Monday, August 18, 2014

Not done till the bell's rung

While filming has wrapped up in Pittsburgh that doesn't mean Southpaw is over just yet.  It's off to NYC to film for a few days, and to get some scenes in that will give it that New York state of mind.




We have also found out a little more to the Hope story. Actor Beau Knapp is Jon Jon, the fighter’s lifelong best friend who came up with him through foster care and is on the payroll.

And Jake's not afraid to box his own shadow wherever he goes.  He's seen here with one of his team, pulling a few punches with his shadow as they head down the street.

But don't think the flash is gone when he's not filming, check out the glimmer of those chains we've seen before, that Jake keeps those special memories close to his heart.


prairiegirl said...


Weinstein & Co. obviously has underestimated the stubbornness and resiliency of Special K, Oh My Godot and Co.


prairiegirl said...


Obviously, Weinstein and Co. are unaccustomed to the stubbornness and resiliency of Special K, Oh My Godot...and Co.

All the money and influence in the world cannot alter the truth.

prairiegirl said...

And hey, while Jake's over in New York finishing up filming, he might want to check in. You know, just make sure Roberto isn't adding his own brand of PB&J making skills.

No crusts allowed.

Methodical Muser said...

You mean truths like the Santa Monica/Malibu school year starts today? There might be a reason why Austin is not tweeting right now. He probably wanted to make sure that those PB&Js were as fresh as possible. I hope he added a few celery sticks on behalf of the hubby.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, I know of a PB&J maker that the guys could hire. Roberto Buckley.
; )

Obviously while Jake is finishing up filming across the country, Austin is likely in charge of getting everyone off on the 'school bus'. Now we know why he needed to be back in Cali, thus freeing up Jake to shadow box on the sidewalks and streets of NYC.

That's awfully sweet, guys.

Nightcrawler Test Screening said...

Ventura County @ventura101
TONIGHT 7PM: Free movie preview starring Jake Gyllenhaal, NIGHTCRAWLER 17-49 year-olds in #WoodlandHills |

Straight-to-DVD said...

Brady Sullivan (@imbradysullivan)
8/18/14, 21:26

Does Jake Gyllenhaal do anything anymore besides straight-to-DVD predictable thrillers?

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prairiegirl said...

Why is Jake's movie Nightcrawler being moved back two weeks? I thought word of mouth was that it had "Oscar" written all over it?

Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Nightcrawler' Crawls to Halloween Release Date
3:28 PM PST 08/19/2014 by Austin Siegemund-Broka

Nightcrawler's release date has crept back two weeks.

The film will be released Oct. 31 instead of Oct. 17, 2014, Open Road Films announced Tuesday.

Nightcrawler, which will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a driven young crime reporter in Los Angeles whose pursuits in the high-speed world of "nightcrawling" have dangerous consequences.

It shared the Oct. 17 spot with the David Ayer tank drama Fury, which was recently moved up from Nov. 14, and Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman. The date is also held by the horror origin story Dracula: Untold, the animated Book of Life, and the Nicholas Sparks romance The Best of Me.

The new date puts Nightcrawler in competition with thriller Before I Go To Sleep, the Daniel Radcliffe starrer Horns and the limited theatrical run of The ABCs of Death 2, which will be released on VOD Oct. 2.

Nightcrawler is the directorial debut of Dan Gilroy, who wrote the script. It is produced by Jennifer Fox, Tony Gilroy, Michel Litvak, Gyllenhaal and David Lancaste, with Gary Michael Walters and Betsy Danbury executive producing. It was financed by Bold Films.

Why are Jake's people always moving his movies around?

prairiegirl said...

So an article by The Wrap makes this point about the two week move-back:

Jake Gyllenhaal's ‘Nightcrawler’ Moves to Halloween, Avoids Brad Pitt's ‘Fury’

The same thing was done with Prisoners - released so that there wasn't really heavy competition against it. I don't get it. If they're really good movies, why do you have to stack the deck?

Is this what the studios do? There's only so many weeks in a year to play around with, lol.

destiny said...

Studios are always moving films around to try and get an advantage. It happens more with big blockbuster type films, but it also goes on with movies that might be in the running for awards. It's so easy for even really good movies to get overlooked and do poorly if there is too much competition.

This is especially true in NY and LA, where on any given Friday 25-30 films open (with many only lasting a week).

The decision is made by studios and producers, I don't think there are any stars who have any input on the opening date of a movie.

Florida Tom said...

There is a lot of positioning and competition for films that come out late Fall or early winter. I think it is a good idea that the film was moved. Award season begins in the late Fall. They must think this is award opportunities with this film. I have seen Jake's name on the second tier of Oscar nominees for this film.

Florida Tom said...

Just went through some of the predictions for Oscars and Jake's name for his roles in Nightcrawler and Enemy was mentioned on the second tier lists but as the the season is moving along he seems to have dropped. Surprised that Steve Carrell right now is a heavy favorite to win Best Actor this year. Plus this is interesting old Reese is on top tier lists for best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. A few have picked her to win Best Actress. So Reese is having a good year..

Methodical Muser said...

That recent Just Jared post on Jake that describes his walking companion as “the mystery female” got me wondering just how often that word has been used to describe those inscrutable XX chromosomes who have been photographed in his company over the years. The word not only used to describe the same woman over and over again (because one would think the person wouldn’t be a mystery anymore after multiple articles over several years, have appeared in various gossip permutations), but all the other fair sex companions who evidently just don’t want to be identified with Jake. I guess these women think it's better to remain a mystery than be branded as being associated with Mr. NYC Shadow Boxer.

Samples of various headlines over the years:

Mystery blond
Mystery brunette
Mystery date
Mystery female pal
Mystery gal
Mystery girl
Mystery girl beard
Mystery woman
Mysterious lady

the real m said...

That guy that plays Jon Jon is pretty cute. nice eyes.

We probably won't hear much feedback on Nightcrawler unless the reviews are glowing. SOP is to muffle any negatives until the film opens.