Friday, March 9, 2012

The ties that bind or the binds that tie

Top Ten List of Binds that Austin’s new character Tommy West might need Ray Donovan to get him out of:

10. After hours illegal off track chinchilla racing goes bad, owes hundreds of thousands to South American “investors”

9. Needs cover for his Amway Sales army of salespeople that he has recruited into the business and pays for his A-lister ways.

8. Secret celebrity hoarder, caught collecting mannequins and KFC buckets in the back alleys of Long Beach.

7. Video scandal – A tape of him with two over-60 yodeling cowgirls in compromising and yoga defining positions.

6. “Accidentally” ran over a screenwriter after a bad table read.

5. Woke up with three red noses, two balloon animals and a dead clown in his bed.

4. Got arrested after an altercation at Madeo’s where he lashed out in a jealous rage and act of passion when he found a rival actor sitting at the table he had been romantic with and intimately involved with for many years and was planning on marrying.

3. Created a religion based on the energy vibrations found in vacuum cleaners and Roombas, he was caught trying to liberate several dozen at the Wilshire Beverly Hills from their indentured bonds. Not the first time.

2. After a weekend of mushroom hunting with an unnamed A-list actor, he was found wandering in the High Sierras naked, knocking on trees looking for cookies and elves.

1. Sheriff found him stuck all the way in 5th gear in a parking lot behind a Chinese restaurant.


Woo said...

I thought was Ryan Gosling the new golden boy and last year it was James Franco, Hollywood is too much inconstant for my tastes I guess.

destiny said...

ITA Passing By. I think that has everything to do with Jake not working, not any children.

And if the idea is that Jake doesn't want to work at the same time as Austin, well, what is Austin doing? He's making a pilot. The average TV show takes 8 days to shoot. There are hundreds of pilots, and the vast majority of them are never picked up. We don't know if the pilot he's shooting will be picked up, and you can bet that they don't have a shooting schedule since they don't even have a green light, and who knows when Showtime will want to add it to there schedule even if it is.

Gosling and Franco were never talked about as being big office draws; they mostly do smaller films, like Jake used to do before trying to grab the A-list ring with POP and LAOD.

destiny said...

Regarding Jake and how much he is seen in NY, the only difference I see is that he's not seen at any events right now--and that makes sense, because fall is the big time for that in NYC. Things get quiet early in the year, holiday fatigue plus you usually get really crappy whether.

Given the tweet about him looking for an apartment, my guess would be that last fall he was also living with Maggie and Peter, and maybe that's also why he was seen out at coffee, the other thing that seems to have decreased.

destiny said...

Love this song, love Eminem.

Have to speak up said...

I completely disagree. Jake can work anytime he wants. He has lots of friends and contacts in Hollywood and elsewhere. He could have easily signed up for 2-3 projects right after the success of Source Code, but instead settled on a very low-budgeted film with a quick shoot. What actor does something like that? you strike while the iron is hot. Yet, he hangs around NY for months on end doing nothing at all. I don't get how people can't see that Jake is limited in his flexibility and options because of a growing family. And, because he wants to be with them. Seems so obvious to me. I thought there were only two children, but I definitely am convinced now there are more. His personal life is keeping him from working and maybe Hollywood is afraid to hire him because he may come out and he's so unpredictable.

Comment on Deadline said...

Gyllenhaal was never set for this film. There were talks. He was not available on the dates. That’s it. I am amazed at all the crazy and inaccurate reportage on this one. If anyone had asked at any point, I would have been happy to tell them!
Comment by Douglas Urbanski

Douglas Urbanski is an executive producer for Motor City.

destiny said...

Most people in HW have families, it doesn't stop them from working. It didn't stop Jake from doing POP, which had a very long time commitment, and filming overseas. Didn't stop him from going to Pittsburgh to film LAOD. Didn't stop him from going to the Carolinas to film Nailed!

I know it may be a hard thing to hear about Jake, but his star was tarnished by POP and LAOD's failure at the box office.

