Saturday, December 21, 2013

Presents of Mind

Jake the paps caught you out shopping yesterday.

It look more like you were shopping for yourself that doing Christmas shopping for that Tall Texan, so if you need some last minute suggestions OMG's got 'em for you:

Hipster meets Texas and perfect for a guy named after a whiskey

But if he doesn't want to make it and just tweet about it,  just add this to his Ron Burgundy love

If El Heffe is still riding in the saddle (bike saddle that is) how about a 6 in1 Bike Tool.

His Tommy loves bracelets or is that Austin deciding Tommy likes bracelets. And glitter and Austin just go together.
And we all know Austin believes in Sparkle Motion.

Now who says a guy can't match his undies to his outfit.  Hello Snowflake!

And for the fellow who loves Tex Mex -  celebrate with El Senior Taco for your tree

And you can't forget the hot sauce.

Speaking of hot sauce how about this little stocking stuffer?  A mini bottle of Cholula

But Austin isn't all about sweater underoos and taco.  There's a serious side to him .

For the writer in him.  A USB  Underwood typewriter keyboard for his Ipad,
 For the Movie Buff

Taritino XX

And a Wes Anderson Anthology

And for the Philosophical Tweeter

Who are we kidding

Austin loves  beer
And it's made of eco-friendly recycled wood.

And he loves funky footwear

He can't say no to a plaid suit or a poncho

And he's a bad ass even if he has to proclaim it himself.  (He could totally pull off the knee high look)

And Bad Ass soap?  Now that's Bad Ass.

So to wrap things up  (maybe with this camera tape dispenser)

Austin may be this to many

But a Yeti to only you Jakey

And so what if you want to go out and be see?

He can just slip these Black Bar Paparazzi shades on and be shameless and blameless.

No management fallout - It's a Festivus Miracle!!


prairiegirl said...

Sweater underoos. LOL!! Those were awesome.

Might I add, that while that NYC outing had to be prearranged, I love the sight of that ring. Looks very good, for whatever reason he wanted to show it.

Mr. X said...

The WME IMG merging has been in works awhile and the possibility was brought up here six months ago when the announcement was made Miller signed with IMG. All makes sense now.

Don't think Jake and Hugh get on well. Hugh is gay and unlike Jake everyone knows it and plays along whereas Jakes sexuality is not the open secret Some people think. wonder if Hugh tried to mentor Jake and his advances were rejected.

Staying True said...

Why his people thought it was a good idea to do all they could to try and turn off his original fandom in their desire to get rid of Brokeback, Toothy Tile and gay rumors, and thereby doing away with a paying market and strong interest, is beyond me.

Have to agree. Having a fandom of loyal followers/ appreciators is a rarity in today's disposable culture. Paying attention for more than five minutes is almost a thing of the past, in fact.

not really said...

Oh, I think more people believe Jake is gay. Actually, far more than Hugh Jackman. I know in my circle of fairly savvy moviegoers, it's an open topic of discussion. Jake's closeted life that is. People see how uncomfortable Jake appears around women. Hugh, on the other hand, is not so easily pegged.

♪It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year♫ said...

Where do you find these incredible presents? The snowflake underwear is great.

I always look forward to Special's annual Christmas gift posts!

prairiegirl said...

I know, I do too, Tis the Most. Those were awesome. The big ass brick of soap. LOL!!! And those shoes - what are those made out of? I also loved that USB typewriter. That thing is cool.

Not really, that's what I lean towards. I never paid much attention to Hugh before until the last couple of years. I liked him in that movie with Ashley Judd and thought he was pretty hot in that flick.

I have read many, many praises of his niceness and classiness, especially when it comes to his fans. I admire that.

But I also think he could be someone who uses his power and big-ass size to intimidate. And I saw signs of that during TIFF. There were a couple of instances where he was jostling Jake around like he was his little toy in the presence of others on camera and he knew Jake couldn't do or say anything.

