Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jakey says Re - LAX

For the first time in while Jake seen twice in one week at LAX, for what can be assumed as a coming and going.

Sunday this was Jake's LAX look

And his Friday look

So we can agree Jake owns 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of pants and the beanie on his head.

Now that backpack - it looks like it didn't make cut - maybe it's just an East Coast thing.

And  Holiday Surprise Surprise - file in the not a lot of hype file -  Jake and Denis were on Charlie Rose this week speaking about Prisoners.


Special K said...

Snow rain a little thaw and in a couple hours the temp is going to drop again. Total freeze up. It's going be slicker than a used car salesman out there.

prairiegirl said...

It's going to be slicker than a used car salesman out there

LOLLL!! That was a good one, Special, I liked that.

BWAHAHAHHH!! I love my new 'stiff arm' avatar. I am so over Jake and his stiff arm to the paps, trying to act like he is so battered, stalked and harassed by paps.

When in fact, look at these pictures and so many of the latest ones we get at the darkened, deserted airport terminals we see him at. Where is everyone?! Is there just a horde of paparazzi behind the camera lenses that we're just not privy to? I'm not exactly seeing this huge glare of light coming from all the flashbulbs or microphones thrust in his face.

Come on, Jake. Maybe next time, I think he should add a football helmet instead of the Bowery Boys winter cap since that stiff arm is all he has to protect himself.

prairiegirl said...

Another thing. Why is it now we only get pictures of Jake entering the airport premises or after he's long exited the terminals, and coming out from behind dark hallways, pillars and walls or out of "drop-off" vehicles?

Remember way back when we used to see him in the security line? Or actually walking amongst the other people in the airport? He is getting to be such a little trickster, I'm permanently taking these airport pics with a block of salt. Where is the Morton girl? I need her and that umbrella when I look at these pictures from now on, lol.

This stiff arm/hand thing just kills me. It's a great touch, Jake. Love it, buddy!

prairiegirl said...

I also like the missing backpack. Dora, Boots and Map! must have taken off with it. ; )
What happened to the backpack? hmm.

Well anyway, hope the guys are enjoying their behind-the-scenes holiday season which is going on behind that big thick stage curtain of theirs. This is one of the best times of year, right?

It's such a short season, too. I'm really behind the eight ball this year. The shopping is going to go right up to the 2 minute warning.

Been enjoying some great tunes this year, too. I've been downloading Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Sammy and a bit more of Elvis like crazy. I didn't used to be a Bing Crosby fan but I have just fallen in love with his voice lately. He was awesome! And cannot get enough of the Chairman of the Board. Gosh, I love Frank. That guy rocked.

Cutiepie said...

I saw the cutest thing out shopping at the Home Depot the other day. A family was tying their Christmas tree to the top of their car, and there was a little boy of about 4 in the family. I said, 'you got your tree?' and he was jumping up and down with glee and clapping his little hands. That's what it's all about! :)

prairiegirl said...

Awwww that is so cute.

That's funny because I was at Lowe's yesterday and there was a small boy with who looked to be probably 'Grandpa' and the little boy came running up to the register with 2 more candy bars. He stood there, staring at those candy bars and kind of jumped up and down a few times.

lol. He looked so darn excited over those things. Nothing better than Grandpa and/or Grandma indulging and spoiling the grandkids.

I have the best memories of my niece and nephew when they were little, being out together with them and my parents. That's why I know Jake and Austin are having the time of their lives during this holiday season with their family.

All right, time to go out and hit it. Gonna get my own stiff arm goin' to battle the crowds. lol