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How not to buy Real Estate aka How to plant a story

This appeared in the NYPost

"Jake Gyllenhaal is house hunting this holiday season. He recently checked out a stunning two-bedroom, two-bathroom penthouse at 65 Thompson St., which is asking $3.55 million.

Gyllenhaal has been buzzing in the news this week when he revealed on “Ellen” how he hurt his hand on the set of the upcoming “Nightcrawler” indie film. “A mirror broke in the middle of a scene that I was shooting,” the actor said. 

The penthouse he toured comes with its own “Hamptons-like” entertaining space and private rooftop zone. 

There is also a fireplace, chef’s kitchen and walnut wood panels in the foyer. The listing broker is Bond New York’s Pawel Ciercwierz."

It sounds like perfect place for Jake the bachelor doesn't it?  Right neighborhood -SoHo, chef's kitchen, "Hampton-like" entertaining space, hardwood floors.  

Now why is it a plant? aka Why Jake will never buy the place.

1. Give everybody the exact address why don't you.  Jake - Mr. Private, would never buy a place that has had the address published for millions to see. And that's all kind of dumb if he did.

2. Two Bedrooms?!? - We all know that Jake needs at least 3! One for Mama, and one for the nieces! ; )

3. When  has Jake been house hunting? He only got back to his "new hometown"  this week or did he?  Because there are more sighting of him in London than there are of him in NYC.

Real estate is always an investment in the future.  Even when it comes in inches. (just in the paper?)


family house said...

In October, the NYPost posted this about Jake house hunting. He was looking for a much bigger place:

Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest celebrity who’s house-hunting this fall. He recently looked at a 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, 4½-bathroom loft duplex at 137 Franklin St. The TriBeCa co-op, asking $6.2 million, comes with a fireplace, private elevator and radiant heat white oak floors. Sadly for Jake, an out-of-town family has swooped in to buy the place. Town’s Andrew Azoulay represented the seller while Town’s Claudia and Mark Fromm represented the buyer."

Florida Tom said...

Personally I do not think Jake could afford a 6.2 million dollar house.

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...

Both nominations for The Golden Globes and SAG awards are out. No noms for Prisoners. So again the bearding did nothing for Jake.

In the Golden Globes a couple of the actors did get nominations Donovan and Voight. No wonder Austin is holding hands with a girl. He wants to be a part of a successful series. So obvious how the game is played. But does it work ?? Certainly has not for Jake.

prairiegirl said...

It's tough. Got to be tough for Jake. He's done what Hollywood wanted this year.

He's bearded. He's kissed the feet of Hugh Jackman in interviews. He's played the head-slamming roles for the uber-straight 20-30 something male audience. Continued to stay in the closet, hiding his secret life. Publicly denied the little ones in his secret life.

I haven't seen Prisoners, never will. But asking to someone who has, are all those other supporting-nominated guys better than how he played Det. Loki? Are the nominations fair?

Because I look at Twitter every day. I search Facebook & Tumblr. You would think Prisoners, Hugh & Jake were the 3 best things to have come along in movie theaters in 2013.

I just wonder if his people truly over-saturated social media with hype or is there still a blacklist going on in HW for Jake?

I have to say I'm a little perplexed. I know there's only so many slots for nominations, maybe if there had only been room for one more, huh? He'd be on there.

I don't know. I don't know a whole lot when it comes to movies - only what I read online.

Here's what I think said...

Jared Leto and Michael Fassbender are amazing in both their roles. Jake's performance, on the other hand, seemed like he was acting to me. Too intense. Too angry. Too masculine. Too everything. Jake flowed in Brokeback Mountain. And, looking back now, I don't think he gave Ang Lee enough credit for bringing out something true in Jake's performance of Jack Twist. His acting has become a lot like his interviews. Exaggerated and frenetic. He lacks discipline and focus, I think. Take a look at this interview with Michael Fassbender. Notice the difference between his approach to acting and awards. You can see that he says that he's more interested in the work than the hype and then his behavior demonstrates that he is. Whereas Jake goes on and on about the work, but his behavior contradicts what he is saying.

Michael Fassbender Interview

prairiegirl said...

Thanks for sharing that, Here's what I think. Wow, so Michael F. didn't even do the Q & A's or TV shows? That's kind of unheard of these days.

I loved this, this was funny:

What does that mean? He's Joaquin Phoenix. He doesn't have to make sense.

