Monday, September 22, 2014

Re-LAX 2

" Okay... making this easy.  ID. Out.  Shoes. Untied.  Jacket. Off. "
 Heading straight to security you can assume, Jake checked in and checked those bags at the curb.
 "Why do you have to go through this maze if there is no one in line?"

"Don't want to crush the kale chips."

" Shoes in the tray.  Phone and wallet in the dish.  My backpack's got nothing the latest Star magazine, a book about Mongolian throat singing and of course my Rescue Relief drops."

 "Hey lady, I'm moving as fast as the line is.  Seriously....." 

 "This isn't the one that sees through my clothes is it?  Don't sell it to TMZ"

 "I hope that banana looks like a banana in the x-ray"

" Oops! Ok, I took my belt off, but I've kept these thick chains on, that won't throw off the machine will it? "
Heading to the plane with a new backpack that looks inspired by the flag of a South American nation.

You'd think with Jake traveling so much he'd signed up for the prescreening programing. 


destiny said...

The whole time I was reading the post I wondered about prescreening. I flew so much last year that I got enrolled in it automatically.

I enjoyed your Spotlight on Storme, I know all about her, and in fact saw her a few times at lesbian bars back in the day when I popped into them on ocassion.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, boy I would think a celeb would be one of the first ones to apply for prescreening and especially as much as he flies. Sometimes you can stand in line for quite awhile waiting to go through security. I can't seen Jake wanting to stand in line.

As someone who goes around with IPod buds in his ears and nose stuck in a book, I don't buy at all that Jake is going to stand in those lines and provide people with ample opportunity to talk to him. Nope, nope.

That's a good point to bring up, Special and Destiny as well.

prairiegirl said...

I have a hot gif in case anyone wants to take a second to look. First, you have to be familiar that Jared is known for his big hugs. He's always hugging Jensen, but a lot of times it's something that he's known for and he usually just kind of drapes himself loosely over Jensen.

After his beard/wife came onstage at Dallas Con on Sunday, Jared made an embarrassing display of himself overselling their faux relationship and in the process, he said his wife was hot and Jensen wasn't. Well, that really wasn't too smart.
And right away, Jared said yes, Jensen was hot and he walked over and hugged Jensen from behind.

And if you ask me, this hug involved a bit more contact than previous ones.

Hotter than Lava

I mean, that is only a hug, but that thing is hot. The way Jared's thumb catches inside of Jensen's open shirt and pulls it open......damn.

prairiegirl said...

gels ❁ ‏@DearrGeli 1h

Soooo I'm ready to have jake Gyllenhaal's babies. 😊
7:08 PM - 23 Sep 2014 · Details

Sorry, a surrogate already beat you to it.

Just because I'm feeling a little snarky. **wink**

Methodical Muser said...

I see one closet case is helping another. How quaint.

Adam Levine’s Instagram post today

Methodical Muser said...

Jared also closes his eyes, and Jensen doesn't move an inch. Don't try to read anything into it, PG. They are just two manly, heterosexual bros having a moment. *grin*

prairiegirl said...

I might point out to Tom and Seaweed, that link of M & M's contains a good shot of Austy in swimming board shorts.

#Shirtless!Austin #SideNipple

Seaweed said...

Thanks M 'n M, that was a very nice vid of Austy! Just more proof of the Levine connection. PG, the J&J pics are always showin the love.