Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Man'd up

What a difference a season makes, last season you saw Julian like this:

and this season?

There's been

FightingShooting stuff upBusting windowsHanging out with criminal elementswhat's left?

Wild Ride in a "borrowed" cop car
Tonight he gets to do just that

Tonight on the Crazy Tree

Danny Boy
BadDad Dan risks his life while searching for Nathan. Elsewhere, BrookeDavis'(TM) Pops makes an unexpected return; and FeatsofClay and BikiniQuinn get in touch with Logan (not the Airport but Feat's long lost son, who ironically loves planes)

Schwahn has said about tonight episode: "This will be one of our best episodes, not just from this season, from all seasons."

All these dads on tonights episode you have to include a picture of Baker Daddy. [ok maybe two : ) ]


Cloud 9 said...

I'm getting excited about this new film for Jake too - hope we hear more! I also thought the other one with Gary Oldman had possibilities, it depends on the director's take on it if it is a familiar premise, I always say. The music vid was surprisingly disturbing, but I thought Jake was exceptional in it, not that we ever thought he couldn't play a disturbing character like that.

Jake's movie roles said...

I agree about Jake and his movie roles. Sometimes they are cathartic, sometimes they are just personally revealing like with Brokeback Mountain. There was a line in LaOD where I think Jake was actually talking about Austin. And, I also think he was blown over by love when it hit him. Wouldn't surprise me that intimacy might have been a difficult thing for him to master, just like between Jamie and Maggie.

‘You’re just going along, then you meet this one person, and everything changes.

This new movie does sound like it has potential.

prairiegirl said...

Gotta love having business company!! Excellent pizza for lunch and tonight, a team dinner out at a nice seafood place.


Fisher Price Link said...

Reese Witherspoon expecting Baby #3,,20511288,00.html

Reesey pregnant said...

Funny how precise the information about Reese Witherspoon's new pregnancy is (12 weeks), yet Maggie's is a floating number, ranging anywhere between she should have already had the newborn to she still has a month or two left.

Guess with Witherspoon's career in epic fail another child fits the bill. She'll probably take some time off now, I'll bet.

Having my baby said...

Oh, I love this dig at Jake:

After a year of trying, the mom of two is "incredibly happy" to start over with the husband she always dreamed of.

So much for the golden couple that was shoved down our throats by PR for over two years.

Gee, Jake wanted kids so badly too. *smirk*

Methodical Muser said...

Soooo, Reese is pregnant with her third child. First, she didn't want to get married again, then she didn't want to have children. Oh, I get it. She just didn't want either of those things with Jake. The man just doesn't measure up, I guess. ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

I find it interesting that lots of posters are currently tweeting the following headline about Jake and his possible role in An Enemy: Jake Gyllenhaal to be his own foe for Denis Villeneuve's An Enemy?

In other words, the PR angle is that Jake might play his own worst enemy in his next project. Intriguing, description given Special's post from yesterday. Frankly, I don't think I could have personalized the storyline better.

I've also noticed how WME/PR is trying to rewrite some facts related to this movie and it's timetable today.

Villeneuve "recently landed the gig of directing the inimitable Hugh Jackman in a revenge movie called Prisoners, but production cannot of course betin yet as Jackman is still hard at work on Tom Hooper's Les Meserables. So what's a guy to do? Direct another movie in the menatime, of course! Which is why Villeneuve has now signed on to An Enemy."

The problem is that blurb is false. Villeneuve was set to direct this film in the Spring as of December 18, 2011. It had nothing to do with Jackman or conflicting schedules. Just one more example in a slew of examples of PR rewriting the story of something that involves Jake's participation:

Denis Villeneuve set to direct Enemy in December, 2011

Special Delivery said...

Trolly needs to get their stories straight. How about talking to Reese, Maggie, Adam L., Jake, Austin, Sophia et al. They are the ones who lie, manipulate, cover up, and generally display few scruples. Don't kill the messenger.

destiny said...

I'm really not surprised about Reese, although I guess it kills that rumor that she had her tubes tied.

Methodical Muser said...

Although there is such a thing as Reverse Tubal Ligation so it's definitely possible that she did have them tied at one time. I think the procedure is called tubal anastomosis. She is just turning 36 and I believe they recommend that as long as you are under 40 and your fallopian tubes are healthy, the success rate can be as high as 70% in some Medical Centers.

sometimes said... could have just been a rumor.

Special Delivery said...

