Saturday, September 13, 2014

All Taped Up

Some more interviews of Jake discussing Lou Bloom and Nightcrawler.

First is an interview with the CBC Radio show “Q with Jian Ghomeshi .  In the interview talks about " on privacy and voyeurism; shares how he got into the head of his sociopathic character; and why he's drawn to challenging and often darker roles." Jake also talks about why he decided to become a producer on the movie.

Jake sat down with IndieWire for a discussion of the movie and his character which resulted in several video clips.

This first clip shows off Jake's great memory as he reenacts the entire opening scene of Nightcrawler.


Seaweed said...

Thanks Special... I'll have to sit down, relax and enjoy this interview of Jake's with Jian. He's a GREAT interviewer and without seeing it yet, I can almost bet that Jake would be somewhat charmed with Mr. Ghomeshi as she comes off as a very free spirit himself, possibly something Jake would admire considering his closeted ways.

If anyone finds this interview of interest then I'd recommend doing a youtube search of other Jian interviews as this is his stock and trade at the venerable CBC here in Canada.

Will check in once I've had a chance to soak in the interview and chime in again.


Seaweed said...

Of course I did mean that "HE comes off as a free spirit..."

Will want to observe the body language that Jake gives off as he's soooo not able to control himself with any male he connects with. LOL

prairiegirl said...

Actually I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't notice anything out of control with this one - Jake seemed to be on his best behavior. Not sure why that was. In fact, he was awfully serious and monotone'd throughout, a few chuckles here and there but otherwise....

The biggest thing I came away with after watching this video was at the very end when Jake seemed to think he was in the middle of the ocean without a life raft when the interviewer asked him about where Jake thought he was at this stage in his life. And Jake absolutely floundered for awhile. He had no answer for the interviewer. And it wasn't just a short pause. It was a looooooong-ass stumped moment with head rubbing and grimacing and just wow.

Granted, that is quite a big question to ask anyone. I myself wouldn't be able to give a totally detailed answer with a timeline, but I would be able to give some answers on what I've accomplished thus far and where I see myself (Lord willing) in a few years and what I don't plan on doing, etc. Jake was totally without a single answer and finally ended up giving one which was pretty scripted and safe.

The other thing about that question was when the interviewer first asked it, Jake moaned "Oh no," and the man was perplexed as to why Jake reacted the way that he did.

Quite an ending to what was otherwise a punched out card interview.

prairiegirl said...

And shoot, who says you have to give a mapped out, detailed answer? I could say 'Well, in 10 years, I would love to be doing blah blah blah. Or I hope I will be able to do such and such. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying I hope, I wish, I would love to be...Or in my case, I would have several "I wish I had known.." or "I sure wish I had..."
While there's nothing you can do about what's in the past, I always think it's a great possible learning lesson for those who haven't been at that point yet in their lives.

But to not be able to come up with anything is pretty darn interesting.

prairiegirl said...

See my boys on their jet skis? Don't they look so fantastic?! I have to share some pretty awesome stuff.

So Jensen Ackles is now officially living in Austin TX just less than 1/2 a mile down the street from Jared. And after filming all week together, guess where they were this past weekend, on this the 9 year anniversary of their show? They were hanging out and racing on their jet skis on the lake! LOLLL!!

There they were in all their glory, racing their jet skis and taking a picture together yesterday inside Jensen's house. Of course, you had one of the beard's needing to make an obligatory appearance and you had to put up with the presence of Cliff, the "bodyguard", who's really not a bodyguard but merely a chaperone so that the boys aren't left to their own devices.

It's been an incredible weekend. They've just been looking so doggone happy.

They are together and they aren't hiding it. It's just the most beautiful thing ever. I am so happy for them because they are so awesome together.

And it just makes me so sad that Jake and Austin are stuck in this horrible, backwards time warp. And J2 are finding some ways to loosen those leashes. They had to have bargained to get this freedom for Jensen to move to Austin so close to Jared's house. It's quite a feat.