LOLLLL!!! That was funny. And it sounds like he said it with a straight, sincere face. That would be even funnier.

NE said...

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to drop by and wish you all Happy Holidays! I still read from time to time to see how our guys are doing. I wasn't able to see Prisoners even though I wanted to, but I do plan to see it when it comes out on DVD. Looking forward to it, and Enemy.

I always enjoy the OutSpotlights, but I have to comment when I think they are truly exceptional. :*

Florida Tom said...

The public really liked Prisoners and EOW. Awards are voted on by the critics. Who knows what they look for. Jake career certainly is not over but he is just not getting the award type parts right now.

Sure is beginning to look like Jared Leto is gonna win a lot of awards this year. Maybe even an Oscar.

Florida Tom said...

Rarely have I seen actors who portray detectives or cops being nominated for awards. Not sure if any come to mind right now. Jake seems to be stuck in this type of role.

real estalker said...

here is the listing
and floor plan

nice condo (condo means you can use it as a pied a terre which is probably important for Jake). Right near a lovely children's park. 2 beds plus a den. Perfect for a small family. Probably about 2600 sq ft plus the rooftop. Very nice.

real estalker said...

Thanks to Curbed et al many celebs do get their purchases broadcasted but this seems like a plant. Not just for Jake but for the listing. Look at all the free press this listing is getting. Also many celebs buy before a condo or co-op even hits the market, this listing has been on 35 days now.

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, Tom. Here's a few Best Actor Oscar Winners and Nominees who have played cops/detectives in film:

Gene Hackman, Won for The French Connection

Rod Steiger Award Won for In the Heat of the Night

Al Pacino, Serpico (Best Actor nomination)

Jack Nicholson Chinatown (Best Actor nomination)

Nick Nolte Affliction (Best Actor nomination)

Denzel Washington, Won for Training Day

Methodical Muser said...

Remember how Tay Tay was going to buy a home in London to be near her "love," Harry Styles?

When Taylor Swift was dating Conor Kennedy, she bought a house near his. Now, she’s told real estate agents to find a house near Harry Styles!

The two aren’t officially a couple, but looking at this trend, we’d say it’s pretty serious.

Remember how Reese and Jake were house hunting for a London home in the exclusive Mayfair District in late 2008?

Now, we are told that Jake is going to buy a TriBeCa condo on Franklin street. We even get the address. How kind of them.

This is a common tactic when trying to wash away the gay. Inventing domestic back stories about the celebrity in question settling down. Considering the beard lives in NY, PR is, of course, hoping people will jump to some convenient heterosexual conclusions regarding Jake's future.

Just Jared exclusive said...

Olympic Diver Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black: First Couple Photos!

Tom Daley gives his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black a sip of his smoothie as they exit the University of Houston diving center on Wednesday (December 11) in Houston, Texas in these exclusive new photos!

The 19-year-old British Olympic diver is currently down in the Lone Star state training for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Dustin, a 39-year-old Oscar-winning screenwriter, showed his support for his man by wearing a Team Great Britain jacket!

Last week, Tom came out and revealed that he is dating a guy and “couldn’t be happier.”

While he didn’t reveal Dustin as his new beau by name, Tom appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show over the weekend and chatted about his new boyfriend.....

More here:

First Couple Photos on Just Jared

prairiegirl said...

^^ That's my link, guys. Kind of cute photos, although Tom is a little too 'perfect' looking for my interest.

But yea for Just Jared for bringing the first photos. JJ is a PR machine but he posts a lot of Adam Lambert, Neil & David, some Elton & David, Ellen and Portia, etc. So I'm glad of that.

Florida Tom said...

Good work MM. Remember Training Days vividly. Amazing performance by Denzel.

I am still shocked about Dustin and Tom. 20 years age difference is a lot. They do look pretty cute together though in that pic though.

Oscars for Sale: How campaigns sully the Academy Awards said...

Oscars for sale: How campaigns sully the Academy Awards

The Reel World | 4 December 2013

Tom Brook tells what it is like to be wined and dined by studio publicists during Oscars season – and why it is bad for moviegoers.

Recently I was invited to lunch with Prisoners stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. I also had breakfast with Gravity director Alfonso CuarĂ³n – having shared drinks and finger food the night before with 12 Years a Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and his director Steve McQueen. Sounds like some fantasy – but it did happen, for reasons that have to do with my marginal role in the Oscars race more than anything else.

