Saturday, September 6, 2014


Following Jake all these years, one of the best part of film festivals could be the press conferences, and what makes them so good are all the expressions shots they capture of the dimpled dude.

 I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

My hairstyles do I have names for  them? 
 Long  - there's "my little pony"
 Short - Right now this is the Gyllentickle.

 I guess you could go with cerulean to describe my eyes.  I would go with  azure.

 I have no idea what you are talking about, is that aboot?

 You, yeah you,  you want to bring that note you're trying to pass up here, mister.

 I might do my hands like The Donald, but I will not do the hair for Demolition

 Well it's like a plane it go

All good.  But what about a grin?  He gives those too.

Talk about turning  back TIFF time


Florida Tom said...

Cutest I have seen Jake look in awhile.

Special K said...

Review from The Boston Globe

There’s a big old star turn in “Nightcrawler,” too, but it’s hardly subtle. But, hey, at least Jake Gyllenhaal appears to be having fun, and when was the last time that happened? Some are already comparing his role as a sleazy/crazy Los Angeles news-video stringer to DeNiro in “Taxi Driver,” but that’s going the wrong direction. Lou Bloom is much closer to Rupert Pupkin in Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy” — a loser convinced of his own greatness. Gyllenhaal dropped weight for the role (because that’s what you do when you’re a serious actor), and he’s a gaunt, waxen sight when we first see him: a tick clinging to the nighttime underbelly of the city.

Because he’s delusional, Lou talks in upbeat passages of self-help babble he has apparently absorbed from TV and the Internet, but as his career as a freelance video Weegee providing local news channels with it-bleeds-it-leads footage takes off, his self-confidence ascends to nearly psychotic levels. Creepier still, people start buying into it. Gilroy, who also wrote the script, has clearly seen “Network” more than once, and Rene Russo as a cynical station news director is a distinct nod to Faye Dunaway in that 1976 classic. Gyllenhaal, for his part, might have had a look at “Being There” recently: Lou Bloom could be read as a fully activated Chauncy Gardener.

All right, I’m dropping too many old-movie references here, and “Nightcrawler” doesn’t quite hold the comparison. It’s a little too proud of its own daring, for one thing. And Gyllenhaal gives a big, juicy, eye-bugging performance that will either convince you of its creepazoid majesty or have you laughing up your sleeve. But, again, the guy’s having fun, and as my friend Sean Burns has pointed out, the last time that happened was “Bubble Boy.”

Both “The Drop” and the “Nightcrawler” screenings ended with Q&A sessions, always enjoyable for the spectacle of cast and crew wrestling with bizarre audience queries. Screenwriter Dennis Lehane was among those onstage for “Drop,” and I particularly prized his response to a lady who wanted to know what one character’s broken wristwatch “symbolized”: “It’s just a broken watch.” And over at “Nightcrawler,” Gyllenhaal cheerfully manned up when someone asked whether he was “really that weird.”

Folks, it’s called acting. “Nightcrawler” does it big and bold, which is more than all right. But if you want a performance that stays skulking around in your head for a while, Tom Hardy’s your man.

Special K said...

I agree Tom, Jake did look really good in the Q & A.

Special K said...

Jake laughing while signing autographs

2 days ago · Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres
Even in the pouring rain, #JakeGyllenhaal still went around to sign autographs! There was a guy next to me who kept "Boo"ing him, but Jake just laughed, looked at us and said, "I like that guy." He's the coolest lol! #Nightcrawler #TIFF14