Anyway, it's nice to know, I think, when something good happens for a closeted couple. It's at least a step in the best kind of direction.

prairiegirl said...

Maybe someday, huh?

Maybe someday, I don't know.


You know what I wonder about? What if 2015 is indeed going to be Jake's year? What if he wins awards like Twitter & FB are proclaiming he will. So let's say this is going to happen.

What in the heck is he going to say up on that podium?

Who is he going to thank? Send his love out to besides those who we know will be on the list?

Just wondering how he'd handle that.

Methodical Muser said...

But to not be able to come up with anything is pretty darn interesting.

Not only that, but a psychiatrist could base his entire career on that non-answer from Jake. Wow! That's like going to a job interview and not being able to tell the interviewer why you want the job. A very simple, personal question about where Jake sees himself in this stage of his life and he can't answer it? Not only that, but his nonverbal cues were extraordinarily uncomfortable to watch. I swear he squeezed his head like he wanted to cause himself pain, talk about a tell sign. He even looks over to get help from his people, no doubt. Man, oh man. The boy is a terrible liar. Which may be the only redeeming thing about Jake these days. He still may have a moral compass yet.

Methodical Muser said...

Moreover, Jake could not admit that he was in a good place in life. He spoke about his career a bit, but completely failed to answer the personal aspect to the question. Conversely, he didn't want to say he was not satisfied with where he found himself at 33 either. Interesting, that he didn't go for the obvious. We see in interviews that he wants a family. Thinks he found The One with ol' Alyssa, yet he mentions nothing about children or settling down. Why? Because he already is a domesticated creature with no ability to share that aspect of his life with the public. He's content, yet he isn't. Because the freedom to be who he really is still alludes him.

He could have also said that he was in a good place in life because he has no kids, can work for reduce salaries and still be selfish. After all, that's the kind of scripted crap we see in all these trumped up printed interviews about Jake.

Instead, he hems, haws, mumbles, uhms his way to the trite response about being grateful that he is still able to work. That there are so many people who are so talented, and that he can be among them.

prairiegirl said...

He could have also said that he was in a good place in life because he has no kids, can work for reduce salaries and still be selfish. After all, that's the kind of scripted crap we see in all these trumped up printed interviews about Jake.

Agree. Because he's gone around this time yet again, being quoted as saying he is without a family and therefore he is free to do as he pleases as far as filming is concerned. So if he has said this as frequently as you would be led to believe, those words should have come to his tongue quite readily.

It was very painful to watch.

prairiegirl said...

So this came up on Twitter yesterday:

Ian Pareja (@YungPareja)
9/13/14, 23:08

I swear I saw Jake Gyllenhaal

Where is that guy? Irvine CA. But where was he yesterday? Arcadia CA which is about 20 minutes from LA.

This guy was at 626 Night Market, a large outdoor vendor/food event.

prairiegirl said...

And so then today and yesterday, you had tweets placing Jake all kinds of places like Wisconsin, Salt Lake City and of course, NYC. No pics, of course.

Oh, and then the big one that made me realize Jake was not in NYC? The post today on Just Jared. It was a non-story about Jake and nightmares. Looked just like a profile blurb that Mgmnt probably at the ready in case of a tweet slip.

Methodical Muser said...

Also on Thursday, September 11th, Just Jared posted the following headline and article: Jake Gyllenhaal Trades Some Stocks for 9/11 Charity Day Event.

So once again, Jake made sure to attach himself to an event in NY to plant the idea that he's still there, before flying off to LA, undetected. And, here I thought he was a Manhattan Man. LOL!

Methodical Muser said...

Another interesting point is that Jake is supposed to start filming, Demolition, tomorrow in New York. Hmmm. Wonder what was so compelling in LA for him to fly 3,000 miles to be there over the weekend?

Cue up a tweet from Austin that places him in a canoe somewhere in Texas. ;-)