Friday, January 31, 2014

Truck You

It's another Austin Photo Friday

Today he tweeted this gem:

Whaddya trying to say there bud?

You're trying to Truck yourself ?

You've been listening to Austin-based The Mother Truckers?

This is the new family Truckster?

After a day of playing Tonkas you want the grown up version?

That you didn't fall off the back of a turnip truck either?

It's not the size of man but the size of his load?

Boys with wide ends get their names on them?

What exactly comes off the back of this truck?

Or are you trying out a new limmerick:

There once was a guy with truck
Who just liked to ......

Or maybe that it's Fall already? (or it is just when you took the picture)


Special K said...

I can't believe I forgot this one Austy -

Did you mean:

To paraphrase Sisquo -You've got dumps like a truck truck.

Because that's true!

prairiegirl said...

I'm not sure I want to know what that means, Special! BAH!!!

That is one of the most funniest/cleverest posts you've ever had. Your lines sure made me laugh this morning. They were all excellent.

Ha ha hahah.

That Enemy poster is, I don't know what to think of it. I don't like the blank face. I kind of like the colors? But I can't stand anything else about it except for Jake's name as headlining. I like that.

But the two mirrored bodies and blank heads? I don't care for that at all.

I know this much. His people have so deluged, flooded and oversaturated Twitter and Tumblr with Jake-promotion, it isn't funny. All that's missing is Mary Poppins' Bert the one-man-band, lol. Whew, it's really high in concentration - like you don't need much. Just a lil' dab will do ya and last the whole week!

And when you see the tweet and Tumblr/Facebook flood? You know it's to cover. You know what else I noticed? I also noticed how many fewer tweets etc. there were of ordinary mentions, not to mention absence of sightings. There aren't nearly as many regular-type, run of the mill comments.

This just reconfirms to me that his people use so many paid accounts to post stuff about him. Because see, all of the new young people "I've just discovered" and "I just saw Prisoners for the 5th time" stuff is his "normal" EKG reading. Those are everyday readings.

But when his people flood the markets with all the Enemy/Ezekiel/Prisoner promotion (all at once, mind you), all of that spikes the EKG and all the other "normal" BeTheDaddyOfMyBabies stuff falls away from the chart.

Why would the normal stuff fall out of sight? It shouldn't.

So that tells me what is behind the normal EKG pattern, is manufactured by many bought accounts. These bought accounts are then U-turned around and used for new poster/new upcoming movie promotion.

It takes looking at this stuff over an extended period of time on a daily basis. At the time, you don't realize that what you are doing is performing a study at the same time as being investigative - you are taking in the spikes and patterns. And so after awhile of "studying and absorbing", that's when you unwittingly have begun to put together this information and you can use your realization of trends & patterns to contribute in other areas of deduction.

prairiegirl said...

And I guess what I mean by all that, is that Jake is hiding. Various "stories" and file pictures have been strategically spaced out over a period of time to cover for his little a** while he really is just having family time behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, on the surface everyone thinks he's got all this stuff going on, he's working, he's working...bring up old beards and old "Remember when's" to mix it up a little, and people get all wrapped up in upcoming events and so they don't realize that he's been out of real-time news for quite awhile.

Kind of a "look at alllllll of this over here and forget about that" thing. lol

And so it's during these times that I feel he is loving on those kids. Those kids are having their family life. This is their time. And there is no "basement". There is no Daddy & Papa in this country, kiddies over in that country. It's during these times that people don't realize is when the family time is going on.

See? Because you were too busy looking at allllll this other stuff. They're playing with your mind.

Methodical Muser said...

Meanwhile, on the surface everyone thinks he's got all this stuff going on, he's working, he's working...bring up old beards and old "Remember when's" to mix it up a little, and people get all wrapped up in upcoming events and so they don't realize that he's been out of real-time news for quite awhile.

