Friday, January 3, 2014

Total Snow Job

With  over 15" of snow on the ground everywhere you go, all you see is snow.  And it creates a kind of snow blindness that effects everything including Austin Friday

Don't try to run

Or fight it Austy

It's coming

It will find you

and bowl you over

 Just suit up
And hug it out

Happy Austin Friday!


the real m said...

Checking in late. What a complicated sounding movie Enemy sounds. It does not appeal to me either based on those summaries, but I'll keep an open mind to see what the less esoteric critics say. It may become a cult classic, but I can't see the broad general public going for it based on those descriptions.

Well again said...

Actually I don't think anyone would have liked Donnie Darko if it did not find a cult following buy word of mouth after the movies initial release.

Waiting said...

I'm really waiting for Enemy's release.