Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On Big Rock Digital Mountain

OMG wondered when the first pictures of Jake actually filming Everest and the answer came pretty quick with a set of picture of Jake filming.

We kidded about bringing on the green screen and whoop! there it is in all of it's green glory.

While the backdrop, rocks and snow are faux, Jake's tresses are not.  Check out those long locks.  Guess he wasn't a fan of the extensions from PoP and went for the real thing.

It is a bit ironic that the Michelin stars for fine dining were announced the day before. With Jake's love of great food and that snow suit he would have made the perfect spokesman. (All kidding aside - that color was picked especially for Jake - without a doubt. Just picture how that blue is going to bring out his eyes in a backdrop of all that snow. Even more important because that will one of the very few parts of Jake that won't always be covered up.


Special K said...

Just watch when the movie comes out and I'll be right.

They need a bright color for the all snow and they need to distinguish the two teams of climbers and each of the main characters. Wanna make a bet Brolin will be wearing red?

That color stands out in the white of the snow and it brings out his eyes. Don't be fooled. It's attention like that directors and art directors think through when they make movies.

Now scamper away back under your bridge.

Architecture said...

I think it's very exciting! I like this look on Jake, esp. pic 7.

Good post, and I really liked your post on Rome, and Tchiakovsky too.

destiny said...

Jake does look great, and I think that is a good observation about the colors.

And with his hair so long, doesn't that not match up some of the so-called recent photos of him?

Florida Tom said...

Jake seems to do his best work in a tent :-)

prairiegirl said...

I like all the gear they have to wear - that cannot be fun hauling that stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if real mountain climbers don't develop shoulder, neck and back chronic injuries later in life from carrying that stuff. Not only carrying it while on the ground, but then as you are climbing upward. Climbing down, you have that pressure coming down on your discs.

Take it from someone who spent years and years carrying my workout bag every day to work, which would be heavy with all kinds of other stuff besides workout clothes, and slinging it repeatedly over my shoulder. I'm paying for it now.

Tell you what, if I had to do it all over again, I would have pursued a life-long career in preventative safety instruction. You watch little kids with these huge backpacks and that's not a good ergonomic practice and precedent to set for the rest of their school years. We could prevent future injuries with more instruction.

Aw, I'm getting all off subject with my soapbox-ing. lol.

But Special, Jake is skinny skinny. That museum Festus picture showed that, lol. I think it's the bindings and straps that are making him look like he has rolls.

prairiegirl said...

I think it's a mistake to show so much of that green screen to future viewers. Seeing that in a mountain flick really zaps out some of the reality and when people are sitting in the theater, they're liable to remember that there was a screen like that and the actors were really inside a building.

I'm not sure why they had to go to Italy at all if they're just inside a warehouse or studio filming in front of a green screen? Well, come to think of it, maybe to film the mountains in the distance for backdrop, I guess, right? I don't know, it's just kind of strange.

prairiegirl said...

Not a fan of that hair at all. And the only reason I say that is because Scott Fisher didn't have hair near that long that I can see. I'm going to do a bit more reading on past Everest mountain climbers but from what I have read, these people are not on the mountains that long. It's not like they're on vacation and camping and roasting marshmallows. The oxygen level is so low. The weather is brutal. And when you don't know if you're going to make it back alive, you're not up there to have a lot of fun. It's serious business. They're there to conquer that mountain and then get the heck back down safely to their families.

So that means there's not a whole lot of time to be growing hair that long. I just thought what was the big deal about being blond for the movie because the character of Fisher is quite blond.

And the real reason I think Jake didn't dye his hair blond for the film?

Because then you would be able to date his paparazzi and photo op pictures. And he hates that. That's why he constantly wears hats and hoods and keeps a mangy beard besides wearing the same limited rotation of clothes.

Yup, that's why I think he didn't dye his hair blond. It has nothing to do with acting. It has to do with his personal life and what he's hiding.

Okay, back to work. Aren't you glad? BWAH!

Special K said...

The reason I said the Michelin man was the way the blue suit is quilted in rows.

art direction said...

I agree with the theory about the vibrant colors and the lead actors jackets. I'm also glad the moderator deleted the obnoxious troll who loves to call people names and disagree with anything that is said here just to be disagreeing.

Daily Mail said...

The Daily Mail's story on Everest.

Architecture said...

Jake seems to do his best work in a tent :-)

LOL Tom.

I will always be a fan of Jake because of Brokeback. It is one of the most profound films I have ever seen.

I still haven't seen Prisoners yet, but I have rented it for tonight. The salesperson said 'you're gonna love it', and I saw a 3-5 minute On Demand preview and was quite intrigued. Very atmospheric, and creepy. Something about Hugh's character, there's more than meets the eye.

Watching this time said...

I decided to really watch how Jake's attachment to this movie played out. At first, I thought some of the comments about Jake were exaggerated when it comes to him playing games with his work schedule. Silly me thought it was no big deal because it looked like a week here or there before. So no harm, no foul.

But, ever since the January 13 publicity release that Brolin and Gyllenhaal were in Nepal filming, to the weird sightings of him everywhere in the US and now Canada, to the sudden realization that Jake is green screening it, to the statement that he was staying at a five-star hotel in Kathmandu yet not one single picture, its pretty clear, there has been intentional lying going on. What stands out is that if you look at this at face value there's no reason for the lies. But, with Jake, we know nothing is innocent.

