Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Smooth Stroke

It's been since OMG talked about Austin's project Stroker.

 A little summary from IMDB.
Phil Stroker wakes up in a world of cubicles and florescent lights. His co-workers shout at him for being too slow. He can no longer connect to his wife in a meaningful way. No one treats him with any respect. One day after work, Phil walks into the water and swims home. For the first time in his life, he finds something that he is good at. And as he explores deeper and deeper into this new world, Phil may find out that the world he has been living in, for so long, is not his rightful place.

Careful Austy your metaphor is showing.


twitter said...

Rich ‏@RICHG8191 Jan 27
@NotSmellyKelli I've heard from reliable sources that Jake Gyllenhall is gay

Another Fashion Institute of Technology person. But this time way off script.

who said said...

Reliable Sources? You mean anyone who's breathing?

Reliable Sources said...

Hush now, I'm not sure Ted Casablanca can still breathe with all that botulin