Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pop Quiz

It that like Austin with a burrito?Anyone, Anyone?

8 down and 5 to go. The Crazy Tree Countdown continues.

One Tree Hill’s finale, set for April 4, will be part of what is being described as “a two-hour event”, which will also include some visits from special guests and a look back at the OTH’s most memorable moments.

And tonight on the Tree?
"Every Breath is a Bomb"

Or it could be called Father's Day. Because there are a lot of Daddies in this one. BrookeDavis(TM) and Julian take new measures to protect their family from Xavier. (More Protective Pop Julian). Haley turns to BadDadDan and the Scott & Baker sleuthsters to help find lost dad Nathan. Bartender Chase faces consequences for defending Chuck against his abusive dad. FeatsofClay remembers that he has a son who is cutie Logan. (Did Clay & his dead Sara actual name him after Wolverine?)


Seaweed said...

PG... I'm not trying to change you and I have always appreciated your direct and immediate reactions as part of who you are.

Only intended my comments to be an elbow.. in much the same way you came back and followed up your comment on responding in the moment.

Will always look forward to chatting with you, and sharing our views on all the crazyness that is life, OMG, Jake & Austin, Kansas, Canada, etc, etc, etc.

Hope you and the others are all having a great day. The sun is screeching over the snow here today, it's not warm but I'm damn near snow-blind from all the light.


Special K said...

The warmth is coming our way Seaweed. Next couple days it should be in the 60'z here in New England. Maybe it will get some of that warmth to go with all that Sun.

Special K said...

I saw this sign about the bird and a french fry and it just made me think of Austin and his love of taco trucks.

Here in NE the clam shacks will be opening back up by then end of the month, and there's nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying lunch in the Spring Sun. Although you have to play defense sometimes, you can get dive bombed by some crazy seagulls trying to steal your stuff.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake Gyllenhaal in Talks for Motor City

With Dominic Cooper falling out due to scheduling conflicts, Warner Bros. and Dark Castle have worked fast to find a new leading man for "Motor City." Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to star.
Amber Heard and Gary Oldman are already on board to also star with Albert Hughes set to helm.

Story follows a felon who, after being released from prison, begins tracking down the men who framed him. Chad St. John penned the script with Silver producing through his Silver Pictures shingle, along with Silver Pictures president Andrew Rona.

Since joining WME as a client, Gyllenhaal has taken his time in finding his next project.

The thesp was last seen in Summit's "Source Code" and can be seen next in "End of Watch" which Open Road just picked up to distribute.

Methodical Muser said...

Looks like Jake is into gimmicks these days. Apparently, Motor City's original claim to fame is that there is only one line of dialogue. Not sure if this is still the main contrivance of the plot, which actually seems pretty formulaic. At least, Jake will get to work with Gary Oldman.

Methodical Muser said...

Here's a excerpt from February 1, 2012 when Gary Oldman was signed to be in the film, and Cooper was still set to star. The overview is from the website, We Got This Covered.

"Now here’s an exciting project. Gary Oldman and Dominic Cooper starring in an Albert Hughes film, how good does that sound? Heat Vision is reporting that the critically acclaimed actor has joined Motor City and will be taking on the role of the villain, which isn’t too shocking.

The film, which will be “a revenge tale of a low-level criminal (one who reportedly only has a single line in the script), who is framed and sent down, only to seek revenge years later to save his one-time love,” will see Oldman playing a crime boss.

Meh said...

Have to say I'm not looking forward to what sounds like a heap of manure. I suppose because The Artist won so many Oscars, Hollywood is going for the "no dialogue" approach. Probably saves money and you don't have to put up with temperamental actors trying to rewrite the script. Jake is getting so lazy he doesn't even want to have to memorize lines.

And, the lead character is going to seek revenge for "his one-time love?" I can only imagine the buxom blond they will cast for that role.

Hey, wasn't Austin looking for work with the WB not too long ago? Maybe he can play Jake's beloved. I might even go see a daring film like that one. Otherwise, at least for now anyway, I vote, "Who cares?"

