Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair Raising

With only three shows left this can’t be passed over.
It's staring everyone in the face.

So what the heck is it? Bangs (Fringe for your UK’ers)? A Comb Forward? Pieces, as the weave wearing ladies might say? What?

So before this hairstyle gets shelved into the hair “don’t know what it is” Hall of Fame, OMG is going to give it’s top ten suggestions to spur on a creative naming convention. Something this funky has got to be named.

Top Ten List of Names for that thing on the front of Austin’s head.

10. Bang(er)s & Mashed

9. The Val Lance

8. Moses (ie Parting of the Red Sea)

7. The furry Octopus

6. Matt(ed) Downs

5. Lickety Split

4. Downtown Trump Tracks

3. Hook’em Head Hanging Horns

2. Fringelico

And #1

Julian Baker and the Bi-Fold Bangs.

Give it your best shot.


prairiegirl said...

Personally, I think Austin's bangs look like the Flying Nun's hat/veil were it to be inverted or rendered inside out.

Variety said...

Jake Gyllenhaal in talks for 'Enemy'
Denis Villeneuve on board to direct indie based on novel
By Justin Kroll
Before directing Hugh Jackman in "Prisoners," Denis Villeneuve will helm the indie "An Enemy" with Jake Gyllenhaal in negotiations to star.
Javier Gullón is penning the adaptation based on the novel "The Double" by Jose Saramago.

The story revolves around a dysfunctional history teacher who accidentally discovers his exact double on a rented DVD, seeks him out and ends up turning both of their lives upside down.

Niv Fichman of Rhombus Media will produce along with Miguel Angel Faura of Roxbury Pictures, in association with Mecanismo Films in Madrid.

Alliance Films will distribute in Canada and Pathé in the U.K. and France. Pathé will also handle international sales.

Villeneuve will likely shoot "Enemy" before "Prisoners" as Jackman is now busy filming Universal's "Les Miserables."

Gyllenhaal would play two roles in the film, described by sources as "dark and edgy."

Gyllenhaal just finished production on the gritty cop drama "End of Watch." He'd also been considering the revenge thriller "Motor City" but a deal could not be worked out and he had to pass.

The WME-repped Gyllenhaal was most recently seen in Summit's "Source Code." Open Road bows "End of Watch" on Sept. 28.

Villeneuve is repped by CAA and Claude Girard.

Contact Justin Kroll at

Methodical Muser said...

Looks like Jake gets to star opposite Himself. Hope there are no personality clashes. ;-)

Film Location: Toronto

" Enemy is an intimate film. It's a trip and film directing. And a break with the violence of my previous films. I needed to address other topics. It's a small film. A personal project that I developed in parallel, then I received the proposals of scenarios of the United States. Paradoxically, this one will be first, "said Villeneuve daily.

Enemy – A Co-production between Canada and Spain

The book, published in 2002, tells the story of a teacher of 38 years, divorced and lonely, who becomes obsessed with his perfect double spotted by chance in a film.

destiny said...

Bi Fold Bangs and Flying Nun, LOL.

Enemy ounds like an interesting project.

Special K said...

Looks like Jake is returning to his indie roots.

Interesting choice, another small film, but introspective and seems like it's far from the romantic leading man kind of role.

Special K said...

Austin's bangs are slight Alfa-esque too. If he only had Jake's cowlick, he's be all set.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Hey old friend! Love that Blind Vice about that beef-cakey, super-talented Mr. Stealth Stud-Poof. It is time for him to make a comeback. Wonder if the BF is the same legendary BF in the old Vice or a different one. He must have been really hot and loving either way…to deserve such affection! Reminds me of Toothy Tile and Grey Goose!

Dear Lover's Leap:
Now, that would really be something if it was the same man, huh? Like, totally extraordinary, ‘cause who actually stays together these days? Apparently, the gays do, including Stealth and his man.

Just Passing By said...

Finally!!!! Jake seems to be picking a film project that I'm actually interested in seeing!! It's sounds similar to Being John Malkovich and I love that movie. It does sound like Jake is trying to go back to his more indie, off-beat roots. Which is great. Most of his best screen performances was in the small films he made at the start of his career before he decided to go all "Hollywood."

prairiegirl said...

First night of DWTS!!! I'm pretty excited about this season for once. Jaleel White (Steve Urkel), Gladys Knight, Michelle Gilbert (Half Pint), Martina Navratilova and wow, some guy who can really, really move his hips. I don't know who that guy was but he is a fantastic dancer.

Jersey Tom said...

I like the bangs. I like the brown eyes. I like the nose. I like the lips. So kissable. I like the warm brown eyes. I even like those silly ears :-)

Special K said...

So are you saying you like Austin, Tom? :D

OwlGirl said...

Huge Saramago fan here. I didn't care for the film adaptation of Blindness but this could be good, and very good for Jake. This could be an Oscar contending role. Two of my brother's favorite things - Jake Gyllenhaal and Jose Saramago. I hope it happens! I wonder why they wouldn't just call the movie "The Double" though.

Special K said...

Looks like Ted is saying Jake and Austin are still together in answering that question about Mr. Stealth Stud-Poof.

Seaweed said...

Austin's doo in these last episodes of OTH put me in mind of the Earp cut he had in Deadwood. I went looking for the picture I had in my head, one of him asleep and sucking his thumb, if my memory serves me right. Was unable to find it so far.

Austin is a unique study in many ways... I could look at the man all day!!!

prairiegirl said...

I bet Special has that picture, Seaweed.....


Methodical Muser said...

Here you go, Seaweed!

Austin Nichols as Morgan Earp, Thumbsucker

the real m said...

Love the bangers and mashed. Cute.

The music played for only 28 seconds? Not sure if that was a problem at my end or not.

The new film sounds interesting. But until its a signed deal, I'm not going to make any comments,

Page Six said...

Jake Gyllenhaal has been getting rave reviews for his latest role . . . in a music video. The actor, who appeared on the big screen last in “Source Code,” directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones, plays a serial killer in a video for “Time to Dance” by French band the Shoes. The clip — in which Gyllenhaal attacks hard-partying hipsters while wearing a fencing uniform — seems inspired by “American Psycho” protagonist Patrick Bateman. That character’s creator, Bret Easton Ellis, has given Gyllenhaal props for the role, tweeting, “Stunned by how scary/funny/catchy this is. Jake G is awesome.” Ellis has also been tweeting ideas this month for an “American Pyscho” sequel set in LA. Yesterday it emerged that Gyllenhaal is in talks to star in “An Enemy,” about a history teacher who discovers his double on a rented DVD and seeks him out. According to Variety, Gyllenhaal will play two roles in the film, described as “dark and edgy.”

photo said...

BGarcia ‏ @berikgee

· "@jannyyylee: My sister had brunch in NYC and happened to be sitting two tables down from Jake Gyllenhaal #sojealous"

Jersey Tom said...

Special K said...
So are you saying you like Austin, Tom? :D

I think Austin is adoreable. I love em tall and lanky:-)

Twitter said...

BGarcia ‏ @berikgee

"@jannyyylee: My sister had brunch in NYC and happened to be sitting two tables down from Jake Gyllenhaal #sojealous"

7:47 AM - 20 Mar 12 via Twitter for Android ·

Seaweed said...

Thanks M&M...

Thumbsucker indeed! That picture was even better than I recalled, move over Tom, there's enuf for both of us isn't there?


prairiegirl said...

Somebody hose 'em down!!!!!

Either that or crank the AC on.