Saturday, September 20, 2014

Austin Catch-up

In case you didn't get a chance to listen to Austin's podcast here are a few things you might have missed:

Austin said when he was playing Julian it was all Austin, he was more himself, then any other role he's played.

From the conversation, was far from his favorite project he's done.

David Milch encouraged him to write, so he would write scenes for John, and seal them in envelops and give them to Milch.

He has a writing partner, Ivan Shaw.

The two are writing a screenplay about a dark side of a 1980's game show host.
Austin's got the hair, and the corduroy suit, just grow out the 'stache.

Earlier in the week Austin tweeted about another new project:

My next film. You guys will like this. NOSTRADAMUS. Here are two possible posters. Which do you prefer? - AUS10

 Thomas Ikimi wrote and directed this new film. NOSTRADAMUS. It is a great movie with a killer twist. Can't wait for you to see it. - AUS10

Not much known about the movie yet.  A few things,  the short was written and directed by Thomas Ikimi.  Ikimi was wrote, directed and edited the TV mini-series available for pick up earlier this year, The Temp that starred Austin.  Agent of Shield co-star Chloe is in Nostradamus. (It will be interesting to see if pictures from early this summer were actually from the project )


Special K said...

Love Jake's place - great mix of midcentury with a bungalow feel. The kitchen is amazing, and made for a true cook. 6 burner gas Viking with double ovens, top of the line fridge. I like that he doesn't have upper cabinets but just sparse shelving. Uppers would have closed everything in and made the space look smaller. Without them it gives is airy open feel with great light.

destiny said...

I agree, a very nice house. I know they stage these things to look just so, but it sure doesn't look like a lived in house, though.

Stager in the pink mustang said...

What makes a house looked lived in? Genuinely curious.

Just Curious said...

I thought Austin was supposed to have said something about Jake in his Podcast. Did he?

Special K said...

Yes Austin did. When they asked about actors he's worked with and their generosity as actors, Jake's name was the first one that popped out of his mouth, without any hesitation.

prairiegirl said...

Genuinely curious.

You are not.
We know who you are.
You're not fooling anyone.

I'm sorry, but the pool area looks abandoned. And let 's make one more very important point:

What makes a house looked lived in?

If Jake has been truly living in NYC since 2012? Then he hasn't been living in this house.

Methodical Muser said...

Where's the pool sweep? With all that shrubbery you would need one.

Special K said...

This is not the only property Jake owns in LA. He owned land in Malibu, and there are comments about him and Austin seen in the backyard of a place in Malibu as well.

In the early days of OMG, we were sent a private message with the address of this house from someone who's uncle was a neighbor of Jake's. We never disclosed it because it was never publicly identified as Jake's home and we respected that privacy. OMG did have the information about the variances as well from around the time they happened.

Methodical Muser said...

And, where's that big garden Jake said he had in his backyard? Remember all those tomato plants that helped to teach Ramona how to count. *rolling my eyes*

That's right, Special. I do remember the Malibu place. Rumors started circulating about that property right after Jake started his fauxmance with Reesey.

Just Curious said...

Special K, thank you for answering my question regarding what Austin said about Jake. The podcast was rather long. I am more of a Jake fan than Austin fan but I would have listened to the whole thing if it was Jake. However, I am definitely a fan of the two of them together.

I read your blog everyday but have only posted a couple of times. Before, I used the name "Mistaken Identity". That's when I posted about the actor working on a Harrison Ford film in Canada that was mistaken for Jake.

prairiegirl said...

This is not the only property Jake owns in LA. He owned land in Malibu, and there are comments about him and Austin seen in the backyard of a place in Malibu as well.

Oh, I know. But the thing is, when you look at Jake's Twitter search, what you see is the constant repetition of Jake selling his house in L.A., thus likely trying to sever his ties to L.A.

Although his truly apparently has been in L.A. for who knows how long.

prairiegirl said...

Welcome, Mistaken Identity/Just Curious. Nice to have repeat visitors!

Well, today was Dallas Con day and so I've been swallowed up and obsessed. Very interesting stuff today.

Oh, but in case you didn't know, check out who has 30 pictures on IHJ of his LAX departure today. LOL.

But when did he arrive, THAT'S the big question

This is funny.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake sure looks short in those staged LAX photos. :-)

prairiegirl said...

Where are the arrival pictures, that's what I want to know.

Always funny when we get overload like this. Then there are other times when these guys come and go from airport to airport with no such fanfare.

Ah well.

Oh, before it's nite-nite time. I had some incredible fish tacos this weekend that my brother made for us. He grilled some tilapia and then we had cole slaw with homemade mayo, mango, avocado, and tomato to add to the fish in a tortilla. These things were just incredible.