Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Bad" that rhymes with Rad

OMG was ahead of the game on Wednesday with a TBT of Austin and "Little Blue"  (Austy's blue stone pinky ring)

But for TBT - Austin did one of his own.

I was obsessed with Michael Jackson and suicide machines. - AUS10

Not sure what is the best part of this picture.

The bike

The jacket

The glasses

Those acid washed jeans

The little 80's style high tops

That gumby style hairdo or that wonderfully auburn hair.

or it is the powerful way he's grabbing the clutch with one hand, while  the other hand is delicately resting on his knee.

And you know.... this explains a lot. 

Rex and Rod from the 80's BMX racer movie RAD.


destiny said...

What a fun picture of Austin.

I've not heard one iota of gossip about Jake and Franco. I can't even picture it, I think they are so different, and both have egos.

the real m said...

Fabulous pictures. A real find - even if he did release them himself.

Yeah, that comment re Jake and Franco holds no water. Besides, Franco likes to spew all kinds of misinformation just for the fun of it.

Somehow Jake's fist does not project energy the way it does when some of the others do it. Not sure why that is. He seems so reluctant in photos now versus the old Jake.

Florida Tom said...

How bout them Royals :-)

prairiegirl said...

How 'bout them Royals? 1st place, Tom! Except they couldn't win when I was there with friends on T Shirt Tuesday this week. lol. I must have brought bad luck.

Is that the Philly Eagle, Tom?