Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jiffy PoP

The first few kernels pop, then is starts to swell getting bigger and bigger and soon it will mushroom into a full blown explosion of PoP.

Jake will be west coast bound after filming wraps for this week, heading to WonderCon in San Francisco. Jake is joining Bruck, Mike Newell and Jordan Mechner on Saturday for a panel discussion about PoP and for an exclusive sneak peak of the movie.

What's WonderCon? I'ts an annual comic book, science fiction, and motion picture convention in Bay Area since 1987.

And it might not be just the movie or the game that might gets the attention at WonderCon but the graphic novel as well with the WonderCon crowd.

While we've seen Todd McFarland's name pop up and the action figures, his also the name most seen with the PoP graphic novel, he's not alone. There's a whole list of some heavy hitting artists in the graphic novel universe that are interpreting the Prince and the story including Tom Fowler, David Lopez, Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, Cameron Stewart, Nico Henrichon, Pete Pantazis and Dave Stewart.

We've talked about the sights but what about the sound?

Now what's a movie without a score and theme music. While OMG's Prince on Prince was passed over they did go with something maybe as good. Maybe.

Some of the songs include The Prince of Persia, Tamina Unveiled, The King and His Sons, No Ordinary Dagger, The Sands of Time, and Destiny. But it's the Ostrich Race theme makes me wonder what that sounds like, and if the son Journey Through the Desert sounds like the theme to Lawrence of Arabia. And with the Sands of Time sound like "likes sand in an hour glass, these are the Days of our Lives", and what kind of song could it be with a title "So, You're Going to Help Me?" I say polka but I might be wrong. : )

One thing if for sure is who is singing the theme song for Prince of Persia. Mike Newell had hinted about a female singer to sing the theme song, but no one was sure he was talking about. We know it is Alanis Morisette, while you might thing she would remake Jagged Little Pill into Jagged Big Dagger, you'd be wrong, she is singing the title song I Remain.

Now if you want to put on you Tamina or Dastan outfit, grab your toy dagger, get the Legos, and grab a truckload of sand to make your own PoP epic, you can buy the sound track on You're on your own to find your own ostriches. Just don't ask Jake.

From the Comingsoon video we find out the three things Jake feared the most making PoP, ostriches, the accent and swordfighting.

He is more confident about his accent, sounds like he held his own with swords, but the ostriches...

Which is surprising since he handles a goose and a wild turkey so well.

Wonder if he is going to ditch the ostriches out of his Lego sets.

Check out the rest of Jake's interview here:


PoP said...

Posted on WDW

Lending their musical talents to Disney films has scored hits and awards for artists like Randy Newman, Elton John, Christina Aguilara and Sting. Now Alanis Morissette has teamed with the entertainment giant, writing 'I Remain' for the upcoming film 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.'

The movie, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley and Gemma Arterton, was a natural vehicle for Morissette, who penned the song about Arterton's princess character. "It's an honor to write from the voice of an empowered princess about a love that empowers them both to new heights, healing and consciousness," Morissette said in a statement. "The song wrote itself and this story was the ultimate muse."

'I Remain' -- co-written with Mike Elizondo, who worked with Morissette on 'Wunderkind,' her track from 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian' -- brings a Middle Eastern flavor and a soft backbeat to a dark and enigmatic flavor. Though written directly for the film, the song is vintage Morissette. Check out the premiere of 'I Remain' below.

Alanis Morissette, 'I Remain' -- Song Premiere

wft2 said...

Family Guy - Maggie and Jake (video)

towleroad said...

Did Ricky Martin's Boyfriend threaten to out him?

Special K said...

Man by the time I got home from FedEx delivery wait duty and using a network that actually works,(aka brother's house) the alert from google about Alanis song on Spinner hit my box. Thanks PoP, for putting the comment up from WDW.

Long day hopefully all the stuff from Comcast is going to work now.

One question - is anyone using Explorer having problems getting the blog today?

Jersey Tom said...

Everyone has masde some excellent points in the recent dicussion.

Destiny I like ur point that the music world has changed because of the courage of the musicans who dared to come out.

PG I would take those damn Legos back and demand a Jack twist action figure:-)

Give em hell Seaweed.

We know how HW reacted to pressure on one certain gay issue. BBM losing the Oscar for best picture was the biggest disgrace ever. I hope they will forever be ashamed.

destiny said...

I haven't been able to get the music to play the past couple of days.

geek said...

Kevin Smith's going to be at WonderCon. He and Jake can trade stories about Reese. Greasey Reese

Kevin and Jake said...


m said...

