Friday, September 26, 2014

Connect Four

A couple of Austin's recent tweets

Check out my friend excellent film about selfie culture with Kirsten Dunst ASPIRATIONAL. - AUS10

ASPIRATIONAL. By . Starring Kirsten Dunst. - AUS10
 reminds OMG of all the ways things connect 

And it makes you wonder not just how all these thing connected, but  when they all connected.

Matthew and Jake
Jake and  Kirsten
Kirsten and Austin 

Austin and Matthew
Matthew and Kristen
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Jake and Austin

Funny how that all works.

Kind of like all this:


Florida Tom said...

Oh my that right nipple :))))))

Seaweed said...

Tend to agree with you Tom !

Love me any Austin nipple. But as Special points out, and is so very obvious to us after all this time.... this isn't a case of six degrees of separation.... it's just one link and connection after another. The repetition in the things we see and the frequency of these friends overlapping.

Hope everyone is well.

london tb said...

Only connect :)

Sox Fan said...

Special, are you getting a little teary-eyed over Boston's tribute to Derek Jeter? I know I am. :')