Saturday, March 1, 2014

Roman Holiday

Once Jake got to Rome (or decided to let people know he was in Rome) he made sure that people knew he was there.

Here's Jake on set with one of his cast mates

And then with his cast mates off set

More Familia?  or Villaggio?

Will have to wait and see.


awwwwwwwwwwwwwww said...

Retweeted by Chloe Bennet
Sara Dinkin ‏@SaraDinkin Jan 5
Meet my friend Britney @chloebennet4 anybody looking for an impersonator? ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Miss PDA between Austin and his girlfriend? Enjoy!

Florida Tom said...

Austin could be banging 5 girls on video and I still would very much believe he was Gay. Enjoy!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

You know what I like? I like how Jake's pockets are always stuffed. The pockets of his cargo pants are always stretching at the seams, they're so filled. Now it looks like one of those coat pockets could be a guidebook, possibly. But the other pocket has something in it too. Those pockets are stuffed - he looks like Coach Marty Schottenheimer except from the front instead of from the back, lol.

What's in those pockets? Ball and jacks? String? Gum? Nah. He's not 10-12 years old anymore.

Remember he was always toting that backback around New York. Not so much recently, but when he first "moved" there (when several of the Gyllynichols would have still been in diapers), he was more than frequently seen with that thing. What was in there? Because it was full.

Well, he couldn't exactly be seen carrying around a diaper bag. Hence, the backpack.

I do think those kids are sometimes "around". They may not be right at his side, of course. But they find ways to get out, under the guise of traveling in a group or under the assumption that one would be one of the Sarsgaard children.

That's why it has been so important for him to be in NYC so that if he were seen in public with a kid, a Facebooker or a Tweeter would say "Oh, well he has nieces."

Remember the Labor Day weekend park sighting that we posted last year? Jake was seen at a Brooklyn park with children and the Facebook guy's wife had to comment on his post and tell him, "Well, that would be one of Maggie's kids".

That's exactly how that worked.

prairiegirl said...


LOL! You killed me on that, Tom. Killed me.

OH please. I'm not looking at that joke of a video. That thing is a disgrace of a sell.

Austin looks like a creepy uncle next to her. And what PDA? LOL!! I don't remember seeing any PDA.

Management, you are so wasting your time on here. And you know it.

You know you are. Never in a million years are you budging us. We will continue to be the biggest thorn in yours, Jake and Austin's side that you ever knew.

Sorry! :D

prairiegirl said...

The only problem with that sighting was that Jake was spotted at the park with children on the Friday of Labor Day weekend and Maggie didn't tweet that she was returning to NYC until Saturday.

Remember this story? Jake cradling and kissing on a baby "rolling with the group" at Sundance last year?

Rolling with the Group and glued to Jakey

But back to the family affair: Not only was Gyllenhaal's godmother, Jamie Lee Curtis, in attendance, the actor also spent a "large portion" of the evening cradling and playing with a baby that was rolling with the group.

How come we never heard whose baby that was? And if Jake loves babies soooo much, why isn't he married by now and having his own? Quite a different picture than what they're trying to sell now, isn't it? Now he's a mountain man rogue who doesn't have time for interviewing prospective future-mothers-of-his-children-to-be.

Jake needs to get on the same page as his Management, sometimes. There's some memos that are going directly into his Spam folder, lol.

Location, location, location said...

Forget the stupid Chloe pics. We all know that Austin is gay. I'm more interested in returning to the topic of why Jake did not dye his hair blond for Everest? This movie is supposed to be a true account based on the non-fiction book, Into Thin Air. There was even a TV movie made back in 1997 by the same name and guess what? Peter Horton played the Fischer part...a blond. I think that omission alone, really supports the theory that Jake is playing with timelines all the time. He takes a bunch of pics in different outfits and then when his people need to leak something to try and place him somewhere, here come the "at the ready" photos. Who cares if the beard growth is not right. Or if he looks fatter or thinner than he's supposed to be. Everyone will just rationalize the differences by discussing camera angles or lighting distorting the image.

I just caught up with reading the comments over the last several days and I agree with the person who mentioned that he wears caps and hoodies for a closeted reason. He has to hide the length of his hair, because it's easier to put a date to the length and style of someone's "do". If he had dyed his hair blond, however, his PR team could not have used their handy folder of Jake pics at the ready.

