Saturday, May 1, 2010

PoP Wild

Jake made a great quote in the interview with the LA Times, about being an actor, that's getting a lot of mentions and it should. It is poignant and gives a glimpse to how he views his craft.

"I grew up with filmmakers and I consider myself a filmmaker, sort of, but as an actor taking on a role I know that I'm just a piece of a situation. What I mean by that is you become part of the story that will be up there on the screen and that makes you want to try a really wide variety of situations. You try on a coat, you wear for it a while and you give it back. That's what acting is. I know this is going to sound simple or maybe even trite, but for a filmmaker there's a real devotion to the movie -- an investment -- but sometimes as an actor you just want to try something on."

Know that it will be one that will be revisited here in the future but not today. Why? Because Jake threw a wrench or spanner (if you are Brit Jake) into the works with this one, "his earlier, offstage comment that "Prince of Persia" director Mike Newell might be using the new Lego toys version ..... for X-rated activities in hotel rooms."

Sounds like a little projection. So Jakey what do the Legos do in your house late at night?

The story of a Prince who holds more than the power of time.
Ohhh this looks good.

He's so hot.
Oh God I know! Look at those abs. He's so tight and flat.

What is it about again.
He's a Prince and he has the dagger of time.

I would like to touch his dagger.

Ohhh stop!

Who's that?
That's Tamina, the Princess.

Please girl... move on. We're here for the Prince and his sword of stone.

That's dagger of time.

Whatever ... as long as it's long and hard.

What happens when Pirates meet Princes?
Shivering timbers and shaking sands.... out of all kinds of places.

Now this is what you call a sword. Are you ready to walk my plank now?

That's a lot of booty!

Combine a Prince and a pan and what do you get? PoP Chef

Things are heating up. And it's not just a quickfire challenge.

He could butter my biscuits anytime.
You're horrible.


Doctor I got bitten by a scorpion. Is there anything you can do?

We have to find the bite and draw out the poison.

Doctor, what are you doing? (cough cough) He bit my arm.

I might pretend to be a doctor, but I know I have to check all your extremities.

Too much for ? Do you need help loosing your shirt?

New from the makers of Drag Race. Prince meets Ru Paul, in Ru Pual's Pretty Pretty PoP Pretend Princess.
Oh Tamina you are sooo jealous.
Well her outfit looks more like The King's than a princess.

Prince and Rap? The Fresh Prince of Per.... ? No No No. It's the Prince of PoP
With special guest star Madonna.

I knew the Prince of PoP, he was my friend. You are not the Prince of PoP.
I thought you said we going to do the Justify My Love video.

And just when thought you couldn't get more. You get the hottest action in the desert.

You said you wanted to be like me didn't you Dastan? Well, you pretty handy with a dagger. But can you handle the whip?

Whip whatever. Let's talk snake. I win that one Jr. because you know who the bigger charmer is.
Is it over? It was just a bunch of teasers.
Oh the good stuff never happens to us toys, they save that for the real people down the hall.


prairiegirl said...

LOLLLL! Love the Legos Gone Wild! I'm snickering all over the place in my chair. I like the censored shots, myself. I also like the last one.

Actually, Special, that last one should've had the guys turned towards each other and that one "brushing" off the other, a la J & A from the TDAT set.

LOLLLL! That would be awesome.

Good job!

m said...

So another sort of half-hearted Toothy mention from Ted today. Ted still calls Grey hubby though, so that is good to see. I'm not happy with the bearding light from Austin, but he is looking for work these days so I am a bit more sympathetic.

Another beautiful day here today so doing yard work. We have a record number of weeds from all the rain this year.

The legos are darn cute.

Stephen remarrying? I'm not real surprised by that. I don't think he would walk away from a 30 year marriage unless the new relationship was serious. But it is going to be very weird for Jake to have a step mom in the picture.

destiny said...

LOL, epic post today. Love the censored ones too.

I don't know why, but long before his parents divorced I got the feeling they were really not together, that they were off doing their own things. I guess because we seemed to get so many pictures of Jake with one or the other parent, but not that many of them all together.

Austin seems to have gotten work just fine in the past without a beard, so don't know why he thinks this is all of sudden going to get him that big job or dream project. Every time I pop on JJ and see all those rumored to be bearding couples, most of whose careers are going nowhere, I can' help but say to myself it's the loser parade, out there every week desperate for attention, even though not one of their careers has taken off. Reenee Z. went from "it" girl to professional beard, Hayden C. has not done any work I'm aware of, Vanessa H. is probably not going to move beyond High School movies, etc.

I picked up the latest People because of the Sandra story and the beautiful people photos. I was surprised to see that Jake's photo--with just the one line-- was actually just one of three small pictures and one larger picture on the page--I figured with Pop he'd get more attention. Then again, maybe he wouldn't even be in there if not for Disney.

Adam had a full page. Also saw on JJ that his latest single has gone platinum.

Skewed outlook said...

Let me ask you something, Destiny. Other than for special occasions when was the last time you were out with both your parents? I find nothing at all odd a out Jake lunching/shopping with one parent at a time. But that's just me.

Cirrus said...

OMG - ROTFL This post was worth the wait! :)

gossip boy said...

Which once drop dead gorgeous A-List star once fell in love with a boy so hard the when she found out he also liked boys, she went off the deep end? She has since been in countless rehabs and her career has gone down the drain. She recently made attempt to see this ex and during dinner he thought that they could actually be friends again. Until the next night when he found her in his hotel room, naked and waiting on his bed.

