Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fun with Photos

One of the outtakes from promo pictures for an interview about LaOD

Top Ten Captions for this Picture

10. Jake: Am I supposed to hear the ocean or your heartbeat?

9.  Anne: No Jake,  girls do not have cooties.

8.  Anne:  Don't cry Jakey, you'll get an Oscar one day.

7.  Jake: I'll need to call my therapist,  this is oddly maternal and terrifying.

6. Anne:  I want to be Jack and you be Ennis. 

4. Jake:  Ok, you can stop holding me now,  I think they got enough pictures.

3. Anne:  Ohhh sweetie I'm sorry... you can't borrow my Les Mis outfit.

2.  Anne:  Let me tell you a story, about a big bad wolf ...okay ...wolverine name Hugh.

5.  Anne:  Okay, I'm Fantine,  and you're young Corsette.

And the #1 caption

I know it's confusing with me being a girl.


AUS10 said...

My tiny friend

the real m said...

Thanks for the explanation Special. I just wanted ot make sure I was not missing anything.

Love your Avatar too PG. Ted keeps talking about writing a book. I wonder if Toothy will be a key character in it.

Methodical Muser said...

Good for Austin. He obviously finally figured out that the PR goons have been all over his Twitter account for days. That pic he just posted shows that the photo from the Amusement Park chick's account is from another time period. Piggyback Austin is younger in that upload. His hair is different too.

Given the rustic, tranquil image, he just posted with that cute little deer, I think Austin is trying to counter the raunchy, lascivious, dirty old man image his team doesn't seem to mind portraying him to be. Perhaps even trying to suggest that he's interested in a much different kind of wildlife?