With Everest, it's really become clear that Jake is blurring when he is actually working on a film and when the filming stops. More material to support the notion that he has a family and he is trying to make it seem that he's working longer than he is. Who knows how many shooting days this film even committed Jake to. And, now that we know a substantial portion of the movie is green screened, his involvement is even more laughable. And for that matter, where he was actually filming.

The article that was released at the beginning of the year, stated that everyone begin to film on January 13. Yet, only last Sunday (+40 days) do we get a photo of Jake sightseeing in Rome of all places. What a crack up. He wasn't even supposed to be filming in Rome. Doesn't anyone remember this:

Shooting starts January 13 in the Dolomites in Italy and will continue in Nepal and Iceland.

Or this:

In November 2013, the film was set for a January 13, 2014 production start date in Italy, co-financier Brian Oliver told Variety that they will shoot in ร–tztal Alps in Italy for six weeks, a month in Iceland and then move to Nepal for another month shoot.

If Austin is suddenly being seen in LA now it's because he's been with Jake all this time and was sent home. Along with Maggie.

Florida Tom said...

Of course actors have nieces and nephews that they love but none that I know of get written about or talked about so much as with Jake and his nieces. Yeah Jake's sister is an actress too but there are a several sibling acting duos out there that but we have no clue what type of relationships they have with their nieces and nephews or even if they have them. Jake's public relationship with his nieces is way over the top.

Florida Tom said...

Cont: and actually shoved down the public throats. Like who cares :-)

After Reese said...

Jake's public relationship with his nieces is way over the top.

I agree completely, Tom. There are many other sibling actors and many of those have nieces and nephews. Not only do we not have them shoved down our throats every five minutes though, but we don't see them marketed as part of an actual family. Each performer lives their own lives. And, you certainly don't see their mother hanging around their girlfriends at every possible chance.

The way Jake and Maggie's relationship has been portrayed, it's almost like they are lovers. They just have to live next to each become they can't be separated. Of course, they are separated all the time, but then here come the photo ops again to remind us how close they really are. Oh, and then there's the fake Jake image of the surrogate father. Yet, we never see him with those kids. Look beneath the headlines and you will see a house built on a very unstable foundation. The public perception does not jive with reality.

Methodical Muser said...

Some very good points today from everyone, except the troll that is. PDA? That really is the very definition of tinhatting.

I agree completely with the blond hair observation. That's why Jake wears the same closeted apparel over and over and over again.

One more thing. That city of Rome sightseeing group photo is also curious. How come Jake looks like Old Man River, but Josh has a nice haircut and a well groomed goatee? Jake needs to negotiate his contracts better. Apparently, Josh got a stylist and Jake got the shaft. Or, maybe they haven't been filming for awhile so Josh has no need to retain his character's rough edges. What is Jake's excuse?

prairiegirl said...

Not to reiterate what's been said already, but one more point to make about why not dye the hair blond for the part argument is if you were going to make a movie about the life of George Washington, would you wear your hair short or as auburn? No, you wouldn't because you're at least going to make yourself as close to the character that you're playing for the sake of believability and getting into the character as an actor.

Methodical Muser said...

I wonder why Josh Brolin wasn't in both of those photos on Special's post?

Methodical Muser said...

...why not dye the hair blond for the part argument is if you were going to make a movie about the life of George Washington, would you wear your hair short or as auburn?

LOL! That explains why Daniel Day Lewis didn't have red hair for Lincoln

Methodical Muser said...

For the record, other discrepancies with this film include the sudden change in the start of the shoot which had been set originally to begin in early November, 2013. Funding problems were the ostensible reason given for the delay, announced to be January 13, 2013. Then Brolin mysteriously gets shoved into rehab nearly three weeks after, an altercation with a bouncer in Santa Monica. Then Jake is seen in London with Brolin on several occasions beginning on December 9, 2013. An awfully short rehab, don't you think?

The Daily Mail then runs an article indicating that Josh Brolin was in London on December 12. Now, remember that, initially, the simulation sequences were to be shot in Pinewood Studios. Not in Rome.

