Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nothing Bigger, or Better

Way way back OMG said - if you want hide something big you gotta go big.

Today there  must have been something big with all the twit pics,faux moment,  fb pics, sightings and testimonials popping and spinning around.

Now the question is, what could that be? ; )

 Any bigger  or better than love?

 Or a better way to end one year and begin another?

Nothing you can know that isn't known
Nothing you can see that isn't shown
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be


the real m said...

I hope everyone is enjoying their New Years Eve, including Jake and Austin. No amount of pr subterfuge will disway this group from knowing that they are together. And much of the discussion in the past few comments is just a summary of what we've observed over many years. Anyone looking at the last few months might get fooled, but there is a clear pattern evident. And one working while the other plays Dad is just one piece of the scenario.

I must wholeheartedly agree that POP made Jake look gayer than ever. Terribly miscast. The wrong director for that film too, so not his fault totally that it bombed in the US.

Seaweed said...

It's easy...

All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year !

Florida Tom said...

Happy New Year to all my friends on OMG :-) Be nice to think that 2014 would finally be the year that Jake and Austin would come out. Never say never but we will get probably more of the same. It would be interesting to see what would happen with Jake's schedule if Austin got a bigger role in his new show. The only thing different than OTH in that I believe it is shot in LA.

prairiegirl said...

Happy New Year, everyone! May it be a healthy and blessed one for all of us.

prairiegirl said...

Today there must have been something big with all the twit pics,faux moment, fb pics, sightings and testimonials popping and spinning around.

This is the point. If you are accustomed to the daily EKG online activity of these two guys, you know when you are seeing activity above normal and below normal.

Whether it's fake or hyped PR marketing nonsense, a "normal" EKG line becomes whatever you have become accustomed to seeing around these 2 men surrounding movie releases, filming inactivity or holidays/birthdays. And believe me, there are patterns. How do you get to know this? You get to know their online pulse by watching social mediums virtually every single doggone day.

With Austin? It's been dead silence. LOL! His OTH fan girls have been disappearing by the handfuls over the last several months. He had lost so much, certainly when he & Sophia broke up, but even more so after he did Ray Donovan and "hooked up" with Chloe Bennett and whatever that Marvel show is called. Ray Donovan's "Tommy" wasn't really a whole lot to most of his OTH fan's likings, it didn't look like to me. And they sure weren't wild about seeing him with Chloe because that was the final official nail in the coffin of Sophin.

And most of all, the man himself, Mr. Austy. That guy could have cared less about his Twitter and letting his Twitter fans know "whassup". He had disappeared - rarely tweeting except when he wanted something from his fans. "Watch this". "Buy this". "Go see this". "Donate to this". That was about the only time you saw him.

Then 2013 Christmas & New Year's come, and all of a sudden, his EKG line goes bonkers. Where's the pacemaker because his Twitter search has never been so jacked since the old OTH days. And we're to believe that all of a sudden Austin "Charles Kuralt" Nichols can't wait to tell us what's around the bend.


I laugh at these two guys and WME. What entertainment this has been the last two days.

Austin, they are making a fool out of you, buddy.

prairiegirl said...

Super, super comments yesterday. What insightful observations and thoughts. Sad but true and that last comment on the previous thread concerning Jake and Austin's working habits - wow, you all rock.

Look at this tweet I came across several days ago and kept. See, I think this tweet was a plant because this is so typical of what WME is trying to push with Jake. All of it - the hair, the grooming, the clothes, the in-your-face cursing, the high visibility smoking, the hanging out with high profile rappers - sure, part of it was to prove he could do the tough guy cop roles and it was to maybe get JayZ to do music for EOW, etc. And part of it could be that hey, he's got a buttload of little kiddies and has to just throw the nearest thing on before the day starts.

But it is a huge part of Jake and WME's reasoning to re-do and repackage Jake. No more doe eyes. No more Mr. Sensitive. No more crying. No more public displays of joy. He's a man now and his target audience is the young, straight, beer drinking, good ol' boy demographic. Jake has been knocking himself out for the past year creating the new Jake. So the plaid flannel, the smoking, the cursing, the Nikes with the huge tongues and loose laces - that's all part of what appeals to that demographic.