Source Code was a decent hit, but it still only made around $50 million in the US.

Jake can't open a movie, and that has hurt his career. Having lots of friends won't do him any good if producers won't put up the money for him. And for all that Jake has all these so-called friends, I find it very odd that Jake has never worked with a director more than once. That's kind of unusual, a lot of the actors with really good careers do multiple projects with the same director, including Chad Tatum, who was mentioned in the other post.

Have to speak up said...

Back when Jake did Prince of Persia and Nailed he only had one tiny infant. If he has lots more children today, which I do think he has, it is so much harder to coordinate schedules and be flexible. Particularly, if he and Austin are raising a family together. Which I do think that's a given. Ted always called Toothy, Grey Goose and BT...Family Tile. Austin took that lousy show in NC because of schedules and for bearding purposes. Do you you really think he would have stuck around with Sophia Bush if it wasn't for the pretense of having a beard while Jake didn't? Noticed how he dumped her the first chance he got and was seen with Jake in January and followed him to London and Berlin. How easy people forget.

If Jake is having a problem getting work, it's because the industry is blackballing him. Afraid that he might come out and ruin box office receipts. Jake changed agencies for a reason and it wasn't because he wanted to do the same bearding game that he did with CAA. If he wanted to do that he would have stayed with the status quo.

And that so-called Executive Producer comment over at Deadline is ridiculous as well. Why didn't he come out the day of the announcement and indicate that Jake was not available on those dates. That the story was incorrect? In other words, share his supposed "inside" info BEFORE the press release from yesterday that stated Jake had a scheduling conflict. Give me a break. There are suckers born every minute.

rules of the game said...

And how many of the HW actors with families who are in Jakes age range aren't seen with their families at convenient times when their movies open?
How many of these actors don't suddenly start mentioning their kids more while promoting their movies?

I think it sucks that this is how HW works, but lets be honest. Most of the truly successful younger actors with families are successful because they are willing to use their families for PR. The ones that don't are for the most part the actors that were already A-list famous before this behaviour became par for the course. Hell, look at Brangelina or Tomkat or even Reese. Whether justified or not they are still considered A-List and they do it.

I also don't buy that Jake can get no movies for such a long time period. Actors with worse box office draws work more often than he does.
If no one was hiring him for the movies he prefers, he would take other movies if he truly wants to be an actor as much as you say he does.
Not to mention he'd actually be out there selling himself at events, instead of vanishing from the face of the earth as far as the regular movie watcher goes.

The answer is simple said...

Most people in HW have families, it doesn't stop them from working

How many of those "families" consist of two closeted gay actors who feel they have to keep their children a secret and coordinate their schedules while doing so?

ovaries said...

Why bother having kids over and over just to hide them? And never mind the use of women as recepticals for their warped view of parenthood.

Do they use the same woman or is it a new one each time and how much do they pay them?

I can't believe that the Nichols and Gyllenhaal families would allow such abuse.

BTW, Jake hasn't been "hot' in HW for years, he can't afford to be picky.

rules of the game said...

I don't agree with their choice to hide their family to the extent that they do, but it still explains Jakes actions the best.

And yes, Jake can not afford to be this picky if he wants to have a career, so acting is obviously not at the top of his list right now. That's what most of us have been trying to say the whole time.

Not sure what you're trying to say about the surrogates. Are you implying that surrogacy is abuse? Cause I think that most surrogates would disagree with you.

Methodical Muser said...

Frankly, I was not a big fan of Prince of Persia or Love and Other Drugs either, but these are the numbers to date. They are not shabby at all. Followed by the huge success of Source Code, I don't think Jake would have any trouble finding work, if he wanted a project:

Production Budget: $200,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $335,154,643

Production Budget: $30 million
Worldwide Gross: $102,820,008

Source Code:
Production Budget: $32 million
Worldwide Gross: $147,332,697

Contrast this with Ryan Reynolds last two flops:

Green Latern:
Production Budget: $200,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $222,001,172

The Change Up:
Production Budget: $52 million
Worldwide Gross: $75,450,437

Safe House is performing much better, but even before that film was released Reynolds had five films in the following stages of development: post production, filming, pre-production and announced.

destiny said...