As always, we conveniently get splashy photos of Jake departing from LAX on December 8 and returning to LAX on December 13 even though he is supposed to live in NY. How nice of Just Jared and the other usual suspects to tell us all about Jake's comings and goings. One big problem is that the two sets of photos don't match in terms of the shape of Jake's beard, nor do they coincide with how Jake looked on the Ellen show from early in December. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the green screening was being done in December in London. We all know that Jake was seen in Texas, NY, Mississippi, New Orleans, and the Charlotte International Airport in January when he was supposed to be filming in Europe. Sounds to me like a man hardly working at all.

prairiegirl said...

Well, and talk about a "strike through", what about Iceland? Wasn't Everest also supposed to do some filming in Iceland?

Cross Creek’s Brian Oliver told Variety that the Italian shoot would take six weeks followed by a month of shooting in Iceland — Kormakur’s home country — and another month in Nepal.
What about Iceland?

Doesn't look like Iceland's happening, does it?

Methodical Muser said...

Doesn't look like Iceland's happening

Maybe they are going to splice in some cutting room floor footage from Jake's Man vs. Wild footage, 2010.

Special K said...

More about this crazy Everest shoot.

Vikings Season 2 is back on the History this past week and Clive Standen is on the show and he is also part of the cast of Everest.

This is part of the article from The Irish Independent. It was originally published on Feb 26th (The 27th was the premiere for the second season of Vikings) and was update with more info about Vikings on the 28th)

Clive Standen has admitted filming new action thriller Everest on location in freezing temperatures has been "tough but fun".

The Vikings star is among an ensemble cast that includes Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emily Watson, Jason Clarke and Michael Kelly in the film about the 1996 disaster which saw eight people killed when an expedition were trapped in a blizzard on the summit of the world's tallest mountain.

Clive has already spent three weeks filming on location at the Everest base camp in Nepal, and in the Dolomite mountains in northern Italy.

He said: "It's a film based on a tragedy that happened there in 1996, where a lot of mountaineers were stuck at the summit of Everest when a storm came in and many of them didn't come back down alive. It's an amazing tale of endurance and its been fantastic.

"We've been working on it for about three weeks now - we've been filming right at the top of the Dolomites at minus 20 celsius and it's tough but it's lots of fun. Lots of men stuck up a mountain and helicopters and we've been doing lots of mountaineering and climbing training. I think it's going to be a good one."

He added: "I just finished doing some scenes with Josh Brolin and he's a joy to work with. He's a fantastic actor and I feel really lucky to be a part of this project."

The film is being directed by Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur, whose work includes action comedy 2 Guns with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

Here's the link: Standen:Filming Everest is Tough

Special K said...

The director is from Iceland so they might end up doing a bit of the movie there.

destiny said...

Late to the discussion about the Boston St. Patrick's Day parade. Personally I don't think it's much of a step. They don't want the marchers to identify as gay in any way. The name of the group is "bland" enough that some people are not going to get what it means. Gay people can already march with other groups if they don't wear any identifying t-shirts or carry signs, it's not individuals are banned just because they['re gay. It's telling people they're gay that's banned, and I don't see that this really changes things.

destiny said...

It does seem odd that Jake is not dying his hair for the role.

A Make-Believe Mt. Everest said...

Everest will be shot in a studio not in actual Everest. None of actors will visit Nepal in the course of shooting

According to Nepali Times, “Lama and a group of 12 real-life Sherpas are off to Val Paradiso in Italy to do the outdoor part of the shoot in a make-believe Mt Everest. After that Lama will go to Pinewood Studios near London to film his role of the rescue inside a Ecureuil simulato.

Notice no mention of filming in Rome at all.

prairiegirl said...

wow. Boy, I'll say one thing.

I do not envy these movie stars as they age with the whole world watching. What kind of tremendous pressure is there on them to stay looking young?

I guess I haven't seen Goldie Hawn in a long time. She doesn't even look like herself anymore. I was shocked at her looks tonight.

And John Travolta with too dark of hair.

Jake is how much younger than John and I know he's prematurely greying but at least that's "him", lol.

Angela Lansbury and Betty White are a couple of the few exceptions to this era of plastic surgery and artificial enhancements.

We all can age naturally but these actors go to tremendous lengths to maintain their looks. Crazy.