Monday, February 10, 2014

Going Mad

Not even a Twitter Tuesday but Austin went a little mad.

 The Mad Ones - AUS10

This is something Austin would find total fascinating.

Wanna bet he stayed behind the van as long as he could, just to read the whole rant?

Austin is a people watcher and an observer.  He wants to take it all in but it's the things that don't fit that capture his attention. 

There's something a little JFC to it.  Maybe that's what inspired Milch to make Austin his John.

Olympics for ALL Moment:
Canadians Speak OUT


prairiegirl said...

Yeah, pretty quirky. Maybe he thought it could've been a food truck? lol

Florida Tom said...

The trolls harass PG for some reason. They can see she shows no fear and will continue to express her opinions. The only reason for them to harass her is to discredit her because a lot of the things she believes is correct. Only reasonable explanation.

prairiegirl said...

1 degree right now here, Tom.........1 degree.

Don't you miss that? lol

Florida Tom said...


Special K said...

So I think there's going to be some yelling and bunch of phone calls around management circles tonight.

Taylor Swift Dubbed 'Power Beard,' Allegedly Dated Gay Men: From Jake Gyllenhaal to Harry Styles, [PHOTOS]

prairiegirl said...

First you had the Queerty article come out just days ago and then yesterday, Blind Gossip reposted that. Now you have story hitting Twitter.

I would be tempted to wonder if Mr. Jake has stepped on someone's toes lately? Because you can't get anymore blatant than that - his name is listed forefront in the tweet right after hers.

Methodical Muser said...

Who are Taylor’s Gay Boyfriends

And, what a surprise. Jake Gyllenhaal has a recurring role. LOL! My three favorite guesses:


February 11, 2014 at 1:10 am Log in to Reply


How great would it be if Taylor was actually a lesbian.


February 10, 2014 at 12:23 pm Log in to Reply

I knew Swift or Hough would be paraded out with Aaron Rodgers sooner or later.

Taylor’s gay boyfriend/s: ALL of them except for Mayer & maybe the Kennedy kid.

Love the picture of Harry, MUNCHING ON A BAG OF NUTS.


February 10, 2014 at 11:54 am Log in to Reply

I’m surprised she hasn’t dated Daniel Radcliff or Robert Pattinson, but from the list, the gays are:
Aaron Rodgers
Zac Efron
Harry Styles
Jake G.
Taylor Lautner
Joe Jonas (sort of), regardless of what the posting says about Harry Styles and Jake G.

Special K said...

It wasn't Jake - it was the sighting of her with Aaron Rogers that tipped it over.

Remember there were rumors that Rogers was the NFL player that was going to come out. And then he didn't and his former bf was having a fit via twitter. I would bet it's coming from that mess.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, except that it's Jake's name that is included in the tweets and FB headline, not Rogers. Aaron Rogers may have started it, but it's Jake's that's headlining in the title.

Either way, it's pretty incredulous. I can't believe it. Taylor's people aren't going to be too thrilled either.

Special K said...

Taylor had to know that she couldn't keep bearding with high profile people and that people weren't going to say something. It was already glaring when it was Taylor Lautner and then she bearded with Jake. But she kept going and when it was a boybander who's more out than in she was beyond pushing her luck.

Florida Tom said...

That is awesome :-)

Florida Tom said...

It would be amazing if someone with the stature of Aaron Rodgers came out.

destiny said...

I love it. I'm tired of media not calling people on their crap.