Definition of OMG Trolls: Master of the obvious.

Methodical Muser said...

LOL! I like that definition Special Delivery. Pretty much sums up the thoughtful extent of certain so-called blog contributions from anonymous posters. Can just imagine a blog that just allowed the following statements/speculations:

Could be
Maybe not
Don't know
Not sure

Seaweed said...

I never liked all the shite that was flying around back when greasy reecey was being trotted out as Jake's fake mistake. I now cringe when I even see a mention of her name anywhere at all. My gag reflex wants to go into overdrive.

She happens to have two nice children whom she likes to pimp out to the paparazzi, chances are she'll use the same cheezy tactic with her new bundle of joy. So for a pathetic toe tag I nominate Greasy Reecey and "How Sad" from above. Reecey for her selfish use of her own 'sacred things' for self-promotion, and "How Sad" for being a hairy, four-horned troll and attempting to hold Reecey up as some modern day immaculata.

Get stuffed!

Special Delivery said...

LOL! I could not resist.

Since blogs are about pondering, exchanging ideas/known facts, POVs, and speculation, about any given topic, I would think some amount of the unknown is embedded in the discussion. Celebrity blogs include gossip as well. So a contribution like, "it could have just been a rumor," is about as lame as it gets in my book. The idea that some sit in the background for hours just to offer that kind of "wisdom" is something that boggles the mind. Never mind trying to come to the defense of a famewhore like Reese Witherspoon.

Methodical Muser said...

I could not have said it better, Seaweed. Reesey-poo is not one of my favorite people either. I'm likely to agree with those who think that she's had so many professional flops lately, that she is trying a different kind of personal "production" in the hopes she might gain some positive press for a change.

Special Delivery said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is certainly no saint, but he has never said an unkind word about really any celebrity that I know of. Even someone like Witherspoon who has taunted and insulted Jake for years through a variety of backstabbing, gay-laden innuendo. Including that ugliness from a few years back about him practically putting her children in danger by smoking illegal substances around them.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, yes. How can we forget the headline: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Pot Smoking Caused Reese Witherspoon Split

The angle of the supposed revelation was that luckily it wasn't because Jake was gay or anything, just that he was putting her children at risk because of all his excessive herbal activities. At the time, I remember OMGers wondering what was up with that allegation, which seemed to come out of nowhere (7 months after they broke up), but now I think it very well may have been because she knew Jake was about to have another child and she wanted to get another dig in, knowing that was the one thing that would hurt Jake personally. The idea that Jake was so irresponsible that he would endanger the health and safety of children.

prairiegirl said...

There are some pretty interesting comments on the Just Jared post on Reese. However, out of respect for the chaste, humble and puristic sensitivity of How Sad, I will not delve into the scandalous details here.

But if one wanted to, they could go check them out.

Disclaimer: PG is not responsible for any horrific damage to the eyes due to the scandalous nature of said comments nor burning of the epidermis due to the risk of contact with such sinful words.

Special K said...

Wow who would'a thunk.

Of course Michael K put his own touch to the big news

Here's Reese Witherspoon leaving an eatin' place in Brentwood five days ago and this proves that a fetus has taken a lease out on her uterus for a few months, because pregnant women are the only kind of women in Hollywood who eat food in public and she's so desperate to cover up her baby growing area that she stole a memaw's gardening bag to do so. UsWeekly says that Reese and her husband of a year Jim Toth aren't ever going to announce their first BABY!!! together, so UsWeekly is doing it for them!

I guess it was People who did it for them.

But my question is who is going to raise this child, because Ryan was the one who really raised Ava and Deacon when they were babies. Reese admitted she had no clue about babies when Ava was born. Ryan of course had lots of experience helping his mom out in her daycare when he was growing up. I remember Reese even saying Ryan was the one who potty trained them. Toth doesn't look like he has an idea that he fathered a child. Maybe she will call Ryan and see if she can hire him as the Manny.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
It seems Toothy Tile has kind off disappeared! Does he have a major film coming out in 2012? And what did you think of Crotch-uh-lastic's last movie?

Dear Guess Who's Back:
Yes, Toothy has new projects in the mix, so prepare yourselves for some deliciously Vicey behavior in the very near future (expect some Vice action, like, this Friday!). And I actually enjoyed Crotch's last film. Not sure about his par-tick performance, but I guess he held his own since no one really called him out for it. A rare feat for Crotch to accomplish, if I dare say so.

