Monday, March 5, 2012

New State

Since it is never known for certain if the guys are in New York or California, a proposal of a new state.

Hmmmm....somewhere that's both NY and California. But where could it be?
All I know is my shirt still will work.

They wanna what????
Meet you in California? New York? Or New York Republic?
Good thinking. They won't know where that is for at least two days.


prairiegirl said...

You know, that Summer of Jake look in that 4th picture down just absolutely Maxell's me. You know that guy in the chair in the Maxell commercial. Don't even...get me started on this exquisite look.

Special, you know what it does to me. lol

prairiegirl said...

And how many shout-outs to Austin can Jake give with clothes like this? Between the birds, the Longhorns and the Star of Texas, if there was such a thing as a USC letterman's jacket, Jake would be wearing that on the sly, even if it hit him at the knees.

Jake wears his heart on his wardrobe when it comes to Austin and I think that is pretty darn romantic.

Methodical Muser said...

Aww, the California Golden Bear with dark glasses. You should have put green khaki pants on him too, Special, just to finish off the "look." LOL!

Very cute. I knew PG was going to go crazy with that red starred MV pic. I think I heard the squeeeeeeeee, all the way in California! She adores Jakey's feet something fierce. Almost as much as Mr. Sasquatch

Special K said...

That flag was not my handiwork but a real t-shirt you can buy. I just thought it was too perfect not to do a post.

And I agree, Jake loves to where his heart on his sleeve. But don't forget about Austin, with Jake's initials over his heart on his first season on OTH, and the t-shirt so reminiscent of Jack Twist next to the truck for True Love Tale of Girlfriend and Boyfriend he did with Hilarie.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

You know, on Saturday a friend told me something about the planets being lined up in some kind of rare occurrence kind of thing. And we started looking up into the sky and to the west, you could see two really, really bright stars. So I turned on my Google Sky Maps and found out we were looking at Jupiter and I think it was Uranus, but don't hold me to that one. As we began driving around the city, I kept holding my phone up and Sky Maps was pointing out Mars and Neptune. Then there was this brilliant, almost orange looking light to the east and it was Saturn!! I mean, all the planets were out and it was just pretty awesome. My friend said that you can't see Saturn's rings with the naked eye but I swear, that planet was orange looking, unlike the other ones. I thought there was definitely some additional glow around Saturn. I also learned that Jupiter is the largest planet (been too long since Science class, lol) and that Pluto is no longer a planet.

Say what? Since when? Several years ago, apparently. I sure don't remember hearing anything about that, do you guys? Poor little Pluto. I wonder why it no longer qualified and who gets to say whether or not it's a planet?

destiny said...

Wow, that sounds so cool PG. I love looking at things like that in the night sky, hard to do in NYC.

Jersey Tom said...

Not sure why PG but Big old Pluto did get kicked out PG. It is no longer considered a planet.

Jersey Tom said...

I am still amazed what the NHL is doing with its "You can Play" videos. Seaweed sent me a link which he seemed quite proud of with the NHL being a way of life in Canada. The story of Brendan Burke is quite moving. He was a brave kid and his horrible death has opened the eyes of the athletes in the NHL. This along with the Major League Baseballs "It Gets Better" ads is a huge step in taking off the pressure from athletes afraid to come out of the closet. I am not sure when it will happen or even if the first player to come out is already in the majors but I am confident it will happen soon. I can feel it.

Jersey Tom said...

I am also happy that the Phillies and the Flyers are involved in both campaigns:-)

Jersey Tom said...

Can't forget that Golden State Warriors President and CEO came out last year and received much support from players like former NBA MVP Steve Nash. Steve Nash along with the NHL NY Rangers Sean Avery both publicity supported Gay marriage in the sate of NY. Awesome.

MV Ferry Captain said...

hey PG, Jake has two water bottles in his hands in the picture on Martha Vineyards coming from the store, did he have the babytiles with him them? LOL

Where was his hubby Austin then? Was he somewhere shagging Whatshername? because you know, Austin was not with Jake on the Island. Chris was, and then Reese came.

Special K said...

You know that Austin has been been to MV.

And for Reese. It is interesting that she showed up with her kids that summer and got caught by the paps, because there are no paps on MV. That's why people summer there. The only time you really see the presence of press or paps, is when the POTUS is there.

Oh and when she showed up she didn't stay with Jake or his family. She bunked in with the Belushi's. (She's close friends with Jenny Belushi).

Actually Reese would have made a great distraction and cover if Jake and Austin wanted to have a commitment/mamarriage ceremony that summer before BT1 was born.

There was a lot of talk about a Gyllenhaal wedding on the Vineyard that summer, but it was never said but always assumed they were talking about Maggie and Peter. But maybe it wasn't them. Maybe it was Jake and Austin who wanted to have something before their first child was born.

prairiegirl said...

Where was his hubby Austin then? Was he somewhere shagging Whatshername? because you know, Austin was not with Jake on the Island. Chris was, and then Reese came.

Hello there, person from across the ocean. Wow, you're really scared, aren't you? I can smell the fear coming off of your comment.

Worried because you aren't seeing your boy? Worried because it's looking more and more like he's choosing not to work? So sorry...

prairiegirl said...

And it's Prairiegirl to you, not Hey PG. Have some courtesy, please.

Wow, somebody thinks Jake and Reese were real. That's what's scary. What a thing to wake up to. **Shudders**


soul c said...

Lindsay Gerber ‏ @lgerbs
Great workout @soulcycle with @Jake_Gyllenhaal #workit!

March 05, 2012 3:36 PM

hmmm said...

Maybe it was Jake and Austin who wanted to have something before their first child was born.

Hold on now. I thought the OMG party line has always been that J&A got married during that small window of time when it was legal in CA. Now you're saying they got married on MV? And since Massachusetts doesn't have the same "confidential marriage" provision as California it should be easy to ascertain those records, no?

because there are no paps on MV. That's why people summer there.

Ahh but that's all changed now isn't it what with the advent of Twitter/twitpics/Instagram/etc. I've seen pics of celeb types on MV picked up by major outlets. No need for paid paparazzi when you have citizen paps doing the job.

Special K said...

If you read what I wrote I also used the word commitment. It could be very possible that they wanted to do something before their child was born. And the had a confidential marriage that was legal in their home state of residence when it was available.

Many people do pledge their commitment in gatherings when it is not recognized by the law. Look at the 40 plus states in the US.