Anyway, back to this tweet.

maisie (@maisielm_)
12/29/13, 6:04
fallen in love with jake gyllenhaal after seeing prisoners so im going to watch every film he's in starting with source code

Yeah, right. You're going to start with Source Code. The guy's catalog started way back with City Slickers. You say you've fallen in love with him, so why do you only want to start with Source Code?

You know why? Because that's when the new Jake started. Source Code, End of Watch and Prisoners. That is when Jake wants his career filmography to start. WME has been trying to bury Brokeback six feet under ever since they took over his marketing campaign.

Anyway, that's my opinion on that deal. I'm going to stop before I get all irritated.

It is New Year's after all. ; )

prairiegirl said...

Someone is ignoring their WME ghost-written and sponsored blog, I think.

It gets awfully lonely, you know, talking to yourself. Putting up comments so that you can take them down yourself and pretend that they were put up by "P'off" OMG'ers.

Go ahead. Get vulgar and obscene.
Who's melting now.

World according to mary said...
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duck dynasty said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all had a safe and joyful celebration.

Methodical Muser said...

Is that a Winnebago avatar with an "On The Road" logo, PG. LOL! Yes, Austin does seem to be the traveler these days. Such an adventurous sort. Although why you would leave the natural beauty of Port Aransas for the Gruene Hall water tower, I have no idea.

That is unless, of course, Austin actually left the splendor of Nueces County for the tropical paradise that is Punta Cana. Pristine and private. With every accommodation one could ever want. Including a certain blue-eyed boy with a smile that can still light up a room.

good parenting said...

So they went to Punta Cana and left 6 kids behind. Not great parenting actually.

Methodical Muser said...

Parents do take vacations away from their children you know. You must not get out much.

With grandparents in Austin, Texas it actually makes for a perfect opportunity to give themselves a romantic getaway to start the New Year out right by returning to a place that holds such fond memories for them.

prairiegirl said...

Au contraire.

I find it incredibly romantic and hot that Jake and Austin would want to get away by themselves. That would indicate that they work at their relationship, keeping it fresh and meaningful.

After all, Jake is getting ready to go freeze his butt off in the mountains. And to spend New Year's at a place which has such historical and intimate meaning for them? A dream! Has anyone actually gone to the website of Tortuga Bay?

That place is unbelievably romantic looking. It is very secluded and guests can be pampered like nobody's business.

Why would you take your kids on a trip like that? They're going to get bored. You take the kids to Dollywood or a B-King to play on the gym equipment.

Little ones the ages of Austin and Jake's don't even make it to midnight anyway. New Year's is more of a grown up holiday, at least when you have little ones such as theirs.

In addition, being south like they were, you have built in babysitters. The Grandparents Nichols.

Nope, it's a no brainer as far as I can see. Kudos to Jake and Austin for taking such a romantic trip. I love it.

prairiegirl said...

lol, M&M, you were reading my mind!

Oh, and by the by.

This same person sure is adament about six kids, aren't they?

Hmmm........almost to the point of being insistent. I don't believe we've elaborated a whole lot on this 6th child, have we? But boy, they sure don't let an opportunity pass by.
; )

prairiegirl said...

If the visitor keeps throwing out bait like this and keeps us talking, I would anticipate another stop on the Austin "Charles Kuralt" Nichols On the Road Tour perhaps coming up "around the bend" soon. Can't wait to see where the Texas Trotting Twosome will "visit" next! lol

a Thought said...

Then he didn't work again until May 2012, a year later.

I have to say those huge gaps in work history support the idea that Jake might have been expanding his family in 2010-2012.

Jake not working consistantly could have meant a number of things. One very important thing or theory is, getting more involved in the production of movies, i.e., being a Producer of films, creating a production company. Dealing with other like-minded producers and studios, dealing with scripts which could be timely. This can take away from staring in a films. Many actors do this and do it in thier time. Some act while doing it, some take off and put more time towards this new endevor. I think I've read Jake is moving in this direction.

Have anyone thought of this scenario??

Of course not!
Everything will point to the theory that there's a hidden family in the forest which nothing points to. There are other personal situations that could have caused no filming/projects.
Even months of traveling around the country with your favorite rock/folk band because you want to and have nothing or anyone in your way holding you back from doing want "you want to do"!

Ever thought of that????

monk said...

I didn't see the visitor's work this time but if it matched the usual style book it's probably the original, very much unpaid, troll.

Amazing detective work. I'm going to look up Tortuga now. Have a great day and happy 2014 to all at OMG and beyond.

prairiegirl said...