Ryan R. was the flavor of the minute, all those pictures were probably signed up before he went bust at the box office. He won't keep getting all that work.

If Jake can't work because he's in the closet and has kids, then why doesn't he just retire? Not to mention there is zero evidence that there is a whole bundle of kids.

But let's just say he does have four or five kids, what exactly is it that keeps him from working? I'm sure he can and does have nannies, and there's his mother, Maggie, etc. Jake seems to be living in NYC now, and neither EOW or SC were filmed there, and yet he did those films.

destiny said...

The marketing budget for POP was over 100 million dollars, it may have even been 150 million, so POP really didn't make any money. SC did nice business for a small film, but it's not the kind of numbers that are going to turn around a career that hasn't been looking so good.

prairiegirl said...

Why bother having kids over and over just to hide them? And never mind the use of women as recepticals for their warped view of parenthood.

I can't believe that the Nichols and Gyllenhaal families would allow such abuse.

Who says they're staying in the closet forever? Who has the mental capabilities to see into the future?

And why did they have children?

Gee, maybe they were two men who fell in love, wanted to get married and have children.

For all the talking about Prop 8 on here and elsewhere, isn't this one of the rights that the LGBT community is fighting for? Something that the opposition feels should be available to all?

Why can Bomer have a partner with kids and Jake & Austin can't?

Why can Elton John be married and have a child but Jake and Austin can't?

Why do Jake & Austin have to be punished & sat down, forced to look through the playpen railing at everyone else?

Abuse? For wanting to marry and raise a family like anyone else? Of all the homophobic comments.

For pete's sake, that has got to be one of the most headscratching arguments I've ever seen uttered on this blog.

prairiegirl said...

And never mind the use of women as recepticals for their warped view of parenthood.

Yet another hugely homophobic comment. How are two gay men supposed to have their babies? Is adoption supposed to be their only option?

Isn't the right to have an heir born from one's own sperm or egg one of the rights that we all are arguing for against Proposition 8?

And I'm sorry but neither Jake nor Austin is capable of carrying and bearing a child. They need a woman to help out.

Good grief.

prairiegirl said...

I'm not happy at all right now with their oldest who is 4 right now being hidden. But I'm hoping they have a plan in place at this very moment. This Motor City deal has helped me to regroup and rethink my big, hasty verbal blast from the other night.

I believe that one day soon, these 2 guys' story is going to be revealed and it will be a huge story. Huge.

Even when they come out, I doubt we'll see their kids that much. Seeing Jake holding on to that door at the Berlin hair salon and seeing his face in the van that day with Reese tells me that Jake guards his kids like a bulldog.

That's all right; perfectly understandable. But I for one, will be dying to see just one picture of their kids. I cannot wait for that day.

prairiegirl said...

Some really excellent comments here tonight by Rules of the game and Having to Speak Up, particularly.

Sorry to interrupt and butt in; couldn't help it.

the real m said...

How is it that no one has mentioned Ted's latest Toothy mention. "Dear Ted: 
I am sure that you have answered this before (like a thousand times), but my seven month old puppy and I want to know...has Toothy Tile been in a movie where he has played a gay character, perhaps one that was in the closet? Just Curious!
Dear For The 1001 Time:
Yes. To everything. Now send me a pic of that adorable little pup, L!" -
This is the most pointed clue that jake is indeed Toothy ever. Maybe Ted is going to help Jake take those last few steps out of the closet afterall.

As for the stars and lack thereof, old time Hollywood lost the ability to make a star a long time ago, they just dont realize it. Just like the old boys cant get the Oscars straight. Out of touch. Fans make stars, not studios or the Hollywood system.

AUS10 said...

I have never done this so you know he is worth it. #FF @mrgenehong. He also has great calves!
9:57 PM - 9 Mar 12 via Echofon · Details

wiki said...

