to do with food preparation. ;-)

Special K said...

They don't have to climb to be out of breath at such a high altitude as Nepal.

They say it takes several days to get acclimated to doing just everyday things where the air is that thin.

prairiegirl said...

I found out about altitude in Jackson Hole. I went on a couple of ski trips to Colorado back in the day, never noticed anything. And I went for a walk one morning around our condo in Jackson and whew!!!

Never realized it before.

I had to change my cooking apron, lol.

prairiegirl said...


That's 20% Stud
80% Muffin


Methodical Muser said...

And, Austin is 20% Muffin and 80% Stud. Poor Jakey. He tries so hard to be a manly badass too. #EmbraceYourSweetnessJake