Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And in this corner...

While filming Southpaw has tapped a lot of locals and local talent to fill roles in the movie.  Lawyers, guests at parties, boxing judges, etc.  And now it comes right into the ring.

Mix Martial Arts fighter and gym owner Mark Shrader got a chance to be in Jake's corner, or actually Billy Hope's cornerman.

A cornerman is "coach or teammate assisting a fighter during the length of a bout. The cornerman remains outside the combat area during the fight, but in proximity, and can assist the fighter through instruction. This instruction can take place in between rounds."

"The cornerman occasionally performs cutman duties such as applying ice to reduce swelling and stopping bleeding. The cornerman may also be responsible for throwing in the towel when necessary."

  Shrader  spent two weeks in June shoot with Jake, Rachel and 50 cent filming 14 hour days.  He was called back to shoot for 3 more days in July.

And things must have worked well, Shrader said that Jake, "and co-stars Rachel McAdams and 50 Cent are 'normal people.' At one point, Shrader said Jake "invited him to the spend the day with him in the gym." (source)


destiny said...

I feel like we're in some weird Twilight Zone where they never stop filming Southpaw.

prairiegirl said...

TX! said...
Ana-Marcela Lopez @ana_marcela13 · 3 h

Thanks to @AUS10NICHOLS for making a regular Tuesday night at Shady Grove memorable! #comebacksoon!

August 6, 2014 at 3:24 AM

^^^ And this would be why the paid troll disappeared last night as soon as we began discussing Leadville August BT. Paid Troll I imagine had to go running off to retrieve this file photo so he could go tweet it out.

How predictable was this? It didn't surprise me one bit. #Clockwork

Sorry, picture could have been taken anytime. There's nothing in the picture, nothing from the tweeter that guarantees it was taken last night.

These guys are going to have to get much more convincing than what they are. They don't seem to comprehend that they've got a few hard sells here.

Nope, I would imagine Jake and Austin forgot that we would remember about Leadville BT.

lol. Ah, I love it. Keep on spinning, fellas. Go on to Plan B, I don't know - another Mystery Gal, trip to China, whatever.

Methodical Muser said...

Or, they could bring back The Poopster!