Thursday, February 20, 2014

NOLA is the new Nepal

Working Title is working hard with updates about the Everest shoot. They word on high is that they have finished wrapping up filming in Nepal.  But it looks like Jake never took the trip.

Well unless NOLA is now Nepal.

Another week and another sighting of Jake with Ryan Reynolds who is shoot Mississippi Grind in Gulf Coast.  As we know Ryan took over the part Jake was originally slated to play.   But it seems while Jake is not in front of the camera he is playing a role behind the camera as one of the producers.  This is the second time there have been sightings of Jake on the set of Mississippi Grind.

So what is happening with Everest?  The movie will be moving on to film in Italy and at Pinewood studios in England.  Will we actually see Jake joining them in Italy and England? 

Will Jake go tell on the mountain?  Or just in front of a greenscreen?

Everest should be a visual treat with the movie to be in 3D.

Olympics for ALL Moment:

The UK's Channel 4 is showing support for the LGBT community in Russia during the Olympics by changing their logo and placing a large version of their rainbow'd logo out in front of the Channel 4 headquarters.

They also created this ad for the Sochi games. (You have to watch this!)


Florida Tom said...

The Senate and Legislator in the state of Arizona both just passed bills which will allow business owners to refuse to do business with gay people if being gay is against their Christian values. It will become law if the gov passes the bill. This is some scary shit.

Special K said...

But in Maine Tom they are striking such bills down.

Breaking: Maine Rejects ‘Religious Freedom’ License To Discriminate Against Gays

The New Civil Rights Movement

Florida Tom said...

Good news out of Illinois. Same sex couples are marrying:-)

SK I can't believe the courts will allow that to happen in Arizona. It has been stopped in Kansas before it was voted on.

Florida Tom said...

My friend in Arizona says it is the Mormons who are pouring millions into this and pressuring the politicians.

Florida Tom said...

It was awesome seeing that thousands of students showed up at the University of Missouri to keep the football player who came out there recently from being exposed to protestors from Westbrook Church.

destiny said...

Yep, definitely the Mormons teaming up with the wingnuts in Arizona. It's really odd to see, Arizona didn't use to be a state where religious pressures held a lot of sway.

the real m said...

Arizona has been off for a while. A close friend of mine moved there and I could not believe how much she changed in 3 years. She turned into a total redneck! Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

Great video. Cheesy, but effective.

Florida Tom said...

So sad that with all this going on the very sad very cowardly HW closet queens live on silent.

prairiegirl said...

It's outrageous.

I don't even have any words for those who in Arizona who support this proposed law in the name of religious freedom. They give followers of Christ a bad name.

I totally agree, Tom, this is scary stuff. Very scary.

I think Arizona may have the next Super Bowl. What a black eye on the State should the law pass.