Friday, September 5, 2014

Canadian Goose

Grey Goose was excited to party with Jake at TIFF

Jake at a party with Grey Goose ....

Whoda' thunk?



Even Grey Goose knows it's Austin Friday


Special K said...

Some of the News from TIFF

Jake Gyllenhaal's Dramatic Weight Loss: My Mom Was Really Worried

Source: E!Online

Jake Gyllenhaal is getting high praise for his work in Nightcrawler.

But I think we can all agree it wasn't his best look.

Gyllenhaal was a vision of skin and bones after losing a startling 30 pounds for his starring role as an underground crime-scene videographer.

When I caught up with him at the movie's premiere last night at the Toronto International Film Festival, I had to ask if his mom became worried—no mother wants to see her handsome young son wither away like that.

"You're the first person to ask that question and I'd say my mother was worried," Gyllenhaal said. "I would say she just wanted me to be careful. But she also knew and knows how seriously I take what I do and she respects that.

"She knows that I'm a big boy and I could handle myself and that I would stay within the realm of being safe, but yes, she worried," he continued. "She'd be like, 'You're cranky—eat something.'"

Also at the premiere, which included a Grey Goose pre-party at Soho house, were Gyllenhall's co-stars Rene Russo and Riz Ahmed.

"It's incredible what he put his body through," said Russo, whose husband Dan Gilroy wrote and directed the movie. "I actually was worried."

Nightcrawler will be in theaters on Oct. 31.

Special K said...

This from Toronto Life

At the Grey Goose Soho House pre-party for the film Nightcrawler, on what felt like one of the hottest (or at any rate, the muggiest) days of the summer, the constant refrain from non-famous attendees was, “Is he here yet?” The “he,” of course, referred to the movie’s star, Jake Gyllenhaal. His costar Rene Russo arrived first, in a black dress with fringe, followed by Gyllenhaal himself, in a dark suit paired with beat-up boots. The shutter of the house photographer’s camera alerted the room to their arrival. Following a flurry of photos, Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed, who also has a part in the film, hung out beside the bar, while Russo opted for a fireplace perch. Because Nightcrawler’s premiere was happening after the party, all three skipped the cocktails that were on offer. (Nothing ruins a red-carpet walk like an accidental beverage stain.) Gyllenhaal and company were such a focal point of attention that few people noticed Captain America actor Chris Evans, in town to promote his directorial debut, Before We Go, sneak in at the last minute. We’re sure the Cap would agree: TIFF star sighting, like crime-fighting, requires eternal vigilance.

Special K said...

Here are some descriptions of Lou Bloom and Jake's performance on Reddit.



Saw it last night at TIFF. Amazing film. Jake really played this role well and his performance is what made the movie so great. It also gets into how the media can alter the news for ratings. Jake's performance of a misanthropic creep was fantastic.


I'm not really a drama or thriller guy, but for some reason I feel compelled to see this one in theaters. It gives off a bit of an American Psycho vibe for me.


It's not so much like American Psycho. His character is unlike anything I've seen and I don't think his acting was influenced by any previous psycho characters. He creates his own in depth character that really captivates you.


Right, I guess that's what I meant. A charismatic, unsettling person in a dark, creepy story.

Special K said...

Mr. Will Wong

Set somewhere on the darkest street corners of Los Angeles is Jake Gyllenhaal-produced and starring Thriller Nightcrawler, documenting a directionless yet ambitious man’s rise to the top of world of Crime Journalism. Operating in a Paparazzi/TMZ-like fashion, Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) stumbles upon his true calling in life by accident and once he forces his way in, he isn’t leaving at any expense. He strikes an exclusive deal with News Producer Nina (Rene Russo), barely staying afloat in terms of ratings and with her job in jeopardy and all-important Sweeps Season approaches. It’s a race to make it to the gruesome scene of the crime first to edge-out his competition even if this means consistently crossing moral boundaries, which could land him in serious trouble.

Gyllenhaal has been selective with his roles of late to mixed effect and he fits the role of seedy Lou, perfectly embodying him with a touch of creepy unease from his gaunt appearance and sunken cheekbones, to the tenor in his voice. Any recollection of the hunky, torso-bearing Prince of Persia quickly is forgotten actually. Director/Writer Dan Gilroy’s Story is completely unbelievable, but that at once winds-up being part of the charm as we are taken on a high-speed ride aboard a fleshy red Mustang to the underworld which you don’t realize until you’re clutching the arms of your chair in deep anticipation. Russo is full of fervor here opposite Gyllenhaal, while British Talent Riz Ahmend is perfect as the at times hilarious daft Sidekick, Frank.

Special K said...

Mention and photos on Just Jared

Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Handsome 'Nightcrawler' at TIFF

Jake Gyllenhaal is dashing in a suit while hitting the premiere of his latest film Nightcrawler during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival held at The Elgin on Friday (September 5) in Toronto, Canada.

The 33-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed, and director Dan Gilroy.

Earlier in the day, Jake and Rene made an appearance at Variety Studio to chat about the movie, which hits theaters on Friday, October 31.

In case you missed it, check out Jake looking really skinny in a trailer for

Florida Tom said...

Happy Belated Birthday Clarity :-)

Good reviews but not great as I read them.

oh no they didn't said...

Day 2 of TIFF

the real m said...

So happy to see Jake getting good reviews and for a film where he is the main draw, rather than Hugh Jackman. The plot sounds interesting - not the usual fare. Fingers crossed it does well in the box office. Hilarious that the party was hosted by Grey Goose. I bet that kept Jake smiling all night.