Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fixers, Flubs and F'ed up

Did the Fixer Fic flub up?

Screenwriter Brian Larsen, is claiming that Showtime stole his idea to create the Hollywood-fixer hit Ray Donovan. Southland creator Ann Biderman is credited with coming up with Donovan and is an Executive Producer on the Mark Gordon Company show.

Larsen is claiming former Showtime Original Programming VP Danielle Gelber, who's called a “development executive” in the complaint, took a pitch meeting with him about his Writer's Guild of America registered script  about a San Francisco-based fixer who discreetly handles high-profile clients problems and has a messed-up family – like Donovan - in Northern California on November 5, 2010.

In the 11-page breach of implied contract and breach of confidence complaint filed February 13 in L.A. Superior Court , creditless Larsen and his Radical Pictures LLC  says Donovan “mimics” his 2009 fixer concept The Swissman. He says that the series has “enriched Defendants to the tune of millions of dollars,”an is seeking to have production on Ray Donovan stopped via an injunction and is also seeking wide ranging but unspecified damages of more than $25,000.

Interestingly the credited show creator Ann Binderman nor producer Mark Gordon are named as a defendants in the suit.

 Will Showtime have to hire their own fixer to get them out of this one?

Quick fix = big flub?

While this picture popped up yesterday in V-day splendor

Why does it look like it came from a photoshoot Austin did with Davis Factor while he was on OTH?

Olympics for ALL Moment:

This is how Sweden shows their opposition to Russia's anti-LGBT legislation just days before the Olympics began.

The short film, titled Live And Let Love, features a diverse group of people from all walks of life, surrounded by rainbow flags, singing the Russian national anthem and supporting the LGBT community in Russia.


Chloe said...

Why does it look like it came from a photoshoot Austin did with Davis Factor while he was on OTH?

It doesn't.

Special K said...

What is the point of linking to the picture that is already in the post?

Sorry you don't even give any reason to your argument either.

reasons said...

Austin's hair is different, surrounding is different, what he's wearing under the coat is different

Special K said...

The surrounding is different?

It's a backdrop, they change them during a photoshoot. You don't stand in front of the same thing for every single picture.

His hair is the same cut. His beard is the same. It's from the same set. Just coming from a different angle than the two pictures previously released. You think they only had a couple pictures from the shoot? Be real. Davis Factor probably shot a couple hundred frames in that photoshoot to get the pictures he wanted.

whatevergetsyouthroughthenight said...

Really? You can't just accept that Chloe happened to take a good shot of Austin?

reasons said...

No hair are very different, the coat is the same Austin had in Berlin
what Austin's wearing under the coat is different
I honestly think there is no doubt, is not the same photo shoot, in fact it is not a photo shoot at all, if you notice in the reflection of the elevator's wall you can see shadows of people, a really gross error for a professional photo shoot

OMG watcher said...

Somebody wants you to believe Chloe took that picture of Austin. The whole thing stinks of PR.

Get real said...

it's obvious Chloe took that photo

prairiegirl said...

it's obvious Chloe took that photo

It's not even remotely obvious. You have totally lost recall of where you are commenting and who you are talking to.

I cannot for the life of me imagine what it must be like to be given the assignment to try to sell Austin + Chloe Bennett.

Truly, it must be a full moon and Armageddon has arrived because the paid visitor has been sent to sell both straight Jake as well as straight Austin.

Somebody wake me up, beam me up, give me a Loretta "Snap out of it!" because surely I cannot be in Kansas anymore.

yep said...

Austin is straight and quite horny, there are no doubt anymore

the reality is said...

I think Bennet's intelligence level is far too low to even know how to handle a camera. She acts like a six-year on her twitter account.

nope said...

Austin is as gay as they come. And, horny for Jake Gyllenhaal. Although I used to admire his taste now I seriously wonder what he sees in Jacob. But, maybe he's a good "dancer" and feeds him well.

prairiegirl said...

Awww, Bubble Boy is high trending right now.

I've yet to see the entire film but I don't mind seeing that.

Alot of people love that movie.

Special K said...

Bubble Boy - yup I was already watching it.

Hey Jack - buddy - time to grab your soapbox and head out. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

Methodical Muser said...

You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

LOL! I always love a good Blues Brothers reference.

prairiegirl said...

The tweets are cute. People love that movie.

Kelli Philpot ‏@Xkellikillsouls 48s
Bubble boy is on. Yessss

Amanda Szabo ‏@AmandaSzab0 1m
Bubble boy is on! #aweyeah

Gabriel Colwell ‏@AmaznBlAzn 3m

Brady Zimmer ‏@br_Zimmer 3m
Bubble Boy for the win.

Sabrina Fuller ‏@DontBri_ahater 4m
How come I have NEVER seen Bubble Boy? This movie is hilarious.

Jessica ‏@Jess_xoxo29 4m
Bubble boy>> this movie never gets old!

Tutu's For Cuties ‏@tutusforcuties 7m
Bright!!! And shiny!! — watching bubble boy

puss4l. ‏@SamAndCheeese 8m
“@CelesteRendon: Watching bubble boy :)”me TOO!

Amber Rose ‏@AmberAbattoir 8m

@noalbertno 11m
Ive seen bubble boy like 1000+ times and its still so funny for me

I mean, that is just a tiny sampling. The tweets are endless. 119 new tweets; that's pretty good and still trending on Twitter, altho not a high trend.

Now that's an impact/influence.

prairiegirl said...

I'm not saying Jake needs to do another Bubble Boy. Clearly, he's older now and that calls for different kinds of roles.

But I would much rather read those kinds of tweets about Bubble Boy than what I have been and am seeing on Facebook regarding Enemy.

8 absolutely negative reviews/posts from civilians I have seen on Facebook in the last 1 1/2 days.

They're confused. They regret paying $12.99 for the movie. They are recommending people not to purchase/watch the movie.

Plus a writer who live-tweeted the movie as he was watching it and I'll put up one of his comments. You can go to his account and see the rest of his interactions with people as he watched the movie.

Fred Topel (@FredTopel)
2/15/14, 23:04

So glad I didn't fly all the way to Toronto and pay for a hotel to see ENEMY. #tiff #courtneydance

I wish I had been around during the Brokeback days. I wanted so badly for a great reaction to Prince of Persia but that didn't happen. That's why I got such a kick out of those trending tweets regarding Bubble Boy. It's nice to see people enjoying that movie.

But this is not a good foresight for Enemy, I don't think. Seems like it's very telling that Toronto and Canada can't get enough of the movie but in America? It's not off to a good start at all.

Is that just because Denis is a native son?

Methodical Muser said...

Is that just because Denis is a native son?

Politics exist in Canada, just as much as it does in the US. And, Villeneuve is considered one of the up and coming directors. His home country is supporting him through nominations. No way are American and Canadian audiences that different in their understanding and appreciation of a movie.

destiny said...

Thanks to the poster(s) who put up the comments about the denials about Page and Skarsgaard being an item. I recall right from the start people saying they were just friends. In my opinion there was never an intention to have people think they were dating, and that they were maybe just promoting the movie.

the real m said...

Count me in as one who was totally pissed that I paid 12.99 for that dreck. Most pay per view movies are 4.99 or 5.99 and when the sign came up saying 12.99, I hesitated, but then said what the heck. If I could have asked for a refund, I would have. I look forward to his fans on some sites trying to explain why they like that movie.

Queerty had a good blurb today about athletes in high school and college who are coming out early and which will fuel the eventual pro athletes being out.

I am getting ready for a week on the road back east. Not looking forward to the cold weather.