Right on point, PG. Since November 11, 2011, Jake has been associated with six movie projects. All that info is strategically timed to cover for various kinds of Jake in the closet and parental activities. The announcement about Way, Way Back, for instance, flooded the Internet and social media just around the time another stork arrived at the Gyllie-Nichols household. Now You See Me leaked just around the time of Austin being in LA during the summer of 2011 while Jake was in LA filming End of Watch. That explains the Lakers Basketball photo op in May with Soapy and Austin. If Austin is seen with the fake girlfriend he can't have a real boyfriend in the same city. Right? Then in March 2012, we suddenly get the "Don't be fooled by his smile, Jake Gyllenhaal's out for justice," nonsense of being associated with Motor City. Let's see. Why was that important? Well, maybe because there was a lot of chatter on the Internet about how Jake's movie career was crashing. Because the last movie he had completed was filmed in the summer of 2011 (End of Watch) and he hadn't been linked to anything for eight months. Once again just hanging around New York or California, then being seen with Austin Nichols in Studio City and going to Berlinale with the hubby.

destiny said...

Very funny post today Special.

Boy the troll is sure worked up about the Maggie and Peter story.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't it funny that now it's Austin's turn to lie low and hardly work. And he could get parts if he wanted, I'm sure he could. He could get more guest stints on TV as well. And whatever happened to that project where he was supposed to have his own show? Was that a stunt or made up? Not sure whatever happened with that. Either way, Austin is pretty much being pictured or his fans are being told via tweets that he's hanging out and chilling.

All of this going on while Jake's doing the bulk of the filming.

prairiegirl said...

A new post on Just Jared:

Maggie Gyllenhaal: New York Weather is Bringing Me Down!

Maggie Gyllenhaal braves the chill as she and her daughter Ramona, 7, step out together on Thursday (January 30) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actress was seen later in the day linking arms with a female pal as they enjoyed some time together.

The day before, Maggie‘s husband Peter Sarsgaard walked with Ramona early in the morning.

“12 degrees in NYC today. Listening to @lcdsoundsystem NEW YORK I LOVE YOU BUT YOU’RE BRINGING ME DOWN…” Maggie tweeted to her followers the day before. We feel ya, Maggie!

Maggie and Ramona mirroring Katie Holmes and Siri Cruise

It's funny how I look at the pictures and they remind me a lot of Katie and Siri Cruise.

For someone who not all that long ago said she was going to start keeping her kids away from the paps' camera, she sure has been seen with Ramona quite a bit.

Peter is pictured with his daughter as well, just from a different day, all the pictures strategically put together in one post.

Interesting post title, don't you think?

destiny said...

I guess they thought it'd be overkill to put all three of them together in one photo opp.

prairiegirl said...

I guess they thought it'd be overkill to put all three of them together in one photo opp.

LOL. Maybe, Dest.

Our neighbor across the way just got a new little puppy - if you blink, you might miss him. He's a miniature wiener dog and his name is Simon. He is only 9 weeks old and she got him last week. He is one of the cutest little dogs I've ever seen. He is so tiny. I can hear him crying over there - she must be on an errand.

This weather is getting OLD!!!! Very old. It's the arctic tundra!! We had a bunch of sleet fall overnight and it looks like snow but it isn't. It's allllll ice and sleet and it must not have gotten up to freezing today because most of it is still out there, lol.

the real m said...

Hilarious post today. Really clever.

I have to agree with you PG. That faceless poster is creepy. Not good karma in my opinion either. I hope it does not get too much play. There are some clips of Enemy out on various sites. None of them inspire me to see it. Looks like a real downer of a movie.

All those JJ pictures of Maggie and family must be in response to the Star article and possibly our comments re marital problems. But they did nothing to disuade the idea of a strained marriage as depsite the wording, Maggie and Peter were not in the same frame. And if you search JJ, their last picture together was in mid Dec and both looked miserable. My first inclination was to blame it on the cold, but a strained marriage may be the truer cause.