Friday, December 27, 2013

Zat You Santa Claus?

The Daily Mail might have though Jake was a young Father Christmas

But Austin on The Redneck Riviera might be closer to the mark for the young version of the jolly dude.


Or Santa's a Dead Head.

Happy Austin Friday.


Special K said...

Wonderful video from Stephen Fry from the Proud2Be Campaign

Stephen Fry Proud2Be Video

prairiegirl said...

Very, very, very nice video. It's not outrageous. It's not incredibly clever.

It's just very, very nice. I love it. I don't know who this guy is but I love the simplicity of his statement.

You know, there's a whole lot of dust kicking and smoke blowing going on out there right now with regards to both Austin and Jake, so much of it that is not worthy of re-airing. And we're not putting up a lot of it because it makes this Stephen Fry look like the Pope. Let it evaporate into cyber air the way it should.

So you look at this very short video that makes you feel good and shows how one can use media for a positive, uplifting purpose.

And then you look at how Jake and Austin use it.

prairiegirl said...

We'll look at one recent instance which at holiday time was very predictable, albeit incredibly lame. But then the Ghaal family is beginning to become a caricature of themselves, seems to me.

Wilson Tang ‏@dimsumNYC 24 Dec

The whole Gyllenhaal family just ate @NomWah. That was awesome. #movies #jake #maggie #naomi #chinatown #nyc #oscars
12:50 PM - 24 Dec 13 from Manhattan, NY · Details

Roland Lizares ‏@rlizares 24 Dec

@dimsumNYC @NomWah any pics?

1:38 PM - 24 Dec 13 from Manhattan, NY · Details

Wilson Tang ‏@dimsumNYC

@rlizares Jake kindly declined a picture but here is one that a customer took from where he was sitting.
Amidst the soy and duck sauce
2:05 PM - 24 Dec 13 from Manhattan, NY · Details

Seaweed said...

I just watched the Stephen Fry video Special and agree that it was wonderful, and quietly effective.

Now that things have calmed down after a busy Christmas time I feel due for a JFC Marathon here at home. Love me some Austin overload !

As we approach the New Year, I hope it brings some enlightenment for Jake and Austin in 2014. More importantly, I wish all my friends and acquaintances here at OMG the very best come midnight Tuesday.

Cheers !

prairiegirl said...

Sorry about the appearance of that, I got too many line spaces in between Roland's question and his tweet.

But the gist of it is that Wilson Tang of this restaurant Nom Wah Tea Parlor tweets that the Gyllenhaals just ate at his restaurant, Roland asks him if he got any pics, and Wilson Tang replies to him.

Seaweed said...

Just spent a relaxing few moments responding to Special's post then Blogger once again ate my composition. But today I had the patience to take a second crack at it as it beats getting out of bed yet!

Ha.... hope everyone is having a good weekend. PG, I liked your comments on the Fry video as well.

Seaweed said...

Hey Tom, some of my family are down in Sarasota for a couple of weeks. Wish I could have joined them and gotten in a meet-up with you. Perhaps some other time my friend.

Seaweed said...
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prairiegirl said...

Hey Seaweed, great to see you! That was a very good video, wasn't it? Quietly effective and appealing.

Seaweed said...

Thanks Prairie Girl, have been enjoying a quiet morning online here in my lazy bed, but it's time to get up and make the best of a cold yet sunny day.


Methodical Muser said...

And, how do you know this tweet is PR approved? Let me count the ways. First, the hashtags are a dead giveaway. #jake #maggie #naomi #chinatown #nyc #oscars #Oscars? Oh, c’mon. #Chinatown How convenient, GPS specificity. And, in case you were too lazy to look up where the restaurant was located, then there’s #NYC added just for good measure.

Secondly, look how, once again, no one is in the restaurant. Here it is lunchtime Christmas Eve in NYC, in a popular restaurant, and no one is there except Naomi and her frequent dining companion, Jake.

