Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rocking the (My Little) Pony

In case you missed it - a little more of  the week of Jake

At Rachel Comey with Maggie on Wed

At The Voice Project's event Maggie hosted for members of the Russian band Pussy Riot

Love the Photo bomb

And then out yesterday with who the press is saying is a mystery woman.

Ahh no mystery - pretty sure she's part of Jake's team

Olympics for ALL Moment:
Kudo's to Germany their statement to  President Putin, Russia and the World in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics


prairiegirl said...

The womanising leading man previously romanced Jenny Lewis, Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, and Minka Kelly.

I got my new boots on

Womanizing. I have no words.

A lot of laughter.

But no words. lol

prairiegirl said...

The anatomy of selling a "mystery gal", heck maybe several "mystery gals" at one time. After all, the Daily Mail refers to Jake as the womanizing leading man, so who am I to argue?

But this bit of Live Eye, As It Happens "reporting", I don't know...I'm a pretty tough sell, you know. What do you think?

So back on January 3rd of this year 2014, this Tumblr account posted this picture of Jake with a "mystery friend" and said the following in her post. Be sure to take note of the attire of both parties:

Love: a sexy hollywood smile on the streets of New York

Stopped by my favourite Nolita haunt, Cafe Gitane, for lunch today and spotted the gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal and friend.

What a honey. Captured this shot as we left. Oh to be on the receiving end of THAT smile.

It’s not just for the movies… sigh!

Mott Street, Soho, New York, USA

5:29pm 3rd January 2014 ‣ 55 notes

Captured as lovecovetdream left Cafe Gitane

prairiegirl said...

Then, on February 7th, the same account lovecovetdream posted this on her Tumblr at 10:55pm:

Love: a gentleman

Who says chivalry is dead? Jake Gyllenhaal holds the door for his friend while sharing a joke. (Obviously so shocked to see it back in fashion the shot is out of focus!)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Cafe Gitane, NOLITA, New York

10:55pm 7th February 2014 ‣ 58 notes

Who says spontaneity is dead?

How many questions do you have now about these 2 different posts by the same person?

NY said...

ToothyTile&GGoose ‏@GoosesTile 10 min

Details? Like where?RT @KadyGiles: Done some extreme celeb spotting while we've been here..jake gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore and Rita ora

New York

Kady ‏@KadyGiles 5 feb

I had pancakes for breakfast, been shopping on 5th avenue and strolled around a snowy Central Park today ☺️ I ❤️ NY

prairiegirl said...

I'm flattered. I just posted that 11 minutes ago and it's been reposted here already.

Boy, that's some heavy duty watching of a civilian account, isn't it?

And btw, no, that is not an answer

mwah! said...

Pucker up, prairiegirl. I think the troll loves you. They certainly stalk you night and day. :-)

Question said...

I have a question why did the tumblr poster, post the pictures a month a part.

AUS10 said...

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work." -Thomas Edison

4:53 PM - 9 Feb 2014

From previous post said...

And one has to ask why he's still on a holiday break when the rest of the kids have looooong been back to school.

PG, have you found those dagnabit kids of Jake's? Words out! Last I heard they were living with some HW nanny the PR/Publicist hires for all gay HW Parents to keep cover.
The kids are doing fine. All 6 of Jake and Austin's kids are being raised in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains living on vegan treats and being home schooled. Most people don't know, but all of HW know that George Clooney and his secret lover has 7 hidden children who are also living there.
They're more privledged though, you know, Clooney being a mega star and all. And, that's the "prize" secret PG. J/A secret is nothing compared to that.

Won't you put on your detective hat and do some searching, you're sure to find a boatload of secrets to share that PR is hiding from you! Trust. Be a doll and get back with us with the latest on those kids.

prairiegirl said...

when the rest of the kids have looooong been back to school..

I have no patience for your copied & repasted crap. I was not talking about his children in this sentence for your information. That's how well you interpreted that deal - it's not any better the second time around.

I was talking about his fellow peers. You know, his fellow acting acquaintances and friends? Who are all busy filming?

i.e., you know, busy working?

His fellow actors are all in school, while Jake's still on holiday.

Make sense now? Now take your nasty lip back to your blog.

♫♪ Sleeping Single in a Double Bed ♪♫ said...

