Monday, December 30, 2013

Man of La Mancha

Tonight Austin tweeted

My friend has the best new Tex Mex restaurant in Austin, TX. Sunday night tradition. LA MANCHA------@lamanchatexmex -AUS10

A little after the fact in the game of catch me if you can.

So a little Texas New Year is what you're saying?

Hey Austy are there other windmills you are going to "jaust" oops mean joust?

 You know ,  Don Quixote on a Half Shell (what's that Spanish word for turtle again? - oh Tortuga) might ring a bell.


prairiegirl said...

La Mancha Tex Mex indeed.

You know, it would have been a wondrous thing to celebrate such a romantic act like the guys observing New Year's where they are and discovering what we did, oh say a couple of days from now after they had long gone from a getaway which seems to hold such intimate memories for them. Which is what the original plan was to be.

It's too bad some old dogs like to keep performing the same ol' basic tricks over. And over.

Sad but true said...

I think it’s cute that Jake wanted to come up with a reasonable explanation about what that black diamond pinkie ring represented. He probably was so proud of what that piece of jewelry represented back then. Young and in love. He was also about to do promo work for a movie that meant the world to him back in 2005: Brokeback Mountain. In those days, Jake had balls and really was the kind of badass that I could admire. I have to chuckle when he tries to portray himself that way now. The problem is, his current idea of what makes a badass (avoidance of basic grooming, colorless wardrobe, taking roles where he gets to scream and beat people up, saying the F word every three seconds), is so stereotypically heterosexual male that it really is sickening. Jake is all about image at this point. Trying much too hard to be something he’s not.

Austin showing up with a ring too is another indication that something was up between these guys because those two had not been photographed as even being on the same planet for years, even though Austin filmed that movie Wimbledon, with Jake’s fake girlfriend, Kirsten Dunst in 2003 - in London.

Looking back several years later, how odd was it that even though we were told these young men had become best friends while filming their disaster film in 2002 (even sharing a trailer on set and cooking meals together), we never saw them hanging out in England during the Wimbledon shoot, even though Jake was over there that summer.

Even when the cast of The Day After Tomorrow resurfaced to do their press junket work in mid-2004, Jake and Austin were not photographed together once in New York. Not until that Casanova Premiere in November 2005 were they seen out and about on a date, actually. That’s the kind of planned avoidance you get when you’re afraid what your face or eyes might reveal. Like in those Lakers’ photos in 2006.

destiny said...

Looking scruffy and having a beard is part of the New York hipster scene downtown and in Brooklyn. It is also apparently a popular look among gay men.

Beards Growing in Popularity

I don't like the look, but seems like Jake is going the bear route. I think it also makes it easier for him to blend in and not get noticed as often as he would if he was all cleaned up.

Sad but true said...

Don't disagree about the hipster theory and the fact that this new look assists with the closeting and the not being so easily recognizable, but I do think it's also about not looking so soft and sensitive. Jake hates that apparently.

All we have to do is look at the roles he's been selecting going all the way back to The Shoes serial killer music video and you can see he's desperately trying to convince the audience and Hollywood that he is capable of playing whatever the mainstream views as a "real man." I think that's why he cusses in interviews now too. The whole tough guy smoking imagery is on display even in photo shoots, barely smiling, (most often scowling) as opposed to him just being drawn to the bear look.

Of course, Jake could be doing this to downplay the fatherly vibes as well. I know it's sounds silly because lots of guys with unkempt appearances have kids, but he certainly downplays the nurturer aspect of his personality with this gruff persona. Almost like he's a recluse.

jake fan said...

Ever think that maybe it's for his career?

The most macho role Jake ever took on was Prince of Persia.

His recent roles are calculated for sure but it's about his longevity as an actor and carving out a niche he can be on top in (offbeat cerebral roles) rather than a niches he can't compete in as well. It was a great move. Very Bobby De Niro.

Two years ago, Jake Gyllenhaal was over. Now he's a critic's darling again.

Sad but true said...

Yes, I thought I made it clear that partly it has to do with the kind of roles he is seeking. I think it's a bit of an exaggeration to say he's a critics darling again. I'm not sure, in fact, how much the critics really genuinely like his performances and how much positive press is bought and paid for. Guess I have to disagree that POP was a his most macho role. I think it made him look even gayer and that's why he's turned his back on that role too. He seems to want his career to begin with Source Code from what I see.

yesterday said...

Austin with girlfriend in Texas


Happy New Year!

More of the Same said...

He seems to want his career to begin with Source Code from what I see.

Since Jake signed on the dotted line with WME in 2012, is where I see the dramatic shift in terms of his career path. Remember, Jake hardly work after he made Source Code, which I think wrapped in late April 2010. The next movie he made was until End of Watch in the summer of 2011. Then he didn't work again until May 2012, a year later.

I have to say those huge gaps in work history support the idea that Jake might have been expanding his family in 2010-2012.

Could be he's also trying to prove that a gay family man can have it all. Unfortunately, even if he does achieve some success in terms of nominations and/or box office receipts, he's still deep in the closet, playing the Hollywood game by their rules. I hardly define that as a triumph of anything other than selling out.

the lamest ever said...

