Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Moveable Feast

Jake might have started his holidays in New York talking but he's wrapping up Hanukkah in LA.

Jake flew out back to LA as he gets ready to visit Ellen on Thursday to tape his first interview with her since 2007.

What can be expected?  Well with Jake and Ellen anything:

Maybe some cooking?

or dancing ?
a little tease?

 or a lot of wine?

or maybe a shower of flowers

But Jake no doubt will talk about Prisoners, which is coming out on DVD December 17th,  and maybe his other projects.  It will be Day 3 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways so the audience is getting presents, but maybe Ellen will give Jake his own gift for his upcoming birthday.   A HanukkahBirthmas gift!  Or just call it a Festivus gift and be done with it.  Jake - a donation to the Human Fund might be in your future.

Jake will be on Ellen on Monday, Dec 9th.  Check your local listings.

and one more menorah for the close of Hanukkah.


prairiegirl said...

I've enjoyed all your menorahs, Special. Very, very colorful.

Color. Bright, bold, sparkling color.

A nice change after almost getting used to the dark and drab of Jake and Austin these last few years and those to come.

Florida Tom said...

Wow Jake on Ellen.. I am in shock. It has been a long time.. I wonder if Ellen will pander to his holy str8ness.

Marketing Jake said...

Considering that Ellen is a huge promoter of Taylor Swift and had Reese Witherspoon on during her "dating" of Jake, I wouldn't be surprised at all. That's one of the roles Ellen fulfills in Hollywood. The unsuspecting public thinks she would never play the game because she's out, but that's why she is used so much by agencies like WME and CAA. Hugh Jackman and his "wife" also have been a big sell on her show as well.

She reaches that very important daytime demographic of women ages 25 to 54. And, her ratings climbed 13% compared to last season. With Oprah's exit, Ellen is the only game in town when it comes to that feel good, don't rock the boat mentality.

I wonder if Jake is trying to woo back the female fans he has dumped upon over the last few years in favor of the rock 'em, sock 'em male audience? His physical appearance, will tell us all we need to know. Will he look sexy and well groomed, or bearded, with uncut hair and sloppy clothes? I wonder if his mommie will be in the audience?

Florida Tom said...

Ellen actually set up Ryan Seacrest with a beard.

Marketing Jake said...

^ Exactly, my point. She is a primo facilitator.

Special K said...

The World lost a leader today. Nelson Mandela has passed away.

Special K said...

We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference. - Nelson Mandela

Methodical Muser said...

That is sad news about Mandela, a truly remarkable man. If only the U.S. Congress could learn from his example of reconciliation.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, 95 years. That's a long life. Not going to pretend I know a lot about him but certainly he had an incredible, positive impact on this world.

the real m said...

Considering what he's been through, its remarkable that Mandela lived 95 years.

Loved your recipe Tom, a real classic. They all sound really good actually. Our Meyer lemon tree (dwarf) produced over 50 lemons this year. Our neighbor has one in the ground about 25 years old and has given us over 100 lemons over the past 2 weeks. If anyone has any good lemon based recipes, let me know.