Thursday, March 15, 2012

North by Northeast

Will we officially see Jake at SXSW this year? Or has his already been done and back?

With Mumford and Son's documentary about their musical train trip debuting at SXSW you'd think Jake would want to check it out since he was a part of the folkie wheels of steel tour? But maybe it's another one that's done too.

The real question is has Jake already been down (to Austin) and back for a New York minute to see Sis and be seen too? And why be seen now? Because it makes for a great backstory that he has been in NYC this whole time. But funny how those sweet cheeks never graced a SoulCycle seat all week.

By this point even those who's scissors aren't sharp have figured out that it's all about misdirection. And while the flurry of Jake bubbled up early this week, it was the perfection diversion to get 'all out of Dodge
(or NYC as the case may be) and head back to the ranch/house/Big Lone Star for a Howdy! And with so much happening in A-town right now who would notice?

Isn't not like Jake isn't a fan of the Lone Star State
Seems like Jake made sure to cover his NYC bases.

Backpack brush-byGraffiti glance back
Hipster HardwareMarch of the construction siteTrainspottingAll of this might get a rise out of some.

But don't think it's the same one as Jake's.

His feet might be in NY, but his head....?


From previous post said...

Someone is working overtime to convince us that Jake and Maggie are in NY today. Yesterday, PR was trying to tell us that Maggie and Peter were out and about, even though the pictures they showed were not of them together. I was hoping WME would have a different business plan for Jake. But, now I can see that Maggie came over too so she could also hide her personal life even more. I wonder if there really are problems in Maggie’s and Peter’s marriage like those blind items suggested.

^^^ oh please you think Jake's PR are actually trying extra hard to fool the 5 or 6 regular posters on this blog? Really, why?
Most who think Jake is or may be gay to give a hoot about his life. The others who think he's straight will believe any hot male actor is straight, big deal, and some don't give a shit if he's gay or not, They don't care.
So why go thru so much trouble trying to fool 5 or 6 people. Sorry, don't get it or believe it.

Sorry said...

^^may be gay (don't) give a hoot^^

S C said...

Ashley Ryan Knowlton ‏ @AshleyRKnowlton
Just got worked in my first Soul Cycle class...directly next to Jake Gyllenhaal...pretty sure I'm hooked #yeehaw

Pregnant said...

Plus Maggie's about to pop, so why would she be travelling? Where would she want to go other than take her daughter to school and pick her up?

Heard through the grapevine though these photos of Jake were actually taken in a studio. you know to make it look like he was in NYC but really wasn't ::rme::

Special K said...

For the people who don't believe any of anything on OMG, you sure hang on every word.

Seems like someone's crushing on OMG.

Jersey Tom said...

I don't think Jake is worried about OMG and the folks who post here. He does seems a little too worried about being photographed for some reason though. He has been an actor since he wa a kid. Maybe the whole family is just a bit paranoid but seems over done. The guy does not want to be outed and with one slip his cover is gone.

Jersey Tom said...

I am glad that Ted seems to think we won't have tpo see another reeke again. I do believe Jake feels he couldn't do it again.

Something's fishy said...

One reason Jake won't do another Reeke is because of his kids, in my opinion.

I think there is something up with Maggie's pregnancy too. Now, there's an article over at saying she may have another month. Really?

"A VERY Pregnant Maggie Gyllenhaal Spotted Walking With Daughter (Photos) Posted by monicabielanko on March 14th, 2012 at 3:17 pm
Maggie walks daughter Ramona to school.
In addition to having the most difficult last names ever, Maggie Gyllenhaal, 33, and her husband, Peter Sarsgaard are currently expecting their second child.

The couple confirmed the news around Thanksgiving and Maggie has been laying low ever since. The notoriously paparazzi-shy couple haven’t said whether they’re expecting a boy or girl. They already have a daughter, 5 year-old Ramona.

Today the actress was spotted walking Ramona to school, and by the looks of that big baby bump, she has maybe a month or so to go.

Super hot uncle Jake better start checking out the baby registry, because this little baby is coming soon!"

Motor City replacement said...

Does anyone think it's interesting that Jake is possibly being replaced by Jeremy Renner for that Motor City role? There's another guy who is always working. Unlike somebody else we know. I am with the faction who believe the only reason Jake's name was floated out there for a mere 24-hours was to get some headlines and make it seem like he was trying to find work when he actually wasn't. As, you can see by that pointless walking around in NY photo op that WME staged today, all Jake does is stroll around aimlessly. For whatever reason, they want him to be seen in NY today. The problem is every time he's seen, he's doing absolutely nothing.

