Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tag In - Tag Out

Just as pictures of Austin with his AGENTS co-star pop up to stretch the story a little longer,

Jake's has snapped.

It's faux no mo' for the tale of Jake and Alyssa.  According to US Weekly  ie the "official" story - they split after he finished up Nightcrawler and around the holidays. - But come on - Jake did three weeks of pictures back in July got them all out of the way and said No Mas! and it was up to Alyssa to make it look like something it clearly was not.  And it was clearly related to the rollout of Prisoners - look how she popped up in Toronto never to be seen by his side again. (Jake cue up One Night Only from Dreamgirls)

Seriously if you pick the dog to do pictures with over your "date" - you sent out the message you were done

But as the rags say - Jake's back on the scene - (like a sex machine? - Ohh James Brown!)

What scene has Jake ever been on?  The pancake and coffee house scene of the lower East side and Brooklyn?  The now passe kale scene? The "I drank kombucha before it was popular" scene?  Or "Soul Cycle is sooo over" scene?  Maybe.

But dating scene? - Really? When has that ever been?

But now he won't need to be because he's tagged out (and doesn't have to drag anyone on the red carpet to any award shows that he might show up at) and Austin's tagged back in.

Ditch the dates and just stick with the real deal - because you are more in step than you have ever been together than with any of the rest of them combined.


prairiegirl said...

There were no other tweets of him there but plenty of NY tweets.

There were a few tweets by people who saw/sat by Jake on the train around New Year's holiday. There was another person who saw him. That's about it, though - a far cry from "plenty" of tweets. No, the person who had all the Twitter/Facebook action was Mr. Austin Nichols. His Twitter search was as lit up as a bonfire around New Year's.

No, I'm thinking that @underdaBRidge was contacted by Jake's Management. The fact that she didn't put up that picture until 3 Days after the original tweet is enough for me. The guy looks nothing like Jake and why do you wait 3 Days to continue the gag?

And if it seems so implausible that Jake's people would contact a civilian tweeter (or even a somewhat celeb tweeter), let's go back in time to July of last year and that case of @_peach_kelli_pop. Remember _peach_kelli-pop?

peach kelli pop (@peach_kelli_pop)
7/28/13, 23:32
Oh btw I saw Jake Gyllenhal today

^^^ Remember that? Remember that peach kelli pop's tweet disappeared within 24 hours of publishing. And not just the Jake tweet, but virtually all of her tweets disappeared. And remember that someone discovered that her tweets hadn't disappeared but they had been archived. Well - except the Jake sighting tweet. The Jake tweet missed the Archive Bus and took a nosedive into the graveyard, never to be seen again.

prairiegirl said...

Just a refresher note that @_peach_kelli-pop saw Jake in the Silverlake CA area at a time when Jake wasn't supposed to be in California.

Methodical Muser said...

Back in 2012, Modest Management and HJPR (the jerks who shape the hetero image of One Direction, including the man whore portrayal of Harry Styles), tried to intimidate Tumblr posters by contacting them directly, using harassing language and threatening lawsuits if they did not cease and desist in portraying two of their clients in a false light (i.e., Louis and Harry). Many account holders came online at the time and shared their stories, some even taking down their Tumblrs because they didn’t want their parents to find out or they just didn’t have the forbearance to continue the fight. They were shocked how 1D’s PR machine was not only able to get ahold of their personal email accounts, but their phone numbers as well. That’s when they realized how powerful and far reaching the grasp of these people are. Remember, millions of dollars are at play. They have the tools, resources and, most of all, the vested interests to go to all lengths to stop their clients from being portrayed in a bad light. Translation: Gay!

prairiegirl said...

Jake being seen at the Punta Cana resort prior to New Year's Eve was extremely damaging for all the sentimental reasons we had pointed out here on OMG.

There is so much at stake right now for Jake. His people have been in the midst of totally revamping his image and they (and he) are desperate to get an award nomination.

Jake saying that "T & A" turned him on during the Inside the Actors Studio show - that was about as desperate as I think I've seen him.

Austin having the face to sit in on that video with Chloe Benett is about as desperate as I have ever seen him be.

These guys are sinking to new measures to deny each other which tells me how much is at stake.

So yeah, I can totally believe that Management contacted this little gal, not necessarily "buying" her off. It could have just been a persuasive argument that Jake "needed his privacy". That's all it would take.

I'm not buying that tweet of hers. Management can turn all the cartwheels they want - I know what I know and no, I'm not changing my mind. I'm not going anywhere. My position still stands.