From the Adam Levine - "Jake Gyllenhaal is not Gay" thread on DataLounge:

I think there's a major diff. between believing Jake is bi or gay and blindly believing every or even any of the Toothy Tile stories will nilly. I do know Jake and Nichols spent a LOT of private time together out of LA a few summers ago but that doesn't make them a 'couple' or even sexual partners. It would appear they slept in the same room - or bed - according to a friend. Beyond that I do not know. I have no idea if he and Nichols were ever involved or just good friends but I will surmise one thing: anyone that thinks Austin Nichols is 100% straight needs TO HAND THEIR CARD IN. That boy is fruitier than a smack in the face with a 450lb pineapple.

by: Anonymous reply 193
10/03/2010 @ 06:48AM

Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

prairiegirl said...

Question said...

I have a question why did the tumblr poster, post the pictures a month a part.

I don't know what anyone else thinks, but my thinking is that posting them a distance apart gives the two pictures the "illusion" of spreading Jake out in NYC over a longer period of time as well as try to make them look like two different outings.

Although she does state that they both took place at the Nolita restaurant, then why not say so? Why do you post the pictures backwards?

If she ate at Gitano's the same time as Jake and his Mystery Friend, why wouldn't she post the door exit pic first? Then stalk them down the sidewalk and take the brick wall picture? Instead she posts them backwards. Why wouldn't she post them both at the same time?

destiny said...

I read a Wall Street Journal story about the event Maggie and Peter hosted for the two women from Pussy Riot. The really odd thing about it is that it said Jake was there holding hands with his girlfriend Alyssa Miller. WTF?

Togetherness said...

I love how Jake and Austin slept in the same bed as grown men, but that doesn't mean they are a couple. And spending "private time" together is another way of saying that they are in the closet.

Geez. The fact Jake still hangs around LA when he's supposed to be a New Yorker, is seen late at night with Austin at In-N-Out Burger, attending Berlinale events, out for Sushi, Frozen Yogurt, and who knows what else they've been "eating" together (yes, that is a sexual innuendo) yet no way are they a couple is just a bunch of homophobes refusing to see what is right in front of their eyes.

If a man and a woman did these kinds of things over a 10+ year period, there would be no doubt that people would assume they were a couple. But, because it's two men, there's no way they are anything but friends. Absolutely, tiresome. It's an insult to thinking people's intelligence.

prairiegirl said...

There is some real nonsense going on right now, I think, Dest. We weren't going to post these yet, but we'll go ahead now. This stuff is good for a laugh.

Now mind you, this stuff is allllll coming out today. All of a sudden, Jake can't control his hetero chromosomes, lol.

Well, it appears one of the Tumblr "sightings" of Jake and Alyssa has disappeared. I've got to pull it off of my Ipad so it'll be just a few minutes.

For 9:38 said...


No, it's not that they are a couple, they just get together every now and then. GET IT? They are not together as often as you would like for them to be. If they are going to be a couple, or are a couple, it'll come out sooner or later. Stop spinning your wants on this, and calling everything/everyone homophobic because it don't fit your agenda. It's so convenient and transparent, Really it is! And anybody can see right thur it.

Speed dial bearding said...

The really odd thing about it is that it said Jake was there holding hands with his girlfriend Alyssa Miller. WTF?

It's Fashion Week and Jake's new movie will be opening soon. A few goons on his team figured out that Jake was missing a vagina to sell his new "erotic thriller". As a result, the media is placing Jake with Miller again because that's all they got. Too late to draw up another contract. I thought leaving CAA was going to make Jake freer, but he is even more of a puppet than he was before.

Togetherness said...

9:45 PM give it up. Jake and Austin have been placed together so often over the past 12 years, their real relationship cannot be ignored. Jake was even in Austin, TX not so long ago when he was supposed to be in LA. They are in the closet. That is obvious.

prairiegirl said...

This Tumblr post has since been deleted:

UHM just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at the corner of Church and Canal with his gorgeous girlfriend and their adorable dog and was too scared to say anything and then promptly burst in to tears about it

#he's rocking a full beard and longer hair #i wanted to just lay on the street and let a car run over me #my sister and my friend and were like why didn't you say hi and like hit me

The second one was this and it came from Facebook:

Sara Khadar
about an hour ago near New York, NY

Jake Gyllenhaal spotting last night. Was sitting so close to us and looked ripped, very burly and hot of course. Sorry Andrew Porter even though he supposedly split with Alyssa miller... They were having dinner together so you heard it here first! Ha!!
9 people like this.

