Saturday, August 30, 2014

Still There

This was not the post that was intended for today, that can wait, but this one, well it just felt right to do it now.

After a day of hearing stories about how a friend came out and love and support (while a little misguided) and effort his step mother made to understand more and show him how much she loved and accepted him,  and talking with people on another type of life journey, that of sobriety one thing stood out,  how important letting people know that you support them, that you continue to support them and what them to find that peace, that joy, that goal that is they're journey.

It doesn't matter what the journey is, it is letting them know,  letting them know you're thinking about them, that even if they slip backwards, slow down or steam ahead, that you are still in their corner and that they to find that truth, that life, that peace they seek.

Sometimes when those in a journey think that no one is interested anymore, or cares that they succeed, because no one has mentioned anything in a while.  They can use that as an excuse to continue to move forward.

People are still here, still want you move forward, still want you get there.

It isn't easy, there are times that go off the path, but the goal is there.  You've taken starts and stops,  just know that there are people who are in your corner.


the real m said...

Beautiful sentiment, just beautiful.

Seaweed said...

Hope springs eternal.. but it often needs a booster shot. In the end, it is the love that endures.

Thanks for that Special.

Florida Tom said...

We are all on our own personal journey. There is nothing like love and support to help us all through that journey. Sometimes we think we can do it all on our own but we cannot. Sometimes I think God speaks through other people. We just have to listen. The Holy Spirit lives within us all. Whether you are struggling with the process of coming out or even recovery there is nothing like the love and support of those around us :-)

prairiegirl said...

Very nice post, Special. And Tom's right, everyone is on a journey. Some people's journey is much tougher than others'. I don't know why some people are given more to bear; we are told that none of us is given more than we're able to handle. But we have to ask for help. We have to know that we're not alone and there is Someone who is always, always there for us.

And totally agree that friends/family can be that Voice. That "Snap out of it!" that we need. We've got to have those kinds of people in our life. We may not like what they tell us. We may not like the road that is ahead. But we need those people around us who are frank. Who don't let us get away with our selfish crap and will tell us how it really is. Who set us off without our training wheels and tell us to "Go! You can do it!" And it may be just one person. But you need to have that kind of Sig. Other, friend, or family member who you can count on to tell it to you straight.

They support you but they also help make you a better, stronger person.

prairiegirl said...

One great thing that has happened this weekend in celebrity world is Jensen Ackles has purchased a new house, putting his Malibu home up for sale.

And where is his new house going to be? In Austin TX. And where in Austin TX is Jensen's new house? Just a few houses down from Jared's. This is pretty darned significant.

His house purchase is on public record, although the beard's name is also on the purchase, but that could be the concession that was made so that Jensen could move to Austin.

Unbelievable, right? The news has certainly set off alot of surprised pleasure throughout the J2 fandom. The rumor had been out through the summer, but this is the news confirmed.

No, the guys aren't coming out anytime in the immediate future, but at least this is something and likely a step of some significance towards them laying the groundwork for their future life together. Jared's son Thomas has shown some real attachment to Jensen and it could be that these guys want the children all very close and cease being separated so much.

I'm so glad these guys can at least be out in the open and show their affection for one another. They have tweeted at each other since Jensen joined Twitter and it's great that they have been seen together in public more often lately than in the past.

It's at least a bit encouraging and gives great hope for the future.

jake and austin blog said...
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prairiegirl said...

Oh shut the hell up.

Like I don't know who this is who said that and it's the ringleader of the Waiting for Austin blog next door.

We discuss all couples on here and it's all relevant.

Sit down.