I firmly believe Jake and Austin were in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for New Year's.

prairiegirl said...

I'm going to tweet underthebridge said...

^^^ Please. You don't need to on my account so don't bother.

I already can see that she's been compromised.

Methodical Muser said...

After Jake signed with WME, the PR strategy has been simple and unrelentingly single minded: bury Toothy Tile and Grey Goose. To do that, they had to first get rid of Ted Casablanca, which meant all the Toothy Tile archives went poof in the night. Secondly, Waiting for Toothy, imploded and shifted from a Jake is Gay site, often discussing Family Tile as well, into a nasty and combative "Anti-OMG blog." Because you see, if WME can't control this blog directly, then the next best thing is to have a counter blog that exists merely to argue and ridicule OMG findings and observations. I mean, how many times can OMGers be accused of being pedophiles, spinsters and cows? It truly is funny as well as pathetic because, the bottom line is we ain't going anywhere.

come on now said...

Instead of admitting that you were wrong and leaving it at that, you are now going so far down the rabbit hole you'll never get out. And did you think that was really Ice-T and Coco that she tweeted a pic of as well? Nobody's management got to her. Sheesh.

prairiegirl said...

Talk to the hand, Jack.

strong arming said...

I have to jump in here. I even thought that Ice-T and Coco stuff was planted by PR to make the Jake Gyllenhaal u-turn look legit. They both came AFTER the clean up detail. You two are on to something. I think you hit the nail on the head. PR got to that tweeter.

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe we know now why the bearding break up was announced today. Could it be some little tyke's birthday x's 2. Remember from Berlinale, Jake does like the number 5.

Thu., Jan. 8, 2009

Pigs in Blankets for Toothy?

When we announced that Toothy Tile won our user-voted year-end awards, the Prop 88s (88 celebrity propositions we want passed, including T. Tile coming out of his very dusty closet), we suggested a lovely ceremony at the Beverly Hilton to make it official. You know, award him with an actual trophy instead of a trophy girlfriend, that sort of sensible thing.

We chose Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, can't think why. Next thing you know, the senior catering manger from the damn Hilton emails us and wants to know if we really are booking the joint? I said I'd ask.

Toothy? Is it a date?

Methodical Muser said...

Another suspicious aspect of all this twitter "Now you see it, Now you don't" activity is why would our resident troll go back to the@underdaBRIdge18 account at all? Never mind three days later only to conveniently "find" that she had uploaded a pic that suggested she was only kidding with her original December 30 sighting of Jake? How very convenient, indeed.

Toothy archives said...

The toothy tile archives are still there.


prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'll be happy if said...

When did the Toothy archive come back because it's been gone forever? Hey, could you bring Ted back too.

prairiegirl said...

There have been plenty o' tweets today on Mr Jake G-haal - mostly involving the breakup story, the proverbial Prisoners gushing, or Day After Tomorrow polar vortex comparisons. But it's quite difficult to find actual sightings of Jake on this day.

And it dawns on me that yeah, M & M, the "break-up" story could have been released today on purpose to cover for Jake's whereabouts. And that would be a big clue that he and Austin did father again five years ago and have a little one or little ones born around this time, most likely on this day, January 7.

: )
Happy Birthday.

prairiegirl said...

As long as the magic wand is being passed around, can I put in a request for the resurrection of that glorious E! Top Ten Austin and Roberto video?

Because that appears to have been scrubbed from the internet.

Thanks in advance!

;) said...

The toothy tile archives are still there.

LOL! PR didn't scrub too well then...

prairiegirl said...

If M&M says the archives were no longer there, that claim would not have been made w/o firsthand experience.

Even back in May of last year, the discovery had been made.

"Methodical Muser said...
Have you ever heard of complexity and multitasking? Ted was a gossip columnist, first and foremost. That was his stock in trade. I remember how many people, over the years, asked Ted why, he would act like Reeke was real or write a story that obviously promoted the PR version of events regarding certain performers "heterosexuality" when he had a BV that directly contradicted that information. Ted said very clearly, that as a gossip columnist he also printed what was out there because that was also part of his job. Throwing out bones if you will. He was not going to out Jake or anyone else for that matter.

Let's just say that I find it convenient that Ted posted that last BV about not just Toothy, but Grey Goose as well, and for the first (and last time) encouraged Goose to leave Toothy. Even with the November 2010 BV about Toothy trying to get it on with another man in an alley way, Ted was not suggesting that Goose leave him. Yet, on the very last BV of his career with E!, Ted essentially ties up the whole relationship in a neat little bow. The departing message being that there probably will be no happy ending:

Because even though put-upon Grey has looked the other way during Toothy's pastindiscretions this latest one's a little harder to stomach.