Thirdly, notice where old Naomi and Jake are seated. That’s right. The best seats in the house. Right next to the old powder room. LOL! I know Jake is vain, but give me break. Everyone knows that the worst seat in the house is exactly where these two local celebs have been seated.

Unless, of course, Mr. Wilson Tang was providing his own review of Jake's performance in Prisoners. Or, maybe Willy didn't like Jake's haircut. Not everyone likes the helmet head look, you know. #razzies

prairiegirl said...


Hold on, hold on! Wait just one minute. I don't know if that is New York. How can it be Jake at a restaurant in NYC?

Where's the brick wall?

prairiegirl said...

No, seriously. The ridiculousness of that "sighting" and subsequent tweet is 10x all kinds of stupid, I'm sorry.

The absence of any customers.
The seas parting so that there is such a perfect shot of Mrs. Gyllenhaal and her dining companion at the table, the only thing missing is the matting.

The hash tags.

And he shot his tweet in the foot with his cute hashtags. He left somebody out of that family list which is all kinds of odd.

Why wouldn't Peter and/or the girls be there? And if you're going to use the reason that it's because they're Jewish, then why does this family do this photo op on Christmas Eve, one of the most visible and observed holidays in the world? Why not do it prior to Hanukkah? But they didn't, they chose to do it on Christmas Eve.

And since it is a special time and special times are about family, why does Wilson Tang not mention that Peter or the girls are there?

Additionally, why was there only one customer tweet about them being there? You mean to tell me that no one else saw them entering or exiting the restaurant? No one saw them leave a cab or vehicle? No one saw them on the train if they arrived by train? If it's close to where someone lives, then why were they not spotted walking on the sidewalk?

You supposedly had both Maggie and Jake in the vicinity of this restaurant, yet no one else saw them.

I find Maggie's absence in the picture a giveaway and the absence of Peter not only in the picture but in the tweet as a whole, even more glaring.

Methodical Muser said...

Not only that, but Peter is Catholic so he does celebrate Christmas. And, for the past two years there has been some pretty odd things going on between Maggie and Peter. She's constantly working away from NY, England, Ireland, New Mexico or Peter is in Toronto or Vancouver. They are rarely seen together any more. Then suddenly this past summer, they both decide to open up Twitter accounts along with Mommie Dearest. Supposedly, private people who hardly seem like the tweeting type. But, it's a way for them to try to control rumors. Like the Thanksgiving tweet to explain why Maggie wasn't with everyone else on that most family of holidays.

Another oddity is how Jake and Maggie both signed with WME within months of one another, yet Peter stays with CAA. One might ask, why Jake and Maggie changed representation to the same agency, yet Peter stays put where he is.

prairiegirl said...

I think this entire family has something at stake and that is why they've been in support of Jake's closet from the very beginning, dating back to Maggie helping to find Jake's first beard, Kirsten Dunst.

And much as I thought Peter was different, he goes along with the games to a certain extent, and more so this year, because why?

Because he too has a career at stake. He has a very busy, successful career complete with endless projects. And Maggie too, has had a lot of movie projects just in the past year.

Look at the matriarch Naomi Foner. She had a movie project last year with Dakota Fanning and her son-in-law starring in it.

They all have a life-long history and career in show business at stake.

They need work. And they aren't going to get that work if they were to support Jake in being out of the closet along with a husband and children.

So that's why this whole family is in cahoots. Even Peter.

destiny said...

An empty dim sum restaurant at noon, that's pretty strange. The photo does have a staged quality to it. New Yorkers do tend to eat lunch a bit later, but this time of year Chinatown is packed with tourists and holiday shoppers.

Special K said...

It does look like another set up to place Jake in NY for a now you see me, now you don't. And yeah I've never seen a dim sum restaurant that deserted. One would think the restaurant wasn't any good, then you remember Jake only goes to places known for good food, so that blows up another "discussion point" his team would try to bring up. And on Christmas Eve? New York wouldn't slow down for that, it would be just as busy if not more so.

Cahoots is a great word for it PG.