Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Get Lucky

Denis directing Daft Punk...oops mean Jake.

Not like he hasn't had a little practice


Anonymous said...
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AUS10 said...

@RichardOBarry amazes me. This man is going to win this battle. I believe. Spread the word. #TaijiDolphinSlaughter

7:39 AM - 22 Jan 2014 · Details

prairiegirl said...

Nice to hear from Austin. That's good of him to tweet about the dolphins.

Meanwhile back on the ranch.....lol

WME reminds me of Yosemite Sam. It's futile, Sam. Futile, Elmer Fudd. They don't learn.

Instead of keeping a low profile, they just ramped up this morning with yet another "train sighting" of Jake. This one without a picture but with added detail like 'heavy snow gear':

Ilya Marritz (@ilyamarritz)
1/22/14, 9:27

Love it when Jake Gyllenhaal gets on your train in the morning, attired in heavy snow gear, and no one notices.

lol. Interesting, isn't it, that this @ilamarritz is a reporter with NY Public Radio. You look at their tweets and he/she is all about civic and political issues. Yet out of the blue this morning, they tweet about a celebrity. A closeted celebrity who needs cover.

Boy, the favors that WME must call on.

Not a big deal, right? That Jake might be in NYC still. You wouldn't think so. Except that despite filming having started last week and Josh Brolin & cast long over in Nepal and headed elsewhere now, Jake is still being seen in NYC.

I wonder how large his role is? Is he not in many scenes? It's just weird to see cast pictures already and Jake not in them yet. Again, not entirely outrageous though. They're just not ready for his scenes yet, I reckon.

So why are we still getting tweets and that ridiculous, planted subway train picture of him yesterday? His people want it known that he's still in NYC.

Why? Because he's really not in NYC, that's why. I'd bet money on it. He's long gone. But he's getting his family settled. That's what he's doing.

But you can't have it be known that he's already overseas because if he was overseas, people would be wondering why he isn't in any of those plane and "beside the plane" pictures that other cast members are in.

So Jake "needs" to be in NYC. And that's why that ridiculous train picture and overplayed twitter conversation yesterday, which by itself was dismissible. Silly, yes. But dismissible.

Until today when they had to pile on top of it with the "heavy snow gear" tweet. If Jake wants to start playing in the snow with his boots and neck gator, he could get into serious snow and head over to Everest filming, I would think?

prairiegirl said...

Here's the empty train car picture with Jake from yesterday, during the snow. Poor guy - no one wanted to sit next to him.

❤ PLEASE LUKE ❤ (@twerkteamharryy)
1/21/14, 23:37

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the train today ah ! Didn't go up to him cause I didn't wanna bother him tho http://twitter.com/twerkteamharryy/status/425864791300014081/photo/1

She didn't want to bother him

prairiegirl said...

Jake riding the trains this week.

As @goosestile said, I am hearing Sheena Easton singing "Morning Train" already.


crazy girl said...

What is wrong with you? "As goosestile said"... What???? Who does that? Quotes their twitter alter alter ego?

prairiegirl said...

I don't know, who does do that?



prairiegirl said...

My baby takes the morning train
he works from nine till five and then
he takes another home again
to find me waiting for him

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer got a "real job"? And they played "Morning Train" as Kramer is riding the train into work? LOLLLL

the real m said...

I too am beginning to wonder how big Jakes role is in the Everest pic. Is it possible he might drop out at the last minute? Very odd that he is not part of the filming group as yet.

prairiegirl said...

I didn't realize until now that NYC received a foot of snow. The Daily Mail has a bunch of pictures of the snarled traffic. Long lines for buses. Slushy, icy sidewalks and streets. This was a big snowstorm that dumped pretty good on NYC.

But Jake is riding around on empty subway cars and supposedly out in it again today...

Methodical Muser said...

Don't forget Jake's cute little LL Bean boots. Wardrobe did good. He definitely looked duly attired for a snowstorm.