Buxom blonde said...

If you read carefully the blonde in the movie will be Amber Heard. No need to get the knives out, she's a lesbian.

Meh said...

Amber Heard? Isn't she Austin's friend from The Informers?

There's no knives, I'm just sick of Jake taking parts that are uninteresting and cliche (Rendition, Prince of Persia, Love and Other Drugs), or have been done a thousand times before.

Methodical Muser said...

Interesting that Motor City is set to film on location in Berlin in late Spring, according to Jake and his family really are running away from the world, aren't they?

Special K said...

Interesting choice of a movie for Jake.

Oldman! What a great actor to work with,but I wonder how they will get along technique wise. Oldman was trained with quite a bit of discipline to his acting, where there is not much fussing about, and finding motivation. He can turn it on and off at action and cut.

A former roommate of mine interned at The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T) when Oldman came for a stint. Wade said he would sneak and stand backstage just to watch Oldman rehearse.

Special K said...

And yes Amber was in The Informers and in Martin's (Austin's) bed.

Doubt Jake will do the devil's threesome like Austin did with her and Jon Foster. (Hmmm, one of Sophia's old bfs)

It's a small small world.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I think there are 4 types of closet actors in Hollywood: The one who will come out when he feels like it, the one who comes out when his career is over/established, the one who will take it to his grave and the one who will get outed by others. Could you add 4 B.V. names to those categories for me?

Dear Fab Fouresome:
Respectively:Toothy Tile(hopefully...he's wanted to in the past but was always talked out of it). Crotch Uh-Lastic. Topher Hairy-Tuchus. And Parrish Maguire. Has your Vicey thirst been quenched, B?

Running away from himself said...

Jake Gyllenhaal - Post-Brokeback Mountain Roles:

2005 U.S. Marine (Jarhead)
2007 CIA Analyst (Rendition)
2009 Ex-Con (Brothers)
2010 U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot (Source Code)
2011 L.A. Cop (End of Watch)
2013 Ex Army Ranger/Ex-Con (Motor City)
(In-between Jake played a buffed and brawny swashbuckling hero, an immoral politician who takes advantage of a sex crazed female lobbyist, and a sex crazed Viagra salesman .)

Overcompensation much? Pathetic.

Special K said...

You know Jake does have such an expressive face and those eyes, he could pull off a movie where he only has one line.

And while some think it would be the easy way to do a movie, I think it might even be harder than Jake realizes.

Every move, gesture, flicker of his eye will have to tell the story. Talk about a level of awareness.

Austin will be a great person to bounce things like that off of about what he wants to do.

Why? Look what Austin did with John in the beginning of JFC, so many small non verbal things that built upon the blank slate John started out as, layers and layers.

Just the way he would stick out his hand like a child for someone to take, the way he would tilt his head, mimicking those around him - Austin thought through all those little things, that's why character was so good.

sass said...

I can't keep up here or anyplace really, but thank you Special K for articulating what I feel about Jake's non verbal acting abilities.

Hell, if Jake had gotten a role in any other blockbuster, e.g. Heath in TDK, no such conversations or posts about him doing certain roles to hid his sexuality would exist. Actors act if and when they get work...period.

Jake and Matt Damon both turned down Avatar; big mistake for Jake, not so much for Matt D who has had a great franchise. Matt may be sorry he turned it down, soon if he keeps making low box office performing movies.

Sam Worthington, however, is getting lots of "B" work waiting for the next chapter of Avatar to begin filming.

I'm happy he will be in a movie and perhaps make money and enjoy Germany.

I fully expect Jake to do a Gwyneth P. and move there in a few years.
His audience is In Europe for most of his movies and he is More appreciated there by the general population.

Sorry for yammering here, but I am up way past my bedtime and it shows. Forgive any and all rants. I can't help it...I love both these men.

sass said...

I still feel sorry that JFC was canceled. You loved it too, as did my boy! Our family, greatly respects Austin's acting ability, and I love having this site, over the years to come and yak about him, and more recently, both of them.

