Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Get ready, get set...

 Austin's getting ready to celebrate

 "Get ready cause here I come"
 "Where are you ? You're on the way?"
 "Won't expect the Naked Man for his birthday.  Well ok maybe that's not completely accurate."

 "There's traffic on the 5..."
 "So that'll  be at least another hour"

"Hello Domino's .... "


prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday to the #BirthdayBoy today, Jake G.

lol said...

That's so funny how you made it a complete Austin post on Jake's birthday.

Look closer said...

The post is for December 18th, not the 19th. Although I'm sure Jake considers Austin the best birthday present ever. Unwrapping alone is part of the gift.

Special K said...

Exactly Look Closer

Austin is getting ready to celebrate and for the guy who always seems to want to lose his clothes what a better to do it.