I'm now convinced that Jake doesn't want people to know how little he actually works. Officially, WME made sure to make it seem that he's been grinding it out for six weeks. In actuality, I wonder how much time he has been really shooting. Six weeks? Six days? Six hours? What a bunch of hype over nothing. Stuff like this just makes me believe even more that he's has children somewhere. That's why there is all this I'm here. No, I'm not. I'm working away, but not really. The beard is to help him hide the gay. (Good luck on that.) But, the rest of the misinformation campaign is hiding something else.

When you put everything together over the years (which this blog has done a fabulous job in compiling) this is another major example of Jake hiding something. A normal person would not go through all these gyrations and misdirections. Usually, I would just say it's because he's in the closet, but this stuff goes way beyond that. He's got kids, which probably consume much of him spare time, but he can't let people think that. So he fills up the gaps of his life with all this cat and mouse stuff. Jake wants to make it seem that he is anything, but a father.

Watching this time said...

The beard is to help him hide the gay. (Good luck on that.) But, the rest of the misinformation campaign is hiding something else..

lol. I meant "beard" like in fake girlfriend, beard. Not the bushy-faced kind.

prisoners and enemy said...

I watched, Prisoners on DVD back in January. It was an average movie. Maybe I would give it a B-. I really don't understand all the praise about it. No way, will I pay $12.99 to go see Enemy. The movie sounds awful. Does it even have a story. Or, was it just another excuse to sell straight Jake?

And, what's with all the praise about Jake's look. I've never seen him look worse. It's find if he wants to appear that way, but I'm not going to soothe his ego by stating that he looks wonderful. I've heard of different tastes, but Jake looks like homeless person. He is far too pampered and has too much money for that.

c said...

To my eye, Jake's hair looks shorter in those Pussy Riot photos. I think he is doing a Donnie Darko on the public. Time travel or something. In other photos he's wearing a hat or hood to hide the length. Something shady is going on here for sure.

The character he plays is a blond in Everest? That's interesting.

One More said...

News from Kentucky

UPDATE: Judge denies stay requested by Kentucky’s Democratic attorney general, Jack Conway. Same-sex marriages preformed in marriage equality states are now recognized in Kentucky.

Special K said...

There is a picture of Scott Fischer in the Daily Mail article that somebody posted earlier. If I'm reading the caption right Scott is the guy on the left of the picture. And that guy's a brunette.

prairiegirl said...

The character he plays is a blond in Everest? That's interesting.

Yes, Scott Fischer is pretty doggone blond. Not completely, but very golden streaked. I just think he had a reason for not dyeing it and it had nothing to do with simply preferring not to.

Welllllll, I wonder if we're going to see some pictures tonight of Mr. Austy at the Tourette benefit. I'm seeing conflicting reports of whether or not he's going to be there. We shall see, hmmmmmm???

prairiegirl said...

Special, I believe Daily Mail misidentified.

I've seen too many pictures of Scott Fisher on Google Images. Here are several. And after looking at the Daily Mail article, you can see that is Scott on the right.

Scroll down to see Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher

Blond as blond

Scroll waaaay down

What if the Daily Fail got the identification wrong on purpose so that a lot of people would assume Scott Fisher was a brunette and therefore wouldn't question why Jake didn't dye his hair?

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

I do have to make a correction, thanks to M & M's help. This expedition that Fisher was on took 41 days, so that is longer than I thought it would have been. So I was wrong to insinuate it was kind of a "quick" trip. I guess it does make sense since the climbers have to be so careful as they maneuver up the mountain. So you could grow a pretty big beard, but your hair still would not grow that fast to the length that Jake is sporting.

Very interesting a change in the wind of Enemy promotion. Originally, the interviews were mostly about the big bromance between director and lead actor. The interviews were also very vague and hardly discussed the movie itself. The tweets and FB leads promoted Enemy as the erotic, mindbending thriller.

HuffPostEnt ‏@HuffPostEnt Feb 17

Jake Gyllenhaal drank some wine with director Denis Villeneuve and they came up with "Enemy"


Enemy: Jake Gyllenhaal Sees Double in the DIRECTV Exclusive : DIRECTV News …

Now, after the strong negative and perplexed reactions on social media, there is a new interview with Denis where he spends the majority of the interview explaining in great detail meanings in the movie. It really is quite a contrast to the original interviews.

It's all in the timing

Then, you have the different tactic now on Twitter and Facebook in promoting the movie. And now you have this kind of promotional tweet:

2/27/14, 3:25

#Movie: 'Enemy' NSFW Teaser: Jake Gyllenhaal Makes Out With Naked Melanie Laurent:
Some steamy makeout sessio...

See that? Don't you reckon Melanie Laurent as a serious actress just really loves and appreciates being reduced to a naked object to have sex with?

So if the first sell doesn't work, I think the next tactic is to sell the nudity and the sex. I just am finding this big change all kinds of intriguing.

Architecture said...

I thought Prisoners was very good - it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, but I am very creeped out right now. *shudder* It is very frightening, and not for the faint of heart! Poor Paul Dano and vulnerable children everywhere. We thought Jake was great in it, you almost wouldn't recognize him. Roger Deakins' cinematography was wonderful as always.

Architecture said...

I agree with some of the critics who said it reminded them of Zodiac, only this was more visceral. I keep seeing poor Paul Dano saying 'they didn't cry', only I didn't know what he meant at the time and assumed the worst. The same for the other boy. OMG - heartbreaking. I didn't even notice the length of the film, it was so engrossing and well done. I also wondered about Jake's character Loki, growing up in a boy's home, alone on Thanksgiving. I wonder how Enemy will be.