Special K said...

Good news from New Hampshire:

REPEAL REJECTED: New Hampshire Sticks With Marriage Equality

Methodical Muser said...

That's excellent news about New Hampshire.

For the record: I had no idea that there was a rumor about Reese tying her tubes until today. And, I certainly don't post on other sites. Trolls are so silly, aren't they?

Now, Now said...

In fairness, Reese was a very young mother (only 21) when she had her first, and for a lot of young mothers, the reality of motherhood comes as quite a rude awakening. Many women say the same thing. With subsequent children, it gets easier, so I wouldn't necessarily make the connection that Reese is deficient in maternal instincts because of her comment.

Saying "it's just a rumor" to something is someone's opinion, not a challenge. Way to shut down dissent by trying to put down whoever posted that. Remember noone forced Jake to beard with Reese if that's what happened. Didn't Special give you kids the lecture yesterday about sharing? :)

Special K said...

Reese has a past of climbing the latter with her paramours. She got pregnant to trap Ryan, and got pregnant again right before she was up before her run for the Oscars. She knows what she is doing.

And it is true what Special Delivery said, that Jake has never said a bad word, in fact even a word about Reese.

In fact I never have heard saying a bad word about anyone publicly.

Special K said...


Why do you think they are rewriting history around this Enemy movie?

Tribeca said...

Anabelle Pang ‏ @anabellepang

I swear...every other friend of mine has either sat next to, or ran into Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC. Jake, come down to Tribeca/City Hall please
9:58 PM - 21 Mar 12 via web · Details

prairiegirl said...

Looooooooooove the business dinners...

I had calamari for the first time tonight. It was pretty good until I noticed there were like little leg/tentacle things coming out of it, lol. And visions of octipi ran through my head and I kind of lost my zest for it.

Hey Special, guess what I had for one of my sides? Lobster mac & cheese. It was not bad. Not as good as what I had when I came to see you but it was not bad at all for a JoCo chef.

Looooove having business company. Now if only we didn't have to go through all of this training. Wish they could do something about that.

Scratchin My Head said...

, I remember OMGers wondering what was up with that allegation, which seemed to come out of nowhere (7 months after they broke up), but now I think it very well may have been because she knew Jake was about to have another child

^^ Are you SERIOUS???

Why would Reese Witherspoon hook up with a rumored gay man, who she supposed (knew) was gay, and, about to have another (Child?) among the ones that according to you, that he already (had). And according to you, Reese knew about the children? What the F is in it for Reese, to do something so dumb?
What's in if for Jake to do something so dumb?

If Jake was not ready to accept the responsibility of children, then why go thru all that trouble to have them. Then date someone with children only to hide his own. Far fetched assessment IMO!

Why would Reese cover for a rumored gay man? A rumored gay serial surrogate baby fanatic that continues to have babies then hides them?? Now he walks the streets daily and nightly, eating breakfast lunch and dinner with anyone but those kids.
You are actually telling me that Reese was apart of something so insane as this?
Not a fan of hers but I think she would have more to lose and more Self Respect than to cover for Jake the (gay serial bearding baby machine). Besides, I have more respect for Jake and don't think he would ((EVER)) do such a silly and selfish thing.
But you do. WOW

destiny said...

Another good episode of OTH tonight, although I am not happy about the development in Dan's storyline.

destiny said...

So, another vice story is going to drop this Friday about TT. Can't wait to see what it is.

prairiegirl said...

I would love to see Jackie Boufant's bf. I guess Zac Efron is supposed to be Jackie Boufant and some of the commenters on the AT today are saying he's really hot. That's not the first time I've read that Zac's boyfriend is pretty darn hot.

What's funny is to see the comments back & forth on Zac Efron. They're just like the JIS vs JIG people. Tug of War. lol.

WOW. I would love to see his bf.

YAY said...

Do you think Ted will drop a bombshell on Friday? Hope so, I've been waiting 5 years for it.

destiny said...

Great news about New Hampshire. It really feels like the tide is starting to turn on gay marriage, hopefully California will be the last state that reverses the right to gay marriage.

the real m said...

Let's hope Ted has something juicy to tell us. He hinted once before about a Toothy mention to come and it proved to be lame.

I watched OTH tonight. Austin was good but the script is so cheesy and my god do those people ever stop crying? Two more episodes to go. I have watched so little this season I am not up on the story line, but I dont think it mattered.