Austin with girlfriend in Texas

I must admit I still leaned toward Austin being with Jake, but now I'm sure of it. Thanks, Endeavor. I mean it's so transparent what is going on here. OMGers post something and then like clockwork within 24 hours some pic appears to disprove what they have unearthed. Austin was in Gruen, Texas on November 23 according to his twitter. Interestingly enough at this very same water tower. And, you can easily photoshop a wreath on top of that historic building to make it look like a Christmas decoration. It's hard to believe that people actually get paid for this.

Sad but true said...

Lollllll! So Austin goes from Port Aransas on November 26th. Which is located way over in the deep southeast corner of the state...near Corpus Christi. No girlfriend in sight. And, then only when OMG comments began to mention on December 28th about the emptied restaurant in NY and that Chloe Bennett's Lake Austin pic a day later did Austin suddenly appear in Austin Texas at that Tex Mex place. Now, after the Dominican Republic sighting, Austin's back in New Braunfels, TX. Even I see how ridiculous this all is. PR is just manufacturing stuff now. And, that pic of them walking looks so photoshopped.

And, this has all taken place in just three days. Austin being placed somewhere else each day. Have we ever see Austin (even when he was "with" Sophia Bush) in so many Texas locations sequentially? I mean no one even recognizes him for months at a time. I'll bow to the experts, but I don't think so.

Sad but true said...

@ 1:53 PM Have we ever seen Austin...

jake fan said...

Austin was in Gruen, Texas on November 23 according to his twitter. Interestingly enough at this very same water tower.

Another giveaway is just the total lunacy of them being randomly photographed like this in front of a watertower and a building with the town name on it.

I've no doubt this is as fake as the tex mex restaurant bullsht but I disagree that these things are in response to comments on OMG. We're just seeing bearding in action. There are comments on here every single day. to link the two is absurd. The guys always, always do this over the holidays, placing themselves apart from each other. Don't make any comments on this blog for a month and you'll see it still happens.

an observation said...

I just want to point out that Austin is paying from the same new bearding handbook as Jake. This roll-out is very similar. Start with social media hints and sightings here and there. Then, on a cute little road trip outing, confirm with 3rd-party photos (just like the tour of Martha's Vineyard Jake did with Alyssa.) These weekend getaways are very popular for the bearding sect!

Reactionary BS said...

Except, I have to agree that the only reason we get Austin in three different places in three days is because of the discussions here. Neither Jake nor Austin have rolled out fake relationships during the holidays. Makes no sense to do so.

Bennett was in Michigan. Austin in Texas. That slip up in the Dominican Republic has made the situation even stickier. No one is on a cute road trip outing. How absurd. The only reason a guy like Austin would need a beard is because of the Jake rumors. He's not anybody people care or even think about otherwise. Neither is she. The fact that he's in Gruen again does point to the clean up crew doing a rush job. They'll have to continue this for awhile though now. I don't feel sorry for either guy. They've made their bed. Let them lie in it. (Preferably, together!)

Jake is the cause said...

The guys always, always do this over the holidays, placing themselves apart from each other.

It's the timing of the Gruen photos that point to the discussions here being a primary cause for them.

And, the fact that "someone" came here expressly to post the photo from FB and then parted with that sarcastic, "Happy New Year," makes it clear the pic was planted.

Notice how Austin's fingerprints are not on this photo. Alyssa never posted photos of her and Jake either. Just slyly hinted at something between them. They are all cowards wanting plausible deniability every step of the way.

This is an attempt (and a poor one at that) so people will think that Austin's not with Jake in the Dom. Rep., while trying to up his hetero cred. Jake and his people really are behind all of this ultimately. Austin is irrelevant.

destiny said...

I agree Sad but True that the look is also part of repositioning himself for work.

I think Jake didn't work after SC because of the fallout from the films that failed, POP and LAOD. He was seen as someone who couldn't carry a picture. I think it took him some time to rework his image, get a new manager, let enough time pass that the bombs weren't fresh in people's minds.

I actually think he is now making the kind of pictures he is good at. Would also love to see him do something more offbeat or funny ala DD or Bubble Boy.

More of the Same said...

I think Jake didn't work after SC because of the fallout from the films that failed, POP and LAOD.

But, he did do Source Code after both of those films. And then Jake did EoW too. In fact, I think he could always work. The question is why wasn't he taking parts. He was just going around hanging with Mumford and Sons and working with Bear Grylls or being seen out in LA with Adam Levine, or Busy Phillips. He also did the Berlinale gig and that Shoes music video. The theme I see with all those involvements is that they were designed to be short term. A week here. A week there. Jake gave the impression he was busy professionally, but he really wasn't doing much of anything for a couple of years. The other interesting fact was that Austin was working consistently on OTH the whole time Jake was hardly working.

For me, that could very well point to him having a young family. Only one guy could work and during those few years it was Austin. Once OTH was over, notice how that's when Jake started working again. And, now it's Austin who is barely employed.