Friday, February 28, 2014

Teal it like it is

You wouldn't know it from his twitter but Thursday Austin was at Hollywood Heals: Spotlight On Tourette Syndrome at The Conga Room at L.A. Live.

 He might not have worked the tweets for self promotion, but he did work the teal carpet.

Looking sharp in a well tailored suit (Jake must be rubbing off on you) Austin did look a little tired.

Some long road trippin'?

And check out that hair.  After all those years of "Oops I straightened my hair," the curl has returned.

Now that makes a happy Austin Friday.

And that Austy found his Donovan Brothers there too.


Florida Tom said...

Austin got very lucky to get a job at home in LA. The probability is that Jake never did move to NYC but has lived in LA all along. The whole moving to and living in NYC has worked brilliantly. His PR company has done
an awesome job if Jake never did move from LA.

Special K said...

BOSTON —Leaders of South Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade have invited a gay advocacy group to march for the first time in decades – as long as group members don't display their orientation.

The Boston Globe reports that parade coordinators have invited LGBT advocacy organization MassEquality to march in the parade and carry a banner, but no T-shirts or signs with the word "gay" or other references to sexual orientation are allowed.

"We'd be happy to have them here," Tim Duross, a parade coordinator, told The Globe. "But we'd rather you just wish everybody a happy St. Patrick's Day and left it with that."

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh brokered the agreement, and told The Globe that it was "probably the biggest step in 20 years" for the

“I’m really encouraged," Walsh said to The Globe. "We’re going to talk about how we can make this happen, how we can make this a reality.”

The executive director of MassEquality told The Globe that the new development was "huge" and she was hopeful that her group could march, but declined to comment on the T-shirt and sign restrictions.

In 1995, parade organizers went to the US Supreme Court for their right to exclude gay and lesbian groups from the parade and won.

The parade had been boycotted by Mayor Thomas Menino but Walsh has said that he wanted to work with organizers to end the ban.


No it is not enough but do you think it is enough for a first step?

the real m said...

Looking good, Austin. I love the haircut. It makes him look younger. Funny that Jake looks so much older than his real age with the beard but Austin looks terrific. Jake needs to lose that beard when shooting Everest is over.

Florida Tom said...

I think there very well may be a little fear if the folks who run the St Patty's Day have ever seen the Pride parade. I think the Gay community does need to tone it down a bit when in comes to their behavior during that time. Not a place for kids. I am sure the Mardi gras and Carnival are similar but The St Pattys Parade is family oriented and should be respected.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I look at a St Paddy's parade like this - it's just a regular holiday event. And while you have a lot of Irish families marching with banners and matching shirts, you don't see groups wearing "Straight" shirts, lol. Or "Blondes". Or "Atheist".

Everyone is on the same playing field and are just there to have fun, laugh, wear green and that's part of what it's about besides the extra meaning for those of Irish heritage.

I'm not even close to being Irish, lol, but I have so many St Paddy decorations and have really gotten into having the great meal of Corned Beef, Cabbage and soda bread on the 17th. It's so much fun.

Just doesn't seem like sexualities are relevant at all.

Special K said...

It's been twenty years since parade organizers said that LGBT groups couldn't march. So this is a positive step and a good start for the new mayor who grew up in that South Boston neighborhood and wants to find a resolution so everyone can participate. Also the South Boston neighborhood has really changed over the last 20 years. It is not just stalwart Boston Irish anymore, it becoming one of the hipster 'hoods in Boston. Lots of diversity and more young professionals and many gay couples and singles.

Florida Tom said...

I agree the change is really good SK but PG is correct it is about St Patty and not sexuality. Hopefully everyone will keep their blouses on and their pants up :-)

Special K said...

Oh I agree it is about St Patrick's Day and I do think they would be respectful of that and that it is community/family celebration.

prairiegirl said...

Hopefully everyone will keep their blouses on and their pants up :-)

lol. Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately, St. Patrick's has also become just an excuse for a lot of people to go out and get plastered in public.

Lots of diversity and more young professionals and many gay couples and singles.

Which is great. But are you saying that a guy couldn't watch the parade with his arm around another guy? Is that what is not allowed? Maybe I'm not quite getting this. I'm a little confused.

If that was the case, that is ridic. Because otherwise, it's not like that same guy is going to go to the parade wearing a shirt that says "Gay". Otherwise, how else are organizers going to know he's gay?

prairiegirl said...

Great pictures of Austin, btw. Love the hair curls. He does look really pale to me but otherwise, quite dapper.

I agree with m, he continues to look amazingly great and untouched by all of this unlike his partner in crime. It's quite a fascinating study. If you also look at Peter and Maggie, they too are looking on the worn side.

And Austin, I'm not sure how he's doing it, but he looks like he's been swinging in the hammock all along, so to speak. It must be his personality and human nature, that he just doesn't get affected as much or something. It's a head scratcher to me, that's for sure.

Austin and girlfriend enjoying their time out said...

Cara ‏@Rahleighh 6h
Just chillin with Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennett and imjayloftus in the trench. #Julian&Brooke4evs #oth

Austin and Chloe enjoying music and tequila said...

Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 9h
Hotel cafe to watch my bud @joshuadoyle77 do that singin thing he's so good at.

Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 5h
I may or may not have spent my Saturday night roller blading around my parking garage while drinking…

prairiegirl said...

Lol, oh okay now I know why they had Austin shave.....

Jack, thanks you just saved me a copy and paste to my friends. You do know you give yourself away every time though, don't you? I think you're afraid we won't mention it or something. **wink**

Ha ha ha, who didn't see this coming. Hey, I like how the person hash tags Julian and Brooke. BWAH! She got her beards confused.

It is another whiteboard lesson for closeted celebrities and their beards on how not to sell the relaysh.

Because Austin has been where for the last couple of months? Where have him and Bennet been? Wonder why they haven't been seen together since, gosh when was the last time? Think, think, think.

Know what I see? I see Austin and Maggie returning to native soil at juuust about the very same time. Interesting, don't you think?

Not much to react to here, pretty ho hum. He has his hand in his pocket and you can't even see her face, only Cousin Itt hair. For all we know, this is just Austin standing in line behind people at Chipotle's.

Try again. Let's see some clear PDA if they're such a "real" couple. And seeing a nose or eyes on her might help as well. LOL! Smh.

Architect said...

Special K wrote:

No it is not enough but do you think it is enough for a first step?

Yes, I think it is a good first step, and more importantly, the door opened to dialogue.

I look forward to an inclusive and Happy St. Patty's Day in Boston!

Architect said...

I love it!

Rainbow Flag with Pot O' Gold