Most Popular Guess: Kirsten Dunst And Jake Gyllenhaal"

hotel rooms are open to public? said...

Dunst doesn't fit the clues.

I'm sure Jake and Atticus didn't stay in a hotel, buy even if they did, no one would let Dunst or anyone else in Jake's room.

hot damn said...

Next stop, Persia!

After the men of Clash of the Titans and Iron Man have made us girls sweat, the next action flick that’s sure to bring some sizzle onscreen is the upcoming The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

This movie is like seeing Jake Gyllenhaal for the first time–he’s almost as buff as Hugh Jackman, and as hot as hell.

Daily Inquirer

Mark Heyes said...

Have been V boring today catching up with shopping, washing blah blah blah. Now in Claridges waiting for mates. Prepare for drunken tweets!!
about 9 hours ago

Jake Gylenhall in Claridges OMG!!!!!! In shorts after running OMG !!!
about 7 hours ago

I've left broken hearted without jake! Onwards and upward and off for dinner xx
about 6 hours ago

M and M said...

Claps hands in utter delight, squeals like a woman (sorry Jake, I know that's your line), throws confetti in the air. That was one magnificent post, Special. The double entendres were sheer perfection. You always put a lot of work into your posts, but this one is over the top entertaining. Lusty legos. What's not to love about that? Thanks so much for a much needed smile.

Sure wish I were in England right now! ;-(

Special K said...

Wonder if Jake's going to break out his British accent while he is over in London for the week.

I know he's got press but wonder if he's taking a few days before everything start to relax enjoy and take it all in before it gets crazy.

Think there is a few days of family vacation time there too?

M and M said...

Think there is a few days of family vacation time there too?

And, maybe an extended birthday celebration too!

Special K said...

IHJ put up a new interview Jake did at WonderCon for PoP.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Game Trailers TV(WonderCon 2010 Interview)

"('Θ')"~ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
UK twitter said...

jsr56: Just sat next to Jake Gyllenhaal at brunch in Chelsea. He totally caught me Gawking at him.
about 1 hour ago from web · Reply · View Tweet
Jsr56 (London)

mattypop39: Me and "Mr Brokeback Moutain himself" Jake Gyllenhaal... EXCITE!!!!!
about 1 hour ago from Twitpic · Reply · View Tweet

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I just have a question. How come these people who write their twitter sightings never give any informative details? They never say what Jake's wearing. What he's having to eat or what did they hear him order? Did he sneeze real loud? Did he ever forget his wallet and have to ask for help paying the tab? Was he really nice to a really bad waiter?

All these things ever say is "I sat next to him" or "I passed him" or "I just saw ..." "I'm in line next to him!" C'mon, people!! Make the most out of that limited number of characters. Is there a twitter Rule of Thumb that says you couldn't tweet two times in a row in order to reveal more? I know I could never work with Twitter because I just cannot be bothered being limited on my characters.

At least mr. mattypop has a picture, though; that;s cool. Jake looks so serious in that thing, LOL.

tweet said...

A tweet can't be bigger than 140 characters.

Yayfan said...

As weird as it may seem, some folks will tweet a celeb sighting and not necessarily be an uber fan of said celeb. It's only us lot who care about the most trivial of details.

prairiegirl said...

Well, that's true, I guess, Yayfan.

Like this weekend here where I live, it's a Nascar race weekend. I wouldn't know a Nascar driver from Adam. So if someone pointed one out to me, I guess I wouldn't be too excited but a co-worker of mine sure would be. She loves Nascar.

But then you're thinking "How can they not care? What's the matter with them?!" LOL.

140 characters sounds like a decent amount. Seems like most tweets we see are one sentence. But then they also have their name in the front and I guess that probably counts in their character count. That's a bummer.

M and M said...

How come these people who write their twitter sightings never give any informative details?

Oh, it can be done. The problem is most folks waste characters(like multiple exlamation points) with the obvious, like describing how they feel or how Jake looks: Excite!!!!!!, Gorgeous, He's hot
"Mr Brokeback Mountain himself." Instead of documenting what's unique or detailing the event.Since spaces and punctuation count eliminate them. Damn, wish Jake had a shorter surname. Something like this would work though :-) LOL.

JGyllenhaal dining w/hot guy.Looks like ANichols.He's blowing out candles on cake.2Kids w/them.Come out Jake.

M and M said...

Looks like Jonathan Ross likes his lineup for his next show:

GiseIe: @adamlambert Are you excited to meet Jake Gyllenhaal next week on @Wossy!? Lucky bitch <3!
8 minutes ago

M and M said...

^ Meant to say Gisele. Lucky bitch is right!

prairiegirl said...

lol, yeah, now that's what I'm talkin' about, M&M.

That's an informative twitter. Or would be, anyway.

Maybe they should have a Twitter 101 Class; How to Give Insightful Twitters Or Advanced Twittering.
How To Make The Most of 140 Characters.


m said...

Now that's what I call a good twitter M and M. Let's hope its real some day.

I finally watched Brothers last night. I know a lot of you liked it and thought Jake did a good job. Can't say the same myself. Too dour. I liked the original Brodre, so it wasn't the story. No point going into detail since it's old news, just wanted to get my sentiment out there.