Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rolling with the punches

More scenes of Jake in the Bronx as they finish up filming Southpaw over the past few days.

Notice he's got a few bumps and bruises (courtesy of the make up dept)

Dad out of the ring

Both Jake and Austin have been challenged on twitter to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

Jake this does not count.

Ice Ice baby.

 Come on and step up for a good cause.


prairiegirl said...

Meg (@Megan_870)
8/20/14, 20:40

& then this happened����������������

I hope this link works LOL

Mr Nichols in all his glory.

Special K said...

50 Cent taps Jake for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

50 Cent - Jake Ice Bucket Challenge

prairiegirl said...

I bet Jake doesn't do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

It would look funny if he refused to take off his hoodie and he wouldn't do it if he had to lower the hoodie. I think it might be glued to his head, lol.

prairiegirl said...


Look at the stupid troll.

He thinks that's going to shut down this blog.

Jake. And Austin. And WME. All think that's going to shut down OMG.

We are prepared to take further steps, whatever is necessary.

destiny said...

I love all the ice bucket challenges, and they've raised a ton of money for ALS, so it's a win-win situation.

I especially love the one of Matt Bomer's kids dumping ice on him on the beach, very adorable. I've included the link in case anyone wants to see it.

Bomer Gets Iced

prairiegirl said...

LOL! That was a good one, Destiny. Man, he got it 3 times in a row! Jared accepted his challenges with Jensen dumping ice water on him from a cooler.

Matt looks really nice in that nautical tank, I like it!

The amount of money that the ALS Foundation has raised compared to last year is phenomenal. I hope that a cure can be found with it.

AUS10 said...

Congratulations @LievSchreiber and the cast of @SHO_RayDonovan for Season 3!!

prairiegirl said...

Boy, one of the biggest safety precautions we endorse at work has always been to take care on stairs. Hold onto a railing if the staircase is over 3 steps. I'm a fanatic about that and to this day now, I cannot stand to go down stairs without a railing to hold onto.

Tonight I learned my niece fell down a flight of stairs at her school and had to go to the ER. No broken bones, but we'll find out more later.

My poor niece. Anytime you fall down stairs, it can be serious.

So important to hold onto a railing, everyone!!! I'm quite serious about that.

destiny said...

Sorry about your niece PG. I know of two people who've broken bones in the past month from accidents, although both were in the home and didn't involve stairs.

destiny said...

Any idea where Austin is in that photo PG?

prairiegirl said...

She acted like they came across him on the street in LA, Dest. This tweet preceeded that one:

Meg (@Megan_870)
8/20/14, 20:39

So today I saw Julian from One Tree Hill & chased him down Hollywood Boulevard & when I caught him I couldn't stop shaking & almost cried

Austin's film Stroker was at a film festival yesterday in Los Angeles.

destiny said...


prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Haven't heard anything about the film at the Holly Shorts film festival. Did Austin even go?