Lizz ♡ Choi When are you coming back to London?
about an hour ago · 1

Sara Khadar First week of March! I will get exact dates soon. Can't wait to see you guys and Annabelle!!!!!!!!
about an hour ago · 1

Lizz ♡ Choi yay email me when you know!! xx
about an hour ago · 1

Jessann Gergen I am so in love with him.
about an hour ago · 1

Sara Khadar Def will email you soon we are looking at tickets now woot woot
59 minutes ago

Revolving Door of Women - Is that like Binders of Women? said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted Out With Mystery Brunette After Alyssa Miller Break Up

Jake Gyllenhaal’s revolving door of women appeared to continue over the weekend when he was spotted pounding the New York streets with a mystery brunette.

Pictures of the Brokeback Mountain star, 33, showed him and his female companion shopping in the Big Apple’s Soho district weeks after he called it quits with his last lingerie model lover.

He and Victoria’s Secret model Alyssa Miller had been dating for six months before things fizzled out.

Now pals insist Jake is ‘back on the scene’ and blame his break up on film work commitments, with one confirming: ‘They fizzled out. It happened a while ago.’

Gyllenhaal certainly gets through famous women like an underwear model does knickers, with his past conquests including Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon.

WME forgot Jake was back on the scene?

PR said...

How much of the walstreet journal is PR driven? In other words how much is the journal written with the eyes of the PR?

so many questions said...

Stories can be planted in any publication.

My question is why is this the first time we are hearing about her being there? PR is reacting to something.

♫♪ Sleeping Single in a Double Bed ♪♫ said...

Continued from Adam Levine - "Jake Gyllenhaal is not Gay" thread on DataLounge:

so [R60] spill on the private blogs. Do tell. I am not saying stating the websites, but info on what is said. If it is online, it isnt private info.

by: Anonymous reply 61 07/27/2010 @ 01:35PM

For the person asking about the friend's private blogs it was 3 or more years ago before Jake bearded up with The Chin and all this nonsense about being straight started: Nichols, Texas, same, in, bedroom, house, Austin: "when 'they' fall asleep", Texas, floor, shirt. Enjoy.

by: Anonymous reply 67 07/27/2010 @ 04:56PM

Snug As A Bug In a Rug

destiny said...

The story ran in Saturday's paper, I just read it today. They really talked up Maggie and Peter, and in the past they frequently mentioned Jake and the beard, even if just writing about one of them being somewhere. I do think the writer who covers the celebrity parties seems to be close to someone on Jake's team to be mentioning him, the beard and his family so much.

It is odd though if they're trying to float that there may be someone new on the scene.

prairiegirl said...

Awwww, so besides Austin sneaking through garage doors to get to his Jakey, sounds like both boys did a little bit of bunk sharing and shirts on the floor were somehow involved....

Hmmmmmmm....boy, sounds like those guys were a little randy back in their heyday, doesn't it? BWAHAHAHH!!

Awwwwwwww, how appropriate for Valentine's week to have this little hint of sexy "deets" from Jaustin lore. Too bad the commenter didn't hashtag #jouncing......That would have sent a few of us over the edge.

Maybe that means it was just some platonic bed sharing? Riiiiiight..okay.

Paper said...

Can you put the wallstreet article on this site. I can not read the article online due to it is blocked . Thank you in advance.

Wall Street Journal part 1 said...

NY Culture
Two Pussy Riot Members Make a Splash in New York
Party Honored Two Band Members Released From Prison

By David Shapiro
Feb. 7, 2014 7:13 p.m. ET

On the third floor of the Spotted Pig in the West Village on Thursday evening, ?uestlove was hosting a party, quietly paid for by Bono, for Maria Alyokhina, 25 years old, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 24, the two members of Pussy Riot who were released from Siberian labor camps in December.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard stood a few feet away, in a conversation with Marina Abramovic. Jake Gyllenhaal joined them, squeezing the hand of Alyssa Miller, his girlfriend, a Victoria's Secret model.

?uestlove had just met Ms. Alyokhina and Ms. Tolokonnikova and he spoke bluntly about the peculiar situation. "My fear in meeting them is that this could be a little dangerous because it seems like the very thing their movement would be against: the hierarchy of glamour and privilege," he said. Half joking, he added, "I hope we don't corrupt them, you know, as a country."