That is sexual harassment, that's what that is.

Jake leaning back away from him on that couch was way apparent to me. I've been there - I know how it feels when someone makes you uncomfortable and their presence or attention is unwanted.

I'm not saying I know if something happened. I'm just going by what I observed. It's very interesting behavior by both men.

pay attention said...

That has already been addressed anon. Read the comments in the previous post. Its the same band he has been wearing off and on for yrs.

♪It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year♫ said...


Bring It On Down To Wrappinville

prairiegirl said...

I think someone who very well knows Anon comments are not allowed, is doing it anyway.

And they're going to just get deleted w/o being saved.

It's been said enough times and there aren't that many people willing to comment who don't know this by now.

covering for 10:51 said...

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is Jake wearing a wedding band on a chain around his neck in that picture?

December 22, 2013 at 10:51 AM

covering for 12:04 said...

Anonymous said...

while the public might not know Jackman is gay Hollywood does. Jackman has done enough screwing around for that to have gotten around.

Jake on the other hand is closeted in Hollywood.

December 22, 2013 at 12:04 P

Hollywood knows about both men said...

Jake on the other hand is closeted in Hollywood.

Huh? What does that mean? Your contrast between Jackman and Jake is a distinction without a difference. Hollywood knows darn well that Jake is gay and with Austin. They've been together over 10 years. Many are also aware that he has kids.

It's the public that has caught onto Jake's deceptions early on. Jackman, on the other hand, is the one who is such a good liar and he projects a traditional masculine persona with the parts he takes, that the public generally has no idea that he is gay. And, let's not forget, Jackman is in the closet too. With a actual phony wife to support the heterosexual image.

Someone called the plumber said...

Doesn't anyone else find it odd that someone by the name of Gossip Girl visited Oh My Godot a couple of times several months ago, they disclosed very interesting insight, but have never visited again?

It's almost like WME knew or figured out who the leak was and took care of it.

london tb said...

Well, I don't do the debate any more :) Great presents Special, I vote for the hairy shoes.

Good to see the gold ring as well.

The Hollywood Reporter said...

The Hollywood Reporter's Actor Roundtable heads to the small screen Sunday night, as PBS SoCaL kicks off a holiday television event with a 7 p.m. premiere of the Actor Roundtable with Matthew McConaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, Josh Brolin and Michael B. Jordan on the channel, available in 18 million households in the greater Los Angeles area.

Special K said...

Thanks guys. I have so much fun looking for gifts. I look forward to doing the Christmas gift posts too.

I think picking out great gifts would be the best job ever.

HW said...

People I know thinks that Wolverine is gay, he isn't fooling anyone with the wife.

HW said...

People I know thinks that Wolverine is gay, he isn't fooling anyone with the wife.

the real m said...

It was pretty well known that Jackman was in a long term relationship. I think the boyfriend even lived on the premises in the guesthouse or something. But they broke up a couple of years ago. Time flies but I'm thinking it's been at least 2 years, maybe longer.

We waited a long time to get a clear shot of Jakes ring. What a coincidence that he and Austin both wear wedding rings on chains around their necks. Is Jakes carelessness about hiding it a sign that he won't be playing the game in 2014. Let's hope so.

destiny said...

Always love your holiday gift posts Special, so imaginative and fun.

I think the average Joe is more likely to think Jake is gay than Jackman, but anyone who spends anytime on the internet and likes gossip is going to know about both of them. Then again, Jackman and his wife have both talked about the rumors in TV interviews.

here we go again said...

Hollywood knows darn well that Jake is gay and with Austin. They've been together over 10 years. Many are also aware that he has kids.

^^^Not true. No matter how much you want it to be. People in HW may know or think Jake is gay and maybe with Austin, but, HW does not know that they have children together. Only believers of Ted and people who need this to be true because "nothing" points in that direction. No child in sight for years. In your head you think this is true but it's probably far from it. Believe what you want.