Gene Hong is a Korean American writer, actor and producer. He may be best known for being in the original cast of MTV's Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out.

Hong has developed and sold six television pilots, five with Sony Pictures and producer Jamie Tarses. Most recently, he sold a 1/2 hour karaoke comedy for NBC, produced by 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment. Hong will serve as writer, and executive produce along with Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Jake Kasdan, who is attached to direct.

In 2007, he served as creator, writer, and producer for the Comedy Central pilot, Held Up. In 2008, he wrote for the ABC half hour television show, The Goode Family and the MTV series, DJ and The Fro. His credits also include NBC's live-action show, Friends with Benefits, as well as the animated Fox comedy Allen Gregory, created by Jonah Hill. Hong wrote a tennis dramedy feature film about the U.S. Open, set for production in spring of 2012, which will be produced by Smuggler Films.

Hong resides in the Hollywood Hills with his close friend, Adam Levine, front man for the Grammy Award-winning pop music group, Maroon 5.

Hong is involved in the non-profit organizations and The Linden Center, a group home facility for emotionally disturbed children in Los Angeles, California.

mrgenehong said...

Gene Hong was in the sushi pics with the guys in January. He is Adam Levine’s close friend (often photographed with him) and here he is with Jake: picture

Special K said...

Thanks for the pic of him and Jake.

And Austin you're right he does have nice calves. A little calf envy there big guy? :D

Methodical Muser said...

Gene Hong is also in End of Watch. He plays Officer Cho.

Special K said...

There seems to a problem with OMG being seen on IE.

It may have to do with new Blogger changes. Not sure yet.

If anyone you know uses IE to look at OMG, please let them know to try Mozilla/Firefox, or Chrome as browsers.


inquiring minds said...

Methodical Muser said...
Gene Hong is also in End of Watch. He plays Officer Cho.

Seeing how research is your thing, M&M, as noticed above (that was quick!), what have you found out about Jake's new living arrangement in Manhattan?

destiny said...

Hong lives with Levine? Hmmm....

M, I rarely read Ted anymore, so had no idea about the letter. I certainly like to know what he's saying about Jake and TT, but I think that for the most part he doesn't have a clue what is going on anymore, and I get tired of the contradictory answers.

prairiegirl said...

Did anybody else find this really interesting??? I know I sure did.

Hong resides in the Hollywood Hills with his close friend, Adam Levine, front man for the Grammy Award-winning pop music group, Maroon 5.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry Destiny, I didn't see you had also commented on it. Obviously, you saw it. LOLLLLLL

Well, I am watching Molly, Lucy & rotten little Jingles this weekend and it has already been a bit of a trial. We had a 3:30 wake up call this morning, eeeeeverybody had to go outside and do their business. And so then after all of that, I couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up staying awake and reading.

And then after just having been outside for an extended time, Molly wanted to go out again and I said no, then tried to go back to bed. But all of a sudden, CRASH!!! And I said What in the Heck?! And I go in the dining room and Molly had knocked off a stained glass candle holder & a spiral notebook on to the wood floor. Luckily the candle holder didn't break. I cannot believe she did that.

And then Jingles pooped in her bedroom. Again, after having several extensive times outside in the backyard.

I mean, what in the heck?!! I think I need mr. Zack back in the fold after all and he will keep everyone in line. What is the lesser of the two evils? Gee whiz, I need combat pay.

prairiegirl said...

Mark Sanchez is trending on Twitter and his contract extension is causing all kinds of uproars.

please share what you know said...

Seeing how research is your thing, M&M, as noticed above (that was quick!), what have you found out about Jake's new living arrangement in Manhattan?

I don't know where M&M is, but you already seem to be wanting to plant the seed that Jake has moved to Manhattan permanently and it's his "new" living arrangement. Do tell what you know?

easy said...