Hours earlier, Ms. Alyokhina and Ms. Tolokonnikova met with Tina Brown. "We have a mutual friend," said Ms. Brown. "They were more impressive than I expected. Nadezhda has this kind of still dignity that's very effective. And Maria has an incredible kinetic energy."

In the corner of the room, Jemima Kirke chain-smoked a few feet from James Murphy, who nursed a glass of wine. Ms. Kirke gleefully noted, "I got a rabbi to say 'pussy' last night! I told him that I was going to a party for a band and he asked me the name of it and I said 'Pussy Riot.' He said, 'Pussy Riot?' And then today, he asked me what 'the pussy thing' was again. So I got him to say it twice!"

The Pussy Riot members' first American visit was organized by the Voice Project, a music-oriented nonprofit headed by Hunter Heaney. The group collected about $120,000 in donations for the Pussy Riot legal defense fund. Much of the money had gone to pay Siberian attorneys to visit the women in prison and make sure they were being treated acceptably, "and, maybe more important, to let prison officials know that they were being monitored," said Mr. Heaney.

?uestlove raised about $10,000 for the women, but much of that went to a different purpose. "I raised money so Ms. Tolokonnikova's husband could visit her at the labor camp. It's like a nine-hour trip! " he said.

Mr. Heaney was partially in charge of the women's travels in the U.S. "We might have overscheduled them a little," he said. "We picked them up at the airport, then went straight to an Amnesty International news conference, more press, meetings, dinner with Madonna."

He then reeled off the several hundred other activities they'll be participating in while they're here.

Ms. Alyokhina and Ms. Tolokonnikova were apparently weary as well. By the time the party got into full swing, the two women had holed up in the Spotted Pig's office on the third floor, which became a VIP area within a VIP area. They emerged only briefly to give a speech before disappearing back into the office. At one point, an aide emerged and yelled, "They want sweet things!" And pieces of cake and pie starting flowing into the office.

Wall Street Journal part 2 said...

Mr. Sarsgaard and Ms. Gyllenhaal held court in front of the kitchen near the office. They spent much of their evening with Ms. Abramovic, who understood Pussy Riot's ethos perhaps better than anyone else in the room.

"I came from ex-Yugoslavia, an ex-totalitarian regime, very far, to have this freedom of expression. I've been cutting communists out of my stomach with razorblades for a long time," she said.

"I would have loved to sit in on the conversation Marina had with them," Mr. Sarsgaard said.

Ms. Gyllenhaal lent the conversation a more local perspective. "I remember when our daughter saw their picture," she said. "They were wearing the colored balaclavas, and our daughter said, 'What is that?' I don't remember exactly what we said to explain this to a 6-year old, but I think it was that they were girls living in a place where they couldn't say what they wanted to say."

Mr. Sarsgaard added, "It's very rare that someone comes along and the power of their art is in their own life. It just takes massive guts."


prairiegirl said...

Gee, I wonder if this is one of those 10,000 ways that Austin was talking about?

When are the boys ever going to reach shore with all these terrible waves that keep crashing "into" them and interfering in their desire to overcome?

Despite all of this nonsense this weekend, what remains clear to me and I do not waver from, is that Jake and Austin are still together. WME can fake all the crap they want, but that does not change.

What a waste.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you for posting the WSJ article.

Methodical Muser said...

Don't forget that Jake has lots of contacts in the newspaper industry. Prominent among them ole Uncle Anders who I'm sure has come in handy on many occasions. Along with other ready, willing and able useful associates.

not a newspaper said...

So looks like tweet "Jake making out with a model" was true

the real m said...

True to form, PR goes into high gear when Jake has a movie close to release. And also true to form, the troll amps up as well. You can tell it's PR pablum by the use of the term womanizer. So far from the truth it's even ludicrous that they use that term. Actually the revolving door is true, since most women in Jakes life are there just long enough to go around a revolving door once. Unlike his true lover and partner, Austin, who's been there all these years.

I also hate to break it to the Jake is straight crowd, but Enemy was not in the slightest bit erotic. It wasn't even a thriller. Overblown, ominous music does not a thriller make. And he had no chemistry with either of the two women in the film, nor did he look remotely comfortable engaging in fake sex with them. There are going to be some very disappointed fans when Enemy is viewed. My husband watched it with me and is still complaining about what a horrible movie it was 3 days later!