Monday, February 3, 2014

Caption This!

Top Ten Things heard in the make up trailer on the set of Prisoners.

10. No the red does not clash with the your eye shadow.

9.  Are you ready?  On the count of three you'll open you eyes for your new look.

8.  Oh Jake if you'd only let me get my hands on those eyebrows, I could make you the fairest of them all.

7. “'tis but a scratch”

6.  Now that's 2 parts corn syrup 1 part red jello mix and pour.  Do you need to write this down?

5.  Honey don't worry, I will take care of Hugh if he doesn't play nice.

4.  Not how I'd  dress you,  I think you'd more fabulous with some color and a little sparkle on those cheeks sweeping up to your temples.

3.  Look at those lashes. Your sister must hate you.

2.  It's like you've had something warm and sticky in your hair before.

and #1

"Just a flesh wound


A thought for the morning said...

The surest way to tell the difference between a lie and the truth is to see how forcefully others are trying to disprove it.

The lie gets identified and dismissed.

The truth gets talked to death with as many different attempts to disprove it as there are stars in the sky. The truth is terrifying, as it easily resists all attempts at debunking.

o_o said...

Oh okay. A little convoluted and confusing however. And not real accurate but okay.

I get it said...

Oh, I think it's very accurate and sums up how celebrities in the closet are handled by their PR teams. The more something is argued over and over again, to disprove that someone is gay, for instance, the more there is probably something significant there to hide.

prairiegirl said...

Not convoluted and confusing for me. I think I get what Thought for the Morning was saying.

Boy, we're getting it big time here in JoCo of the Sunflower State. It is coming down like nobody's business. I'm glad to have made it home alright. It was rather harrowing.

Special K said...

Congratulations to Scotland who legalized Marriage Equality today.

Scotland Legalises Marriage Equality

prairiegirl said...

Ahhhh hooray for Scotland!! Remember that is where Meg was from, who used to post on here fairly regularly several years ago.

The world continues to evolve...

Still snowing to beat the band out there. One good soaking for the ground, that's for sure.

Methodical Muser said...

That's great news. Here's some more information about the timeline for the Marriage Act's implementation in England and Wales this year:

From the Stonewall website:

Stonewall has been pushing the government to implement the Marriage Act quickly to allow same-sex couples to be able to marry as soon as possible. We are therefore pleased that ministers have listened to our concerns and have agreed to implement the Act far earlier than their original plan of summer 2014. On 10 December the Government announced that:

- From 29 March 2014 same sex couples will be able to marry in England and Wales
- From June 2014 same sex couples will be able to be married in British Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions, as well as on British military bases
- By the end of 2014 couples in Civil Partnerships will be able to have them ‘converted’ to marriages

the real m said...

My new plaid pants had a blurb about Enemy today and mentioned that it will be shown on pay per view Thursday on Direct TV. Sure enough it comes up showing Thursday so I set it up to record. An odd way to launch a film but I get to see it early and at home.

Special K said...

Yeah it is a playing on Direct TV prior to coming to the theaters in March. I think this future promotion for smaller art house movies. Using multiple media streams (almost) simultaneously .