T2 had the nerve to not exactly discreetly hole up in a fancy hotel room recently with a coworker. From one of his movies, no less.
It did not go unnoticed by the posh inn's even more posh clientele.
This is a far cry from one of Toothy's back-alley pretty-boy quickies, and it's a situation Grey's finding it much harder to not let bug him.

We say why try? Isn't enough enough?
Come on, true love's one thing (especially when you have family together), but unending masochistic devotion's entirely another.
Grey, stop pretending you're Saint Suck-Up and completely move on, already.

And, of course, once Ted was fired just three months later the Toothy Tile archive was removed from the Internet permanently. How convenient for a certain closeted actor who wanted to sink deeper into his closet.
May 28, 2013 at 12:13 AM

prairiegirl said...

Jake and Austin are all about scrubbing and altering the landscape. Both men going to Laker games with fake girlfriends and/or others built up enough stock photos to heap a significant amount of dirt on top of their most famous pictures together.

Google "Austin and Lakers" now and look at it. There was an ulterior reason for that Austin and Sophia Laker photo op.

Look at Austin's twitter followings and you'll see more active landscaping. He no longer follows Robert Buckley nor Dan Keyes.

Austin still follows Sophia, Daphne Z and Antwon Tanner. Wait --- Antwon Tanner? When was he ever even seen with Antwon away from the set? Yet he hung out with Roberto, he went to the gym with Roberto as Robert said so himself, he live tweeted in the same room with Roberto during an episode of OTH, and who can ever forget that famous video of Austin and Roberto together during the taping of The Top Ten? The one where eyelashes were batting and coquettish voices over peanut butter sandwiches w/o the crusts the way Austin likey was a fine exhibit of creature comfort. Gone. Cannot find that video anywhere on the internet. Highly suspicious if you ask me.
Oh, and I also remember Ted saying that Roberto was seen hanging with Jake over umbrella drinks, remember that little blind? Since when does Jake Gyllenhaal know or hang with Robert Buckley?

No, plenty of pictures and quotes between Austin and Roberto but I can't even remember seeing photo evidence of Austin ever hanging with Antwon.

And Austin and his good friend Dan Keyes? Plenty of pictures of them hanging out together too, even as recent as last year. Homoerotic swimming pool picture come to mind from last summer?

Hmmm. Color me shocked that both of these evidenced good friends Dan and Robert would be dropped as Twitter followings by Austin yet he'll follow Crowdrise and Luiz Guzman, two organizations/actors he hasn't even tweeted to or about for longer than I can remember.

Why would you reckon that would be? It's like that pink hat tweet by Austin. Gone. And so are followings Dan Keyes and Roberto Buckley. They don't make the he-man Twitter avatar cut is my conclusion.

Dlisted said...

Jake Gyllenhaal And That Sports Illustrated Model Broke Up
January 7, 2014 / Posted by: Michael K

It really is hard out there for a beard, because both Lainey Gossip and UsWeekly say that Jake Gyllenhaal and model Alyssa Miller (Side note: It feels totally unnatural and wrong typing the first name “Alyssa” and then not typing the letters M-I-L-A-N-O afterward) are done with each other after six months. UsWeekly’s source says distance was the reason why they broke up, which means that it became a serious problem when he kept wanting to keep his peen at a far distance from her cooch. NO! Alyssa is off doing modeling shit and Jake is off doing movie star shit. The source spit this out:

“They fizzled out. It happened a while ago — before the holidays. He’s back on the scene. Things were really good between Jake and Alyssa right up until he had to leave for L.A. to go shoot a movie [Nightcrawler] in the fall. Then the distance really got to them. [Jake] was very taken with [Alyssa], but I think their work definitely drew them apart. They were apart for the holidays, and things weren’t good with them even before that. She’s very much a long-term relationship girl. He’s not as much of that mindset.”

The real tragedy here is that Alyssa was with Jake during his “starving himself for that Oscar“ phase. So in the beard portfolio she gives to potential clients is nothing but pictures of her with Jake looking like a heroin-addicted drifter. How dreadful.

Here’s Jake looking lumberjack hot again in Toronto two days ago.

prairiegirl said...

I needed to redo that comment because I'm not going to pretend I've never hurt friends' feelings. No doubt I have in the past.

But it must hurt to be dropped from a friend's twitter followings because of fear. Fear of association over the scent of sexual preference.