Everything will point to the theory that there's a hidden family in the forest which nothing points to. There are other personal situations that could have caused no filming/projects.
Even months of traveling around the country with your favorite rock/folk band because you want to and have nothing or anyone in your way holding you back from doing want "you want to do"!

lol. Hmm. And where is that "favorite" rock/folk band now, anyway? Let's go there for a minute, shall we, since this commenter is the one to bring the subject up.

What happened to Mumford & Sons? They went on a heavy duty hiatus as I recall. Very sudden, very out of the blue hiatus, too. And now they're nowhere to be seen, particularly Jake's April buddy, Marcus.

Another odd thing I've noticed was over the holiday, we saw Carey Mulligan a couple of times on Just Jared coming to the States without Marcus. I wonder what was up with that?

What happened to those two? Isn't it odd that we saw them everywhere around the time Jake needed them around Austin's birthday for cover?

Now we see them nowhere. I just find that kind of odd. But maybe they've been seen together everywhere over in the UK?

Methodical Muser said...

Actually, I heard from our local entertainment reporter just a few days ago that Mumford and Mulligan are kaput. He was interviewing the latter for her new Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis and he was told to steer away from any mention of Marcus Mumford. He said that is always the beginning of the end of any celebrity coupling. If those two were actually coupling at all. They looked an awful lot like a PR merger to me.

To YOU said...


Who cares what happened to Mumford and Co? Who? I know I don't!

The point was: Jake hung out with that band traveling with them like someone without any responsibility and a care in the world. Like a "single Man". Who in the he*l watched the kids while this free-spirit traveled with a rock/folk band. Austin was knee deep in small projects.

Again the point was he had time to do what he wanted hang with a band and guess what, "he Did".

Now as to him not being in any project, well, as I've said, he could have put his interest in building his own production company. Just an idea since he "has" started producing movies!

Methodical Muser said...

Jake hung out with Mumford for only about one week, beginning on April 22, 2011. Last time I checked there were still 358 days left in the year. Moreover, interestingly enough, the trip just happened to be planned during the week of Austin's 30th birthday. What a coincidence. Hence the stopovers in Marfa and Austin, Texas. How very convenient all that was. So you see, when you think Jake is ignoring Austin, he actually is working hard to coordinate cover to be with him.

In fact, as has already been pointed out here earlier this year, Jake has "been" with Mumford three years in a row, each time during Austin's birthday. The likelihood of that kind of arrangement being accidental is quite low. Perhaps even non existent. Mumford probably felt he should pay Jake back for helping him set up his "marriage" with Mulligan, right before Mumford and Sons broke into the American market.

the real m said...

Duh, haven't we already said that both guys have access to family babysitters when needed. They do not have to be present 100% of the time.

I'm not surprised about Mumford and Mulligan. There were a lot of photos of her in the past couple months and she looked so sad. Unable to hide the deep sadness. Also, I think one of the band members had a serious health issue so they stopped touring while he recovers.

destiny said...

Happy New Year everyone.

prairiegirl said...

Who cares what happened to Mumford and Co? Who? I know I don't!

Oh no, but a few of us do care. The subject is being brought up and we have every right to expand on the subject if we want to. The steering wheel goes with the driver.

Mumford probably felt he should pay Jake back for helping him set up his "marriage" with Mulligan, right before Mumford and Sons broke into the American market.

Ooooh bold words there, M&M. But I have to tell you, I never have bought them as a couple. No chemistry, no believability there at all.

PR created said...

Funny, how you guys think that Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford's relationship is not real because I never believed that whole "they're dating" story either. The whole hayseed wedding in England on some secluded farm was strange too. I wonder if they are even really married to tell you the truth.

Then the group suddenly announced in September that there won't be any activity for the foreseeable future from the group because they are taking a long break. No explanation. Just almost retiring indefinitely. Very, very strange.

prairiegirl said...

Amazing, isn't it? I look at all of these pictures of Austin and Jake and I realize that we have been privy to seeing them together a little more than it has seemed, even in the past couple of years.

And for all of the people who have publicly appeared in and out of Jake's life, Austin has been one of the few constants who has made recurring appearances ever since they met.

"over" indeed.

It's the many others who have appeared and then disappeared, rarely seen again, if at all, that assemble quite a list when you get down to putting it together.

