Thursday, September 25, 2014


The same day on a release of a new poster for Nightcrawler,

 the movie closed out the Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX today

Which also was the same day this guy was seen Texas proud and in an airport.
Fantastic too.

Also fantastic are the reviews for Jake's performance in  Nightcrawler, and for the creepy film noir movie.

The film was voted by the critics as one of the best of TIFF, as well as Jake's performance.

Great reviews from critics are  putting it and Jake in the 4 start/ A- category and Nightcrawler has a very  respectable  82% on Rotten Tomatoes from all critics and  67% from top critics.

Here is an interview with Indie Wire with Jake talking about the movie , writer/director Dan Gilroy, and his character Lou Bloom, and "staring into the eyes of the coyote." (remember that is the spirit animal inspiration du jour)

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Florida Tom said...

The pictures of Jake from yesterdays post are really good. It has been forever since I thought Jake was dressing like he had some class. Wonder if he thinks it could possibly get him noticed and some Oscar votes.