Let me explain the thinking of the people who find the thought of Jake having an apartment in Manhattan to be a nail in the coffin of J&A:

See, there was a tweet that he might be looking at an apt. and then there was a picture of him inside a house. Since the only reason people move into apts. is because they're in a relationship, logically this can only mean that Jake must have a secret boyfriend in NY. This is also backed up by the fact that he has never been spotted with said secret boyfriend.

So please stop with the fairy tales about J&A being a couple cause there haven't been pictures in, like, almost a month! Duh!

Did I get that about right, inquiring minds?

Toothy and Goose Believer said...

Why do I think inquiring minds is talking to themselves? Give it a rest. I've been following this story since 2005. Jake and Austin are obviously together. Have been from the start, with a few fits and starts in between. Why do you think they did the Sushi Lunch arranged photo op with Jake's representative standing there the whole time. That was very much planned. And, why do you think Austin was over in London, staying a few days over so Jake could get settled before he followed Jake over to Berlin.

So now Jake has a secret boyfriend in Manhattan? Now, that's a laugh. You trolls want him to be with anyone but Austin. Why that is I have no idea. But you would be all kinds of wrong. He is love with a certain tall Texan and has been since the day they met.

please share what you know said...

See, there was a tweet that he might be looking at an apt. and then there was a picture of him inside a house. Since the only reason people move into apts. is because they're in a relationship, logically this can only mean that Jake must have a secret boyfriend in NY. This is also backed up by the fact that he has never been spotted with said secret boyfriend.

Let me see if I got this right. There's supposedly this picture of Jake in a house because he was looking for an apartment.

Then because Jake might have been seen and photographed making a phone call in some apartment, then this must mean he lives there and, therefore, has a secret boyfriend because why else would Jake be seen making a phone call in an apartment.

OOkaaaay. That makes a lot of sense. To an idiot, that is. LOL!

easy said...

I guess my sarcasm didn't come through that well.

I agree that J&A are a couple, but there are some people who think this is a fairytale cause there haven't been pictures for almost a month.
Incidentally these same people are perfectly happy to believe that Jake has a secret boyfriend that no one has ever seen him with. For some reason Jake having an apartment is also proof of the existence of that boyfriend, don't ask me how.

That's all I was saying.

;) said...

That makes a lot of sense.

Listen to yourself, lmao. And you think a "secret boyfriend" is outrageous, but happily swallow the "secret hubby with 5 kids" koolaid? L-O-L

Toothy and Goose Believer said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were trying to make the case that because Jake was seen in an apartment he must have a secret boyfriend. A thousand pardons. I must not have had enough caffeine yet. ;-)

easy said...

No problem.
I mean, the conclusion of "apartment = invisible boyfriend" is really out there, so I can see how it would look weird :)

please share what you know said...

I don't swallow any kool-aid. Don't even like the taste of it.

Truth is, I think for myself and have done my homework. I'm still not sure about the five kids for certain, but it certainly is possible. M&M and the rest make a compelling argument. What I particularly like, is unlike you, they backup their POV with sources of all kinds and then come to plausible conclusions.

Since the ending of Reeke, Jake has been acting very strange. Growing a beard, wearing the same clothes, posing for photoshopped tabloid stories, etc. He is hiding away...way more hidden away that someone who just has one child. And certainly way more hidden away that a bachelor who is footloose and fancy free. Austin tweeting this morning to the roommate of Adam Levine, the same guy we've seen with Jake on innumerable occasions, including the movie theater pic from May of last year, is another example of longstanding connections. One more illustration among a thousand illustrations of an ongoing thread between these two guys. Did you notice that Gene tweeted Austin back and used the phrase, knowing him "all these years?" Austin has been intimately involved in this close inner circle for a very long time. Yet, since 2007 we were led to believe that Jake and Austin hardly see each other any more except for a staged pap pic every year. If nothing was going on between them, these kinds of carefully orchestrated details would not be happening.

Now, Jake's hiding out in NY and turning down roles because of scheduling problems. C'mon. What scheduling problems? Double book lattes? Too many Soul Cycle commitments? He's obviously with his family. And, I don't mean Maggie.