Busy Phillips
Adam Levine
Rob Look-Alike Guy (did he turn out to be perhaps Adam's brother?)
Gene Huong
Cop Best Friend
America Ferrara
Rashida Jones
Jerry Seinfeld
Sophia Buhai
Mark Silverstein
Michelle Williams
Winston Marshall
Ben Lovett
Robert Downey Jr
Michael "Mike" Pena
Brian O'Byrne
Lea Seydoux
Matt K Frost
Lance Armstrong
Matt McConaughy
Tony's "Hottie" guy
Alyssa Miller

Honorary Mention: Ben Lyon
Honorary Mention: "Mystery Gal"

Swinging in the batting circle: Hugh "Lifetime Pal Mr. Jackman" Jackman

From June 2002 through November 2012, Austin has been pictured in a social or public setting with Jake extended with numerous social media mentions placing them in the same vicinity throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2013. I'd say that covers a pretty wide span of time when you compare it to that list above and how short their on-air time with Jake has been.

Special K said...

Don't know how many knew this.

Marcus was a technical adviser for Inside Llewyn Davis.

Interesting the timelines of the movie and their marriage are so similar.

Special K said...

Happy New Year to everyone here at OMG!

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

And I wouldn't be surprised that Jake is actually in contact with people like Busy and Michelle to this day.

But my point is publicly he hasn't been seen with them for awhile. He goes through these spurts where he's repeatedly seen with someone and then Pffft! they're gone, never to be seen again. It's just kind of weird for there to be such a long list.

a different take said...

I have a different take on Jake's career which someone said was beefing up the "macho." could be but here's another idea. Jake's fan base still is a whole lotta women (girls even) who think he's a cutie. that's the worst kinda fan base you can have if you wanna come out someday. these recent roles (Prisoners, End of Watch, Enemy) move him into a differet genre where if he's good at that genre it won't really matter if he's gay and out. think it's still a few years away but that could be the plan. also these movies he's doing lately are not the kind that are dependent on foreign box office to make their budget back. I think if foreign box office hadn't become so important to hollywood in recent years then we would have out A-lister actors by now. but we don't and we won't so long as foreign box office is crucial to movie budgets.

prairiegirl said...

M & M and I were having a phone discussion today about foreign box office and also the future of movies.

I was pondering if Netflix was having any kind of resurgence in popularity for the reason that I'm seeing more mentions of Netflix on social media. And I think the reason for that is that now people don't need to go to the theatre near as much anymore. Why?

Because everyone is ditching their tube TV's and getting big flat screens. These flat screens with the fantastic pictures and sound are coming with the ability to stream movies straight to your TV via Netflix or whatever. Then you have Redbox and cable companies that you can purchase movies from On Demand as well.

Unless it's a major blockbuster that needs to be seen on a huge screen or in the company of alot of other viewers, there's no need to plunk down $10 anymore for a so-so movie. Spend $1 at Redbox or download it to your TV. In cold weather, you don't have to even get out of your house to make a trip to the video store or Redbox at Walgreens.

Why should a person spend a lot of money to see it in a theatre when you can watch it at home and you don't have to worry about noisy neighbors or pay a jacked up price for a drink. Now dinner & a movie still make for a nice date or evening out; there's always going to be an audience for the entertainment option but as a whole, "going out to the movies" is not going to be near as popular as it used to be.

I'm sorry but the movie industry must be looking at a future in trouble. Computer streaming movies onto tablets, phones and televisions has got to be absolutely killing the theater and DVD business.

Special K said...

Jake has been positioning out of the heartthrob romantic lead roles. There may be some part of the story that has a relationship but it is minimal to the storyline. I'm not sure if it's all Jake's doing or a combination of his management feeling he it would be more detrimental if he did, or the studio knowing they can't really sell him as a romantic lead or a combo of all three.

maybe before, not now said...

Jake's fan base still is a whole lotta women (girls even) who think he's a cutie.

I think you are suffering from a severe case of wishful thinking.

there's still plenty said...

... Going by the search results for "jake gyllenhaal" on twitter it is a constant stream of "JAKE MARRY ME!" so there's still plenty of that fanbase. But yeah he's moving away from that which IS good if he's ever going to come out.

Too many walks down the aisle said...

Twitter is not the best gauge to use for measuring the depth of Jake's fanbase. There's a considerable amount of suspicious excess when talking about the adoration factor from his professed fans. I find much of it hard to take seriously.