Saturday, August 23, 2014

To market, to market

Pictures of Jake back at the West Tisbury Farmers Market on Martha's Vineyard popped up with a barefoot shopping and chatting.

With President Obama on the Vineyard for his summer vacation at the moment, you wonder why Jake would want to deal with that circus.

But then again it is the end of summer, and the Vineyard is a part of Jake's summer traditions so you can see why he would want to head back before the season is over.

And then again it might be good place for hiding in plain sight if everyone is on Obama Watch few if any would be tracking Jake there.

Because you know,  a guy just wants some time to kick back and grab some melons sometimes.
 Did you expect him to grab something else?


prairiegirl said...

Oh My Godot will serve as my archive and platform for verification that a paid troll courtesy of Jake's management has impersonated my @goosestile account on Twitter.

This will serve as public record of the way my account page stands:

GoosesTile twitter homepage as it stands at 14:00 on Aug242014

prairiegirl said...

Here is the impersonator and the way their Twitter homepage stands as of 14:02 CT on today, Aug 24 2014:

The impersonating account as of 14:02 CT on Aug242014

prairiegirl said...

And now here is my account, @GoosesTile homepage as it stands today, Aug242014 at 14:19 CT:

my new homepage copy that now Management

prairiegirl said...

The paid minion created a GoosesTile account, impersonating the original and making it look like they just did create it, which is an outright lie.


This is pretty funny how threatened Management, how utterly befuddled and frustrated they are by us that they harrass Special and her blog, and harass myself on social media, both my personal as well as my goosestile account which I've had since Mar 2012. The fake account claims to have establish theirs in Jan of 2012, which is an outright lie and the minion has figured out how to manipulate dates on Twitter, which we all know can be done.

Read it and weep. Their account page no longer looks like mine and when/if they change to make it again copy mine? It will be as good as an explosive dye pack.

prairiegirl said...

Special, great post. Excellent point about Jake supposedly being on Martha's Vineyard when the President is there.

Yeah, wouldn't be the best timing.

And if he was, well, you know the kids weren't there, don't you? The kids are with Austin.

Special K said...

A friend of mine who came out to me year ago sent me this :

It's a article from the NY Times about Dollywood.

Dollywood: A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Gay

Methodical Muser said...

And, look how utterly oblivious Jake is in both Tisbury Farmers Market pics. Both of which just happen to have captured the precise moment when he was chatting up two young bare legged, wo-men. The Church's Boxing logo on his ubiquitous black T-shirt was a nice touch to time/date stamp the moment too.

I'll just kick back and wait for the Jake dining with the Obama's photos. Should be posted any hour now. Malia just turned 16 after all.

destiny said...

Wish I was on a beach somewhere, sigh. Heading out to see family later this week, so it'll be desert and mountains, but I sure do love the ocean.

Totally off topic, I recently saw one of the best movies I've ever seen, Boyhood. Richard Linklater filmed it over 12 years with the same cast, and you get to see a boy grow into an adult. It is edited so flawlessly that you barely notice when it switches to a different year. I highly recommend it.

Special K said...

50 Cent stopped by Sur La Table to take a cooking class.


You think spending so much time with Jake might have made him want to try his hand at cooking?

Seaweed said...

I'm thinking Jake would rather be reaching for a couple of coco-nuts. Chances are this is all staged for the masses who just swallow all that's put in front of them whole.

I used to enjoy seeing Jake at Martha's Vineyard from time to time but now.... not so much!

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...

Boyhood is high on almost all of the Oscar Best Pics. It sounds like there are some really good movies coming out.

Special K said...

I've heard really good stuff about Boyhood too, and would love to try and catch it while it's still out. I'm a big fan of director Richard Linklater.

Special K said...

Seaweed, you crack me up. But I agree, I think Jake is more a fan of coconuts too. ; )

Ohhh now there's some inspiration for a some future posts. :D

the real m said...

I've head good things about Boyhood too, but still have quite a few items sitting in my Netflix queue. I guess I'll have time for them soon since I'll be retired.

Jake looks pretty good in the photos, totally disinterested in the women of course.