Saturday, August 2, 2014

By any other name...

The recent news is that Maggie is not Maggie, but Margalit.

"She stumbled across the finding while gathering the paperwork necessary to legally take the last name of her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard. When she confronted her parents about the name confusion, they didn't remember naming her 'Margalit.' "  (Margalit means Pearl in Hebrew)

 Alrighty then....

So if Mom and Dad didn't remembering name her, OMG wondered Jake's real name might be:

 Top Ten Other Names Could Be on Jake's Paperwork

10. Wanted to double their gold and used Jacobus

9. Found out Jarlsberg was Norwegian and not Swedish after they named him.

8. Pops didn't know they wrote Jazz Hand when he was kidding with the nurse.

7.  For her to be godmother they had to name him Jamie Lee

6.  Jacko   -  (It was the 80's and Michael was king)

5.  Didn't know if he'd actually grow into Jaybird

4.  Middle name is actually Bingo

3.  Wanted to make a political statement and went with Jacobin (For all you Francophiles)

2. Nichols

And the #1  Starts with Toothy ends with Tile


Methodical Muser said...

Ha, ha. I read that same article and rolled my eyes. Give me a break. The parents didn't remember what they named their own child?

What also discredits this ludicrous story is that, as Special indicates, Margalit means "Pearl" in Hebrew. Well, guess what? The name they just happened to give their daughter "Maggie" means "Pearl" in Greek too. This whole family is so full of it.

How absurd to try to get us to think that she never had need of her birth certificate until she was 36 years old. Passports do require birth certificates and she's been traveling overseas for decades. Never mind any other number of other occasions when a birth certificate is necessary.

The real question is why is she lying about this? Look closer in that "story" and I think you will see the sentence that may hold the key:

Gyllenhaal, 36, said she stumbled across the finding while gathering the paperwork necessary to legally take the last name of her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard….

Ah, yes. Another excuse to talk about how loved up she is with that devoted hubby with never see her with. You know the one who gave her those kids she finds so burdensome to raise.

Let's face it. Life is so hard for old Margalit. I don't know how she bears up under the strain. Seems like she and Jake have a lot in common in that regard because we know how hard it is to be Jake.

Methodical Muser said...

Btw: Very clever post, Special. I particularly liked the Jacobin reference with the "Revolutionary" T-shirt. A perfect pairing. Don't know why. But, sometimes I do think of a guillotine when I think about this family. LOL!

Special K said...

Actually you didn't need a birth certificate to get a passport before 9/11 that has only happened since then. And as for proof of employment or getting your license your passport is an acceptable form of identification, so that's one way it never got caught.

But what I find most interesting is that Maggie is changing her name now and not when she married Peter back in 2009, why wait 5 years to change your legal name?

It makes me think about how her mom waited years to make Gyllenhaal a part of her legal name, and then shortly after she divorced Steven.

Methodical Muser said...

Well, she's traveled overseas since 9/11. So Maggie would have had to use her birth certificate before 2014, wouldn't she? Moreover, the part of the story that is absolutely absurd is when she states that her own parents didn't remember naming her "Margalit." Uh, huh. That makes sense. The hospital staff just arbitrarily thought of the name of Margalit and miraculously knew how to spell it too. Sell it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...
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heads up said...

Anon you need to put a name to your post or it will get deleted.

covering for 6:12 said...

no once you have a passport you just need your expiring passport to get a renewal.

August 3, 2014 at 6:12 PM

the real m said...

Oh my goodness. What a cute picture of Jake as a child. A little darling.

I too think she should be leery of changing her name after what happened to her Mom. She waited all though years and Steven divorced her right after. Or maybe Maggie wants to follow in the same footsteps. It will make for a good story to tell.

As for the name, my sister was given a Hebrew name that she shunned all her life. She used an Americanized version from early childhood and when she passed two years ago her daughters had no clue how to spell her original name. I had to dig out some old letters that my Dad wrote where he had used her Hebrew name for them. But my sister always knew what her real name was.