Monday, January 13, 2014

Maple Leaf Love

While Prisoners didn't get the nominations that Jake and the rest of the cast and crew were hoping for, his second film with Denis is getting accolades from the Great White North.

Enemy leads the film nominations of Canadian Screen Awards dominating them with 10 nominations.

Enemy's nominated for the following:

Best Motion Picture,
Achievement in Direction,
Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design,

Achievement in Cinematography,
Achievement in Editing, Achievement in Music -Original Score,
Adapted Screenplay,

Achievement in Visual Effects,
Performance by an Actress in A Supporting Role
 and of course
Performance by an Actor in A Leading Role.

The Canadian Screen Awards will be March 8th with Canadian comedic legend (and Jake's old neighbor from Hancock Park, LA) Martin Short doing the hosting duties.


: ) said...

Way to go Jake!

Florida Tom said...

Oklahoma :-)

Special K said...

Great news about Oklahoma!

prairiegirl said...

That is great to hear about the federal judge's strike down on the ban on same-sex marriage. Oklahoma is our neighbor so I hope some of this kharma rubs off on the state of Kansas!

Florida Tom said...

This is all gonna be over soon. I believe that the Supreme Court will make a decision this year which will strike down bans against Gay marriage in all states. Utah and Oklahoma has set the ball in motion. This needs to be over with so that the country can move forward.

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...
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destiny said...

I always find it odd when films rack up nominations or awards before they've even been released. Or did it get released in Canada?