I can't imagine. Sure, you could say you understand. You could even chuckle and joke about it. But inside, these men have feelings just like anyone else. And it has to hurt.

Talk about bringing back an old childhood or teen years' pain all over again. It probably never, ever goes away, does it? It's always got to rear its ugly head at some time or another.

It's got to be tough to be shoved into the background due to appearance's sake.

Anonymous ;) said...

The toothy tile archives are still there.

For someone who has hung out here 24/7 since the beginning, odd that you didn't make this "discovery" and subsequent claim back when M&M first mentioned it, don't you think?

Special K said...

Both CAA and WME have crisis management teams that have been involved with Jake and Austin, since the beginning I think it's more obvious with WME.

But remember back in the CAA days all there post made by Jared on JJ that eluded Jake being Toothy - got mysterious changed after the fact. And a lot of Perez' got "fixed" after the fact too. Especially the one that said that Austin had gone to pick up BT from hospital.

This Christmas and New Year's is no different. They needed to fix the story. The one thing we do know is that the boys are still together. Why? Because there would be no need to for all of this brouhaha the last two weeks.

There are people who create the image, people who maintain the image, and others who clean up things that aren't in keeping with that image. It's a part of the business.

As for the twitter following - celebrities have to hand over their passwords to their people for all their social media. It's just the norm. Even college athletes have to give the coaching staff their social media information and passwords. They monitor what they athletes are saying and can take down inappropriate comments or connections etc.

Friends in the business understand that it's business and get when a friend might "officially" unfollow them, but they know it is for business.

As Bob Sugar said in Jerry Maguire - It's not show friends - it's show business.

Celebitchy said...

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller broke up after six months together: surprising?
January 08, 2014 By Kaiser

Well, this is just shocking! What is the world coming to when Jake Gyllenhaal can’t make it work with a swimsuit model? Jake, 33, began dating model Alyssa Miller, 24, last summer. Their first big coupled-up debut was in NYC, through some candid photos also featuring Jake’s mother (coughMotherBoycough). Their romance also featured a handful of glowing tabloid stories about how Alyssa was “the one” and Jake was ready to “settle down.” So… of course it’s over now.

... [From Us Weekly]...

Over the holidays, I did a marathon of Will & Grace. I miss that show so much and I was reminded (again) of how groundbreaking it was for network television to have a prime time TV show with a lead character like Will Truman. Why am I bringing this up in a Jake Gyllenhaal post? I don’t know. Something about the situation just reminded me of it. LaineyGossip says that her sources think Jake and Alyssa aren’t totally over, that they might get back together. Eh, who knows? I think he may be done with her. It’s time for him to start up with a new model that he rarely spends time with, and when he does, it’s only in the company of his mother.

I can confirm said...

Those archives of Toothy were gone once Ted was ousted. I remember discussing the whole topic at Fan ChitChat and several people at the time mentioned about how we lost the archive of Ted's Blind Items. I've now copied each one. Don't want to make that mistake again.

Even more important is that I wish we had an archive of all of Ted's "Dear Ted" letters. Waiting for Toothy stops in October 2008. :-(

I can confirm said...

Oh, one more thing. I have another example of how Waiting For Toothy 2 has been taken over by Jake's team. They used to have a list of other places to go to get information on Toothy. Now they have this posted on their front page:

Other places

Oh My Godot blog << Delusional, crazy liars

destiny said...

JJ and Perez didn't start out as PR-friendly sites. Once they started getting a lot of eyeballs and realized they could make more money, get interviews, etc. by cozying up to HW, they then became amenable to whitewashing.

get your facts straight said...

no, the toothy tile archives have always been hosted on E!'s site and easily found via google search. Go ahead - use the way back machine for that url for various dates in the past and you will see it has always been there.

Also, the complete Toothy Tile archive is and has always been on many other gossip sites as well including Gossip Rocks and Blind Items Exposed.

WFT2 see? said...

If Jake's management took over WFT2 why didn't they "scrub" their own site?


Do you guys research this stuff before your proclaim it as fact?

real "research" said...

Even more important is that I wish we had an archive of all of Ted's "Dear Ted" letters. Waiting for Toothy stops in October 2008. :-(

UM like has been said, Blind Items Exposed. All the Q&A's about Toothy or Grey are documented there.

What's more, they are all still on E! Every. single. one of them. Just use that little handy tool called google.

for example:


lazy..... said...

more for you lazies...






etc etc etc

and for crying out loud Ted was not not not fired. His contract expired and neither party wanted to renew.

not rocket science said...

for people reading Ted in 2006 we remember he was theratening to leave E the following June (June 2007) when his contract expired.