I'm pretty sure this was the first time Ted referred to Grey Goose as the "hubby", though he has referred to a legal arrangement between them in the past.

I've been thinking about Ted's words a lot this week. I think he is just plain cutting Jake/Toothy some slack since Jake has a huge film coming out. Enormous pressure is on him already as he needs to prove he can actually open a film. Ted has heard negative word of mouth re POP in HW as it is, plus it is opening versus Sex and the City. Ted dumped on Jake/Toothy pretty heavily earlier this year. So, kid gloves for a few weeks. Then after POP proves itself, one way or another, Ted can go back to normal.

Congrats to OMG for scoring yet another Toothy letter reply!

Jersey Tom said...

Congrats Destiny. I am dissappointed he didnt answer the second part of your letter. He might not know the answer to that but it would seem odd since he sure seems to know a lot else.

prairiegirl said...

I didn't buy the Prince of Persia Legos, though, Tom. My niece didn't ask for those. She is into the Lego City ones right now. I bought her the camper. But the PoP ones sure were cute. And Jake is splattered across the top of each one. Now he's on the soundtrack.

Better get ready, because he's going to be everywhere, lol.

Phil on Modern Family was hilarious tonight! I don't know which character I like better: Cameron, Ed O'Neill as Jay, or Phil. Phil kills me.

I'm afraid I was not too wild about that song by alanis morrissette. And I like her, too. But I didn't care for that song - a little too slow for me. Oh well!

One more day of work and then we get Friday off. I'm so glad.

I had problems with blogger yesterday but today has been fine. Go figure.

Jersey Tom said...

Shopping is not my favorite thing PG so I wont be at the mall or stores too much. THANK GOD!!!!!!:-)

destiny said...

I actually kind of like the PoP song; usually I really hate the songs Disney uses in its movies.

If Ricky's boyfriend really was behind Ricky coming out, good for him for standing up and saying he wasn't going to live that way anymore.

Special K said...

Think I have the player problem fixed.

Just watching Jake's interview again noticed that during part of the interview he plays with his ring, twisting it around his finger. The interview does remind me of Austin's interview on Tony Danza, some of body language, the way he fiddle with his ring, and how he sat during the interview.

m said...

Jake is so relaxed in those POP interviews, the thought that stuck me while watching is that he was well f---ed before he did them. I bet they took place during a time period when the boys were able to be together.

Ride said...

Sorry if this has already been answered but since there's POP Legos has anything ever been said about any POP attractions at LegoLand Theme Parks?

m said...

Uh,oh. I just happened to switch channels to the Ultimate Trailer show and up popped POP in the next minute. R Wolanski ripped POP a new one. He called Jake's British accent worse than his when he is really really drunk, the director's direction in life directionless and the film big and gigantically stupid looking. I'm not sure if Wolanski is making his assessment based on the trailer or if he has actually seen the film. He is generally a pretty astute film critic, but this particular show is devoted to trailers.

Ricky said...

Posted on WFT2:

"the emotional, professional and political parallels between Ricky and Jake are so obvious."

To make it even more similar to Jake, I went back and did some research about Ricky’s past bearding photo ops. Ricky bearded for years with the TV presenter Rebecca de Alba. Here are their photo ops.

The candid ones are similar to Reeke pics, and the red carpet ones are similar to the Austin and Sophia bearding pics.

Keep these pics in mind next time you see Jake and/or Austin in a bearding photo op (hopefully never again!) that make you think they'll never come out. There is always hope! ;)

Ricky bearding paparazzi pics

Ricky bearding red carpet

bearding said...

The candid ones are similar to Reeke pics

Not really - Rebecca and Ricky look like good friends having fun together.

really bearding said...

^^ what the entwined hands and smooching pics?? they were obviously intended to give the distinct impression of bf and gf>
hell maybe SHE thought they were

really bearding said...

i meant ricky and rebecca above

DL gossip said...

I posted on DL several times quite a few years ago that it was common knowledge in the circles around Ricky that he was gay. My cousin is a close friend of one of Ricky's closest friends, and it was well known that the girlfriend was for public use only, although she was a close friend. He kept a condo for his then boyfriend in San Juan. This was in the late 90s/early 2000s. I haven't seen or spoken to my cousin in a few years, so I don't have any recent news regarding Ricky, and what I wrote above only came up in passing not as part of a conversation regarding Ricky.

Queerty said...

SHOCK: Ricky Martin Claims He Never Came Out

destiny said...

Lame and not funny. Soimetimes I really hate April 1.