I happen to be a voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, an organization that holds the Critics’ Choice Awards, a televised ceremony, in January. The trophies handed out that night get widely reported and raise the profile – and consequently the prospects – of individuals and films seeking Oscar glory. Hence all the wining and dining on the part of the studios to win our votes.

Courting members of the press and critics who vote in pre-Oscar contests has long been standard practice because studios know that winning Academy Awards can bring big financial rewards. A film which collects Oscar trophies, or even just nominations, can expect a healthy bump in box office revenues. Of course, an Academy Award is also sought because of the prestige it brings.

But the pursuit of winning Oscars has now become so intense, at times frantic, that it has reduced all the participants who are part of this annual frenzy – from journalists like me to big name stars – to pawns in a rather strange game....

Rest of the story at:

Shaking hands and kissing babies

Methodical Muser said...

The lunch with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman wasn’t as satisfying. Jackman, sadly, was a no-show, reportedly because he had recently undergone treatment for skin cancer. And I had to leave early so I didn’t get to talk to Gyllenhaal.

Interesting article about the grind of Oscar season and how studios and talent alike seek to influence the outcome with the personal touch.

Still, we learned this morning that actors like Michael Fassbender don't seem to play the game, yet they are constantly being recognized for their performances. I would imagine that Joaquin Phoenix and Daniel Day Lewis fall into that category as well.

I also thought this passage was intriguing:

The lunch with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman wasn’t as satisfying. Jackman, sadly, was a no-show, reportedly because he had recently undergone treatment for skin cancer. And I had to leave early so I didn’t get to talk to Gyllenhaal.

"Reportedly?" Sounds like Brook left the matter inconclusive as to why Jackman wasn't there at the meet and greet. I must say that the timing of the surgery story certainly provided Jackman with a ready made excuse of why he wasn't on the "campaign trail" with Jake.

Cute Couple! said...

Tom Daly and Dustin Lance Black make a beautiful couple.

Prisoners-Jake? said...

Jake's performance, on the other hand, seemed like he was acting to me. Too intense. Too angry.

Why are you blaming Jake for Prisoners not getting nominations? Don't blame Jake. Every actor in that movie either was over acting, under acting, misused, or under utilized. From Hugh to Jake, Melissa, etc. "everybody". It was an ok movie at best. Imo if they had a different director that movie would have made a bigger impact. The audience was there the 1st week, but it fell off and I think because of word or mouth. All of those nominated actors couldn't help. That movie's failure was not Jake's faught.

Prisoners said...

^^ failure to be NOMINATED! ^^

prairiegirl said...

Wow 0645, calm down. Nobody said a word about blaming no noms for Prisoners on Jake. Good grief. The conversation was geared towards individual performances.

Special K said...

This year's award race is very competitive. There are some great movies and great performances. Even more so in Jake's category.

Jake has truly been the good soldier and did what the studio asked and campaigned hard. What will be interesting is to see if they continue to campaign and try for a long shot.

Special K said...

Thanks Real Estalker for the info on the listings.

Special K said...

Thanks for the article on campaigning for Oscars.

the real m said...

As in all business endeavors, politics, politics, politics matters. And you can't just schmooze someone 5 minutes before the event. You have be to doing it 1 to 2 years ahead to make any impact. People are not stupid and know when they are being played or manipulated. So it was too late when Jake started to play kiss up. I have not seen Prisoners, but do plan to watch when it hits pay per view, apparently next week. But Jake blew his chance by being indifferent when it mattered, assuming it was an award winning performance to start with.

As for the house hunting rumors, that's real estate agents using the hunt for their own benefit at work here. I do think Jake needs his own pied-a-terre in NY. But it will have enough bedrooms for a family. He can blame it on Maggies's girls if he needs an alibi.

Even though it's Thursday, I had one cocktail tonight and you would not believe how many typos I had to fix!

destiny said...

I thought everyone was good in Prisoners, including Jake, and so did everyone I know who saw it. I just don't think it's the kind of film that was ever going to get Oscar attention. It's a good police procedural, well-thought out without glaring plot holes, but still not the kind of film that excites the awards crowd

destiny said...

Plenty of couples have had big age differences, but I think it's more startling, and the couple less likely to last, when one of them is very young, like Tom Daly.