Monday, December 5, 2011

This-a-Way, That-a-Way

Hey... Which way did they go?
Jake was going this way by foot on Sat
But did he go that way on a flight Sunday?

Keeping his newest sunglasses for Day Two, he head out with a health snack from Jake fav M Cafe, he swapped out his cable knit papa sweater for a valise that looks like a vintage carpenter's tool bag, and added his go-to handy dandy backpack.But what happened?

Did he miss his flight and grab another one? Did he end up in San Francisco? Is he still in LA?

Mr. Yillen-hoola-hay, white courtesy phone please. Mr. Jake Yillen-hoola-hay, please go the nearest white courtesy phone. Thank you.

Well at least Austin's whereabouts are easier to pinpoint.....this time.As the goose flies....

Probably not that wayMore likely this way

Austin let everyone know he made it to Israel and sharing a beautiful sunset off the coast of Tel Aviv. Joining him on the trip are actors Greg Grunberg, MaryLynn Rajskub,Shaun Sipos,and Justin Chatwin.

His picture was so nice even Israel's official twitter RT'd it.

Never know Mr. Nichols, you could be the Mazel of the Week.


;) said...
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Special K said...

Here's what Austin did his first day in Israel.

A great first day! Arrived to a beautiful sunny day in Tel Aviv after a great ELAL non-stop flight from Los Angeles.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the promenade in Tel Aviv and the seaside. This evening was spent at the Black Out Restaurant in Old Jaffa. We ate dinner at the Black Out restaurant in total darkness, where we were served various dishes, by blind waiters and ate in total darkness. When the eyes do not engage in the eating process, one’s ability to taste and smell food sharpens. There is so much to be “seen” when eyes are closed. It was a fascinating and moving experience for everyone.

After dinner, we met a group of blind and deaf actors who were rehearsing for a new play that will be performed by Na’alagat Theatre. The actors discussed their lives as actors and answered the questions posed by the young aspiring deaf and blind actors. It was a very moving and inspirational experience for everyone. Many of the Na’alagat staff and directors and producers were moved to tears by the experience, as were the young and aspiring blind and deaf actors. They felt validated by the visit of such successful Hollywood stars.

Check out more and picture of Tel Aviv at:
America's Voices in Israel

prairiegirl said...

Just a hilarious post, Special. Mr. Yillenhoolahay, white courtesy phone please. LOLLLLL!!!

And the picture of those 2 geese pointing with their wings. LOLLLLL!!! And all the people looking up into the sky.

Awesome, LOLLLL!! Grand job. Just hilarious.

prairiegirl said...

If Jake doesn't remind me of Gomer Pyle in those pants, then he's going to remind me of Cosmo Kramer in that episode where Kramer is walking down the sidewalk with his cargo pant pockets loaded down with change because that's what those pockets of Jake's pants look like.


Jake-a-roni San Francisco Tweets said...

Dillon Donovan
OMG, just made a sandwich for Jake Gyllenhaal. We talked about October Sky. We're the same height and both have girl butts #confidenceboost
1 hour ago

Special K said...

Another Jake spotting in SF

Jennifer Jarrett
Possible Jake Gyllenhaal spotting at Samovar???
38 minutes ago

Samovar is a tea place.

Jake-a-roni San Francisco Tweets said...

ashleyreneeTMAS ashleyreneeTMAS
Jake Gyllenhaal just followed me into #wholefoods Noe Valley. All the ladies be swoonin even if he's accompanied by one.
7 minutes ago

tweet said...

@omongonz Omar gonzales
typical Monday morning. colored pencils, iPod, macchiato, bran muffin, and mr Donnie darko himself, Jake gyllenhaal seated across from me...
11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

tweet said...

Greg Grunberg
@greggrunberg Greg Grunberg
Incredibly moving dinner last night at #Blackout. What an amazing experience. #Israel is incredible #aviisrael you ROCK!
18 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad

the real m said...

So am I seeing this right. Jake wore the same pants and t shirt 2 days in a row, just taking off the sweater? And he sure does not have a lot of luggage with him. Of course he could have sent it ahead, or will be attired for whatever event he is attending in SF by the sponsors of it. I figured it was a short trip based on the airport he left from.

Twitter from Israel said...

Justin Chatwin
Just ate the most epic falafel of my life in sderot, Israel with @greggrunberg @AUS10NICHOLS. #aviiIsrael
21 minutes ago

Darjeeling Expresso said...

That tea lounge looks awesome.