Special K said...

This whole this thing with Maggie's pregnancy is odd. I can see her trying to throw off people with an exact date but the end of November they said she was 6months along. That would have had her due the end of Feb beginning of March and now they are tacking on another month?

soul cycle tonight said...

Jessie Cohen ‏ @closetcollage


Oh nothing, just Soul Cycle with JAKE GYLLENHAAL (paparazzi photo c/o @rachelmarin)
9:15 PM - 15 Mar 12 via Instagram · Details

destiny said...

I see nothing odd about Maggie's pregnancy; she's not talking about it to the press so all there are left with is gossip and "friends" for information--often code for we're making this up (or sometimes it came from a publicist). What is there to be gained from lying about when she is due???

As for the photos of Jake, probably timed to go with the Shoes' video and maybe keep his name out there a bit. I think if Jake had gone to SWSX we would have gotten some tweets about it.

watching carefully said...

For the record, there was a SXSW tweet about Jake being seen near Congress street on Sunday and it was posted on this blog.

Regarding Maggie's pregnancy, they could be playing with numbers to give Jake more of an excuse to hang around NY doing absolutely nothing. Many people are justifying Jake not working because of her pregnancy. On the other hand, there are those who think that maybe the reason Jake's not working is because he wants to have more time with his kids, including perhaps a newborn. You guys talked about this subject a few weeks back remember?

Btw: Maggie has been hiding this pregnancy since the beginning for some reason. Early last year she wore a 2 piece swimsuit when she was in Hawaii, then in late June she wore only a one piece outfit, which women often do when they are beginning to show. There was then the Yom Kippur photo where she doesn't look pregnant at all and Jake and Peter are hiding her stomach. Remember, she's the one who announced that she was six months pregnant at the end of November. If that was true, she would have had the baby already. So, yes she and the family have been playing tricks. And, I would suggest one reason is so Jake has cover for not working.

the real m said...

Considering that papa G spilled the beans of her baby's name the first time, I can see Maggie trying to keep them guessing as to when she will deliver. Didnt some paps follow her out of her house while she was in labor too? She and Peter have not been seen together much lately so I wonder too if there is truth to the rumor that they are on the outs. And if Jake did key his car, they are probably on the outs too.

The Shoes said...

What does Maggie have to hide and play games for? No, Maggie and Jake are not the paranoid ones here. NO, it's not them.

As Destiny has said and I agree, why would she do that? What's to gain from it. Tabloids write anything without facts from celebs all the time. Maggie is married and has a family (child / husband). She has no need to cover for Jake and this brood of children that some here claim he has. She has her own life and Jake has his with or without "Whoever"! Austin/model/dog anyone of the three.

WoW, talk about paranoia to make things fit....

What? said...

Jake keying Peter's car???

Now where did this bit of info come from? Maggie told you?

nxne said...

For the record, there was a SXSW tweet about Jake being seen near Congress street on Sunday and it was posted on this blog.

But there were many more tweets that had Jake in NYC that same day. I don't believe in the deflect theory you're all so fond of. With the number of people in Austin for sxsw, not just fans, but writers/reviewers, a Jake spotting by one singular tweeter seems, well, like wishful thinking and mistaken identity.

? said...

What happened to pg? Hope she is ok

????? said...

Jake in Manhattan was on two of the biggest pro pr pages yesterday (Just Jared and People). Why? What is pr selling? There were pictures of him on Monday with a girl, didn't that work? What's the big deal about him in New York? Isn't he there all the time now?

Special K said...

More mystery:

The tweet with the picture of Jake at the locker at SoulCycle. Did anyone else notice who the tweeter give credit to for the picture? @rachelmarin

That's the name of Whitney Houston's character in The Bodyguard.

Jake has said in interviews he sings Whitney from The Bodyguard when he plays Wii.

And th @rachelmarin twitter account is a locked and protected one.


No cigar said...

The character's name is Rachel Marron not Marin

yesterday's Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I have been so busy at work this week that I have been neglecting my gossip columns. I finally get a chance to check in and I find out that Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are getting divorced, Charlize Theron has adopted a baby and Jessica Simpson still hasn't given birth...what is going on?! On a separate note, I have been curious about Jake Gyllenhaal's relationships for a while. The only girlfriend that I saw any real chemistry with was Kirsten Dunst. What ever happened between them?

Dear Welcome Back:
Ugh, I totally heart Charlize and little Jackson already. She is going to make a divine mama. But on to your question: Jakeypoo had the most chemistry with KiKi. And if he were going to make it work with any of his famous GFs, she woulda been the one to beat…unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the card

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