Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sooo Sharky

It's full on Shark from Austin who tweeted after attending another Oceana  event this past weekend.

Go to . Scroll down to see our video about sharks!!   - AUS10


Definitely check out Austin's video for Oceana sponsored by Nautica 

 We teamed up w/ actor to tag , and encountered some amazing species: - AUS10

It wasn't all shark with a tweet just about the weekend event and the guest of honor Leonardo DiCaprio

My environmental hero accepting his award at the SeaChange Party. - AUS10

 Anyone else think Leo is looking more and more Orson Wellian? 


Florida Tom said...

If I was Austin I sure would be worried about Beau. Wow !!!!

Special K said...

I don't think Austin needs to worry. He's looking mighty good in that video on Nautica.com

destiny said...

Austin is looking good. Leo not so much, he really does kind of look like Orson Wells.

prairiegirl said...

I don't think Austin needs to be worrying about anybody, lol.

It's Jake who needs to be the one worrying. Austin continues to look just incredible.

He really looks great in dark colors. That dark navy T shirt? Simple yet pretty darn devastating.

norwegian girl said...

i have become a fan o sean bean online, and you have to post 25 comments to get access to "the real conversation", blahhh. i mentiond this fan-site, without naming it. how great this place is and because i`m alwayas returning, blaha. this place is unique! there is no other fandom like this place, and i wish to fall in love with jake and austin again because of this place. neil and david have a community that i have never parted in,and, i believe they have troubles, but who would`nt have after so many years together. i think they now have a lot more troubles than before, but i hope they will work them out, and i miss this place! hope everything is ok with special, tom, desteny, northeats tb, ans prairegirl:) a big hug

Florida Tom said...

Yes Austin loooooks good. Never a doubt about that. Yum :-)

the real m said...

Not to dredge up Reese after all this time, but enty lawyer had her in a reveal today.:

This A+ list mostly movie actress usually has her assistant call a pap agency to snap the photo of our actress. The assistant is on vacation so our actress made the call herself and whispered the entire time like it was a state secret. She then called the pap three more times to confirm everything and where they would meet. Apparently it was hilarious but the pap didn't want to laugh while on the phone for fear of losing the daily job.

Reese Witherspoon

So just more confirmation that she milked the fake Jake relationship back in the day - god forbid it looked like she had no guy trailing after her for even a moment.