My two cents said...

He'll probably move to Europe to hide his family. Not because that's where his audience is. Just sayin'.

sass said...

My 2cents worth, check Jake's foreign box office, which for many of his films, far exceeds his domestic BO, use a nom de plume, then post what you will.

None of us knows Jake personally; I prefer to make statements, for now, based on what I assume might be a amart career move. If such a move accomodates him personally, then good for him.

destiny said...

Love Gary Oldman and Amber Heard, but not so sure about the premise of the movie. But it wold be good to see Jake finally working again

Rudolpho said...

This is good news, it could be an interesting film.

As you said Special:

You know Jake does have such an expressive face and those eyes, he could pull off a movie where he only has one line.

I was thinking the same thing. I remember reading something, Steven Spielberg I think, described Jake's eyes as like 'Valentino in a silent film'. :) I loved The Artist btw.

tweet said...

Chessa O'Grady ‏ @Cogrady


Today I spoke to Eric Asimov, Rosanna Scotto, Phillip Glass, & Jake Gyllenhaal ('s assistant). Not a shabby Wednesday.
9:27 PM - 7 Mar 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

prairiegirl said...

Agree totally with you two cents.

Jake & Austin are hiding out in NYC with their kids and from there, Jake will probably take the brood off to Germany where he can hide them from all eyes. Who knows what Austin will do.

The handwriting is on the wall. These two guys are going to stay in the closet and they're taking their kids along with them. As long as Jake is taking roles, neither one is coming out. I'm sorry but people just need to be prepared.

prairiegirl said...
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What? said...

As long as Jake is taking roles? Isn't that his job? You know he is an actor, right?

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

I think it would be more effective if I just simply said goodnight to everyone. I'm always available by phone or email.

the real m said...

Well, the blurb says he is in talks, so I am not going to get too excited since jakes talks have faded away many times before. The film plot sounds so vin ordinaire - done a million times already. But the no dialogue is a different spin. Jake barely spoke for the first half of Moonlight Mile so hes been there before and did OK. I am disapppointed that he was not first choice. It does not look good that he is stepping in for an actor that is not A list. Some of the comments on deadline hollywood were not kind, including one that said his destiny is TV but he is just not ready to accept it. I dont understand the comment myself. There are some great actors doing TV. William Macy. Dustin Hoffman. Clare Danes. Thinking that TV is 2nd rate is old hollywood thinking.

D.D said...

That person on deadline do the same comment on Jake his ego and his career in TV, practically every time that Jake's face appears.

PS not even Harrison Ford was the first choice for Indiana Jones , so maybe it is a good thing:)

Jersey Tom said...

No way Jake is moving to Berlin or anywhere else besides LA, NYC, or maybe San Fran.

Huh!? said...

No way Jake is moving to Berlin or anywhere else besides LA, NYC, or maybe San Fran.

Why not?

the shoes facebook said...

First image of The Shoes video. The video will be online Monday.


Special K said...

Thanks The Shoes

Very cool pic. And love how Jake is surrounded by birds. Who said their spirit animal was a seagull? ;)

A big tall Texan that's who.

lololokay said...

Who said their spirit animal was a seagull? ;)

A big tall Texan that's who.

So how did that work then? Jake asked the director of the video to include a scene of him surrounded by seagulls in flight because that's his partner's "spirit bird"? lol

Of Course! said...

Makes sense, right?

Special K said...

Well look at Vampire Weekend's video. Coincidence that Jake was drinking a bottle bourbon?


These guys find was to leave a tie to the other in all kinds of projects.

Always have.

lololokay said...

See this is why people mock you and this blog - you come up with the most outlandish statements. So what you're saying is that Jake DID request the directors of two videos to include secret messages to Austin? You're going there?

Special K said...

Well it's not like Austin hasn't done the same thing.

But of course you will never admit that either.

And you don't think if you had Jake Gyllenhaal doing your video, you wouldn't want to do something he asked?