We he got what he wanted and renewed for five years and that contract expired June 2012. This is not rocket science.

__ said...

^ June 2001 rather

Special K said...

Wow - the way the conversation has now turned away from Jake and Austin to about the blog itself.

When has this happened before? (Waiting for the snark to take hold)

Back to the activities of the past couple of weeks. It just seems like Jake and Austin have the faux thing down to be as coordinated and choreographed as a Busby Berkley movie. It looked like they've figured out the how, when and why of it, to do as little of actual faux as possible.

prairiegirl said...

and for crying out loud Ted was not not not fired.

Talk to the hand, Jack.

You can keep saying that until you're blue in the face.

In fact, you can pack up all your little link toys (damned if I'm clicking on any link you put up) and take them back to your blog.

Special K said...

But hey thanks for all the links.

Florida Tom said...

... [From Us Weekly]...

Over the holidays, I did a marathon of Will & Grace. I miss that show so much and I was reminded (again) of how groundbreaking it was for network television to have a prime time TV show with a lead character like Will Truman. Why am I bringing this up in a Jake Gyllenhaal post? I don’t know. Something about the situation just reminded me of it. LaineyGossip says that her sources think Jake and Alyssa aren’t totally over, that they might get back together. Eh, who knows? I think he may be done with her. It’s time for him to start up with a new model that he rarely spends time with, and when he does, it’s only in the company of his mother.

Wow this was actually in a nationally printed magazine. Tons of folks are gonna read this then. Or was this on a website? Obviously we know what the writer is hinting at.

Watching, waiting said...

Why is someone always around trying to refute everything that is said here? I've never seen a blog where that has happened before. Somebody is mad as a hornet that this blog exists. In the celebrity game of social media and Internet manipulations that means PR. I think Ted was fired too. That whole Jeremy Renner thing was a set up. It is more than odd that just when WME began to represent Jake in 2012, suddenly Ted is gone from the scene by mid-year.

the real m said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, Tom. happy belated Birthday!

FYI to those I emailed, hubby is now back home. Still on antibiotics, but getting better at home.

I'm surprised they waited this long to say something about the latest beard being fired. It was obvious she was out of the picture a long time ago. Yet one more unsuitable hire. And Jake has been awfully lax about allowing that ring he wears around his neck to show. Hopefully she is the last beard and we will see more of him with Austin this year.

prairiegirl said...

m, that is awesome news. Best news I've had all day.

Special K said...

Great news M!

Florida Tom said...

I am watching Sophia Bush on Chicago, P.D. Pretty intense show. Lucky break for her. Pretty big part.

My sarcasm is intended said...

If Jake's management took over WFT2 why didn't they "scrub" their own site?

Gee, that wouldn't look suspicious, now would it? I mean erasing Jake is gay comments from a Jake is gay blog. No one would question that move. ***rolls eyes***

Florida Tom said...

Thanks m. So glad ur husband is doing better.

Methodical Muser said...

Wonderful news, m. Great to have hubby home and on the mend. Thanks for letting us know.

destiny said...

Great news M!

Jake in New York said...

No Dominican Republic, no kids' birthday ...

You should tell Jake to spend some time with his "husband and kids" before spending months in Europe!

Alex Zak ‏@ZakAttack930 7h
Sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal at ABC Cocina and he is reading book. Man is an intellect and I am in heaven #celebsightings
from Manhattan, NY

Alex Zak ‏@ZakAttack930 6h
Yup this just happened. Thanks thegreatdane24 for not being as chicken as me. #jakegyllenhaal #trendy… http://instagram.com/p/i7lQJvPBhM/
from Manhattan, NY

what's real said...

"Man is an intellect" is a dead giveaway, it's a planted tweet. Jake is about as brainless as they come.

prairiegirl said...

Why would Jake in ABC Cocina (I thought it was ABC Kitchen??? That's what all the other tweeters have been calling it ever since Jake "moved" there) yesterday mean he wasn't in the DR back on New Year's Eve?

Hang it up. He and Austin got caught.


prairiegirl said...

Oh, and yes there was a birthday. Likely a couple of birthdays. Because according to Ted's hints and a comment on DataLounge, Jake and Austin do have a set of twins.

Strawman said...

Why would Jake in ABC Cocina (I thought it was ABC Kitchen??? That's what all the other tweeters have been calling it ever since Jake "moved" there)

They are two seperate venues!

abc cocina is at 38 east 19th street new york


abc kitchen